The Grinch walked out of his crack in the mountain he called a home, muttering. "Blasted Whos cant make anything decent. It all falls to pieces by the time it gets up here." The snow crunching underneath his furry toes, he walked along what could only be defined as a path due to the layers of garbage and rubbish on either side of it. As he walked, he looked down Mt. Crumpit, his eyes, veiny red from insanity (or simply from just a poor diet) peering down to Whoville. Where the snow was slowly melting. Of course, the top of the hill was always laden with frost ever since he got up here. Was it always like that? He couldn't recall, his memories laid elsewhere.


He closed his eyes and shook his head. The Noise. If it isn't the Whos as a reminder why, it's the reason itself. He picked up a cracked sled to lift it up to see beneath it. "Gahh. How could Max stand the smell?" He paused, lifted his free arm to smell the pit, then nods. "Right, right."

Meanwhile, Little Cindy Lou Who, down in Whoville below, looked to her father as he shoveled the melting snow.

"Why didn't you tell me, daddy? That this happened before? Why did you let me forget this when I was less then four?"

And Drew replied, with a "Heave Ho~! Well…At this point, I don't think-, er, grab that hoe.

At this point, darling, I think it's useless now to try to convince the Grinch that he can coexist in this town. He's left twice, darling. And that's all that needs to be said. Now be a good girl and take the hoe to the shed."

"But daddy!" she exclaimed, as she picked up the garden tool. "Darling," Said he, "Don't bicker and drool. The Grinch is a lost cause, no longer a Who."

"But the reason that he," said Cindy Lou Who, "ran away from this all was because of our thoughts! We all said the same thing-"

"I'm ending these blots!"

His father, tired from the hard work at hand, took her daughter's shoulder and said with no bland, "The Grinch is dangerous. He should be avoided now. You've tested fate twice with the Grinch close to your flaow. Please, I beg you, give it a rest. This is not something that we need to test."

And so Cindy Lou nodded, hesitantly so, as she walked to the tool shed, in her hand that old hoe. But she looked to the horizon, where the mountain arises. Surely there was someone who had the same eyes as this girl who saw the Grinch could arrive as a proper Who fellow, who's comradeory and work can also still applieses…

As the Grinch returned to the inside of his home, he-

"Interrupted you. That's enough rhyming."


As he came inside, wet from the snow on his legs, he looked over to an old put-together pile of planks and nails. It was painted at one point, before the Grinch took it apart to make the craft. A plastic ring before the opened end of this hallowed structure. And while it was not in the Grinch's nature to be organized, this structure was labled. The sign read 'MAX'.

The Grinch sat down. He looked to the canister of gell. It was glowing, so surely it was useful somehow. But to be honest, at the moment, he didn't have the energy. His hand wrapped around the canister like he did around that rock.

"MAX! Get over here, you mutt!" Shouted the Grinch as they returned to their lair. "I'm tired of waitin-"


"YIPE!" "MAX!" The Grinch turned back to see what had happened! An avalanche of some sort fell upon the hound. He ran over to the result, and started to dig his companion out of the rubble, but by the time he found Max…it was too late. He pulled away the last rock to find Max, still. No sounds of pain. It was much too tragic for him to put down the stone.

The Grinch couldn't shake his head away from this vision for the rest of the day. It was too fresh.