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Anyone who thought an annual NCIS ball was a good idea needed to be water-boarded and shot in the ass, as far as Tony was concerned. Being a team member, Tony was forced to attend - they all were- and they were required to bring a date. It was ridiculous, because he never seemed to be dating someone by the time the ball rolled around, and he didn't exactly feel like flipping through his little black book to find someone he barely knew or liked. It was always awkward, he had to be stiff and polite, and very little dancing even occurred. The purpose was supposedly to "unite NCIS as a team", but it never worked.

This year, however, was going to be different. McGee had been watching him for weeks, and Tony wasn't the only one to notice. For Christ's sakes, he was practically a puppy dog; even Ziva had noticed how he went all googly-eyed every time Tony walked into the room. He'd made some off-hand remark about how he was going to 'fall deathly ill' on the night of the ball, just because he didn't have anyone to go with. The truth was, Tony had been rambling about the hot woman he was taking to the ball, and McGee was overtly jealous.

So, when the night of the ball finally arrived, Tony made his way up the stairs and to the door of McGee's apartment, straightening his tie and fixing his collar before knocking on the door, a tuxedo in his other hand. McGee opened the door to a grinning, dapper-looking DiNozzo, who then extended the tux to him and waved a hand as if to rush him along. "Come on," he said, ushering himself inside. "We're going to be late. That's got a tux, shoes, a tie, even cufflinks. So hurry up."

McGee put the tux on the back of the couch and looked suspiciously around. "What are you doing? I told you I'm not going."

Tony smirked, shrugged, and went right up to McGee. "Fine, but if you don't go, I'll be stuck with Laura instead of you, and I don't think she'd like me as much as you would." Just as McGee's face was twisting into a confused expression, Tony leaned in and kissed him full on the mouth, his hands finding McGee's hips and pulling them towards his own.

When the kiss had broken, McGee took a step back, looking dazed, and then grinned, grabbing the tux and rushing to the bathroom.

Maybe taking a date wouldn't be so bad, after all.