Eleven Reasons DiNozzo and McGee Broke Rule Number 12

Some guys liked asses. Some liked stomachs. Some liked arms or legs - but Anthony DiNozzo was a chest man. He'd always been that way; he preferred a nice round pair of breasts to toned legs or a nice ass (not that he complained about the other aspects of the body, but they just weren't his number one pick).

One day, when he was in the locker room before working out with McGee, he happened to look up just as the Probie was pulling his NCIS t-shirt over his head and tossing it aside. Tony admired McGee's chest for a split second before looking back down at his shoes and focusing on untying the laces. When McGee asked him a question, he took full advantage of the opportunity to look up again, wondering what it would feel like to run his hands all over that smooth skin which, he couldn't help noticing, was a lot more toned than he had expected. As McGee continued rambling on about something or other, DiNozzo took his own shirt off and made a point to stretch, flexing his abs when he brought his arms back down. His straight face turned into a smirk only when he could have sworn he saw Probie peeking at him. Yes, Anthony DiNozzo was definitely a chest man.