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It was a rainy night and a cloaked figure crouched on a rooftop watching the humans below. As the rain hit the figure's face, they moved their hand. A ring of silver and blue flashed at the ray of moonlight that hit it as the figure stood.

"Fools. You'd think they'd understand why they weren't supposed to leave their homes at night."

The wind blew and caused the hood on the cloak to blow back to reveal long black hair with magenta highlights. Silver-red eyes watched the humans and then felt the rain land on their skin.

"Mistress Volturi?"

"What is it?"

"We must return to the castle. I feel something is about to happen."

"When does this happen?"

"In a week my lady."


"Mistress Arkania?"

Arkania Volturi smirked as she knew her return back to her childhood home was never calm. Her brothers were always making new vampires but something about her servant's ability told her that it was going to very great and mysterious. Let the fun begin.

"Let us go Jin."

"My lady."

Bella had been sitting in her boyfriend/fiancé family's home waiting for him to get home. He'd been gone for a month with not so much as a clue to where he'd gone. Bella watched her second family move around her as they were still with her, but something told her they were hiding something from her. A growl sounded and she looked up to see Emmett and Jasper standing in front of her as she saw a familiar blonde haired head walk into the house.


"Forgive me Carlisle. I am here to invite you all to the Castle. Aro wishes to talk with everyone."

"Does this have something to do with my son's disappearance?"


"Never mind. What does this have to do with?"

"The fact that Miss Swan is still not turned and it's been more than a year."

"We are planning her wedding with care Demetri."

"Mrs. Whitlock, I understand that, but please I'm only doing as I was told."

"I know that Demetri, but please give us a little more time."

"Aro is no longer going to grant that. I'm sorry."

Alice sighed and looked at her family. Carlisle looked at Demetri and nodded his head. Demetri bowed to them and disappeared as fast as he had arrived.


"Yes Carlisle?"

"You might want to pack your bags."

"Of course Carlisle."

Bella headed upstairs only to find Rosalie beside her and raised an eyebrow at her.

"I'll help you Bella."

"Okay Rose."

Alice had a feeling that this visit was not going to end well. Especially if Edward got wind of where they were going with Bella.

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