Part Five

~ For Whom to Fight ~

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Kensha blinked once and looked down, contemplating his words when Folken added, "Zaibach has the most advanced technology. We even can predict the future and will eventually be able to alter fate.  We have also been trying to figure out how to bring a pillar of light to our control.  And that light is your way home--if you help Zaibach we will do all we can to return you back to your world."


Kensha looked at Folken. His hand was extended like it was an offering, his face set in an unreadable mask.  Her eyes traveled to Dilandau, he sat lazily on his throne, his hand stroking his face lightly and his face set in stone waiting for the answer.

"What if I choose not to fight for you?"  Kensha replied.

"You shall be kept prisoner, for you are too great of an asset to let you wander. You could land in the enemie's forces instead of ours."  Folken paused to watch the look of hatred flash across her face, and as her eyes turned amber in color. "And then to help you persuade you to fight with us, the old doctor in the city and his family may be used as leverage."

Kensha's face was now set in a scowl and here eyes were burning golden.  'Her red hair that falls all over her face and the golden light form her eyes makes her look like a fire deity.' Dilandau thought.  Dilandau watched her closely for now to him she resembled one of his favorite things, fire.  Then his eyes scanned his Slayers, all of them held there place and where ready if needed to control this fire deity, he inwardly smirked at that.

"Is Zaibach threatening me?" Kensha bit back, with a commanding voice.

"Yes."  Folken answered without hesitation.

Kensha drew her katana in one swift motion and before anyone in the room could react she had it to Falcon's neck.  The Dragon Slayers drew their swords at this action and prepared to follow any orders given.  Dilandau stood from his throne and took his sword from the mouth of the stone lion. Kensha spook in a dangerous hiss, "Folken-sama, I am not a person to threaten.  You are to leave that family alone. I shall join you.  But, if you ever threaten me again, you will lose your life, understood?"

Folken stared at the small girl that had caught him off guard so easily; a bead of sweet was on the side of his forehead. "Understood."  Folken replied calmly, despite any fear he may have had at that moment.   Kensha withdrew her sword form his neck.  Then hesitated, then in less then a second she put a gash across his metallic arm's hand, for it was reaching for a sword hidden in his cloak.  "Miguel, escort her to a room in the DS1 quadrant."

"Yes sir." One of the soldiers said that was dressed in black and blue armor.  He had brown hair down to his shoulders and it was kind of shaggy. Kensha stepped back a few paces then flicked her sword to rid it of Falcon's blood. She put her sword back in its scabbard, then turned to follow the Slayer.

Once she was out of the room, Folken lifted his hand in front of his face.  The slash she gave was well placed. It was quite deep and if he did not get it treated soon he would lose use of his fingers for his tendons most likely needed to be minded.  Dilandau smirked out loud because of this. "Folken-sama, it looks like you are losing you ability to read people." Dilandau teased.  Folken ignored him and walked out of the room.


Kensha fallowed closely behind Miguel not saying a word. They passed a sign that said 'DS1' and then stopped at a room.  There was a panel with a key pad on the side of the door.  Miguel entered a code and the door slid open.  He allowed Kensha to enter first, when she entered the room she was meet by a very western looking room, at least to her standards.  It was far different from the futon and simple classical Japanese type of room she was accustomed too.

The room was rather large and held a large bed in the center that had dark blue blankets.  There was a desk and a nightstand, also a table that held a sword rack.  A closet and a bathing room were attached.  The room was very much full of open space and very simple.  Miguel walked over to the desk, took out a notepad and a pen and wrote down a code.  "The code to your room in on the desk, I would imagine someone will be by later to answer your questions.  If you will excuse me, Himura-san."  With that he left.

Kensha walked to the far end of the room to a huge window.  She looked out to see a forest passing beneath them and mountains in the distance along with storm clouds.  "Now to do something about this room. It could work, it is large enough almost." She mumbled to herself.  She went to the bed and stripped it of everything. She took the mattress off then went to the bed frame and found it folded over and was able to put it in the closet, for it only filled less then half of it. Then she put the mattress in the closet as well and slid it behind the bed.  She folded up the blankets and set the pillows on top and set them on a shelf in the closet.  She looked back at the now seemingly even larger room and admired the fact there still was no dust or dirt on the floor even where the bed was.

Kensha went and sat down in the far corner of the room by the window. She leaned her sword on her shoulder and draped one arm over it with her hand on the hilt.  One of her legs was drawn up, her back was straight and her head leaned against the wall.  This is the way she rested, ready for action.  As an assassin you learn your life can be taken at anytime, and you should all ways have your guard up.  So Kensha adapted a way to sleep but to also stay on alert, a lesson you learn quickly when you where regarded as one of the best.  You also learned when you can rest you do, for you don't know when you could again.


Dilandau walked down the halls of the Vione with Folken and two other people.  Dilandau was silently thinking that he liked this new girl, not too many people would rise an emotion from Folken, and manage to actually get away with threatening him back.  There was something about her, and it was interesting.  But in no way was he going to be shown up by this girl. He was planning to see exactly what this girl was made of.  He could already see that her attitude would be a problem, and that would be fixed.  When they reached her room he entered the code and the door slid open.  What met his eyes startled him a bit but did not show it.  He lowered his hand that held a dagger. It was aimed to hit between her eyes.  He entered the room and threw the dagger back at her form, she caught it and put it back in the folds of her gi.


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