In the years of working at the ARC, Matt Anderson had yet to work without his team. Yes, there were times we he was separated from his team, working on his own, but they'd known where he was and he knew where they were. There were no solo missions to speak of, nothing at work that would ever exclude all members of the team-including team meetings-yet there he was, sitting in his lab, knowing that he was alone for the next two days. The feelings that came with that knowledge were…uncomfortable to him. Just as uncomfortable as to the reason of the teams absence.

Matt sighed to himself and reached across his desk. He dug beneath the piles of reports he'd finished yesterday. Lester, like to others, was out as well, so his reports still remained-and would continue to remain- on his desk for another few days. Matt found what he was looking for and pulled it out. It was a clean, white, heavy envelope. He easily lifted the lip open and reached into it, pulled out its contents.

Inside was a single sheet of cardstock paper. The paper was a faded white with a pale yellow ribbon glue in the center. Over the yellow ribbon was another piece of paper, trimmed in lace. On the top left corner and bottom right corner, three small pearls were glues to the paper. On the center paper, Matt let his eyes scan over the gracefully written words;

Emily Merchant


Zacharias Sellar

Request the honor of your


At their marriage

On Tuesday, the fourth of


Two thousand and eleven

At four o'clock

He'd read the invitation thousands of times since the day he'd received it, but still it didn't seem real to him. It didn't seem right. Emily was getting married tomorrow afternoon. Being part of the wedding party, the others were obligated to be at the site for the rehearsal and the ceremony, leaving Matt alone at the ARC for the next two days. Not that Matt had been excluded from the wedding, no. He'd politely declined the offer to be a part of the wedding party. There was something about being a groomsman to the man-whom he'd never met- who would marry an ex-lover that didn't feel right. Besides, someone was needed to ensure the ARC was still standing after the wedding.

A familiar alarm sounded, pulling Matt from his thoughts of Emily's wedding. Matt mentally thanked God for the first time for an anomaly. He tossed the invitation back onto his desk and rose from his chair. He moved fast through the corridors to the Hub. Red lights faded in and out every few seconds as the alarm continued to ring. Matt entered the hub and headed for the ADD. Jess was nowhere near replacing, but it was good to know there were people other than herself and Connor who could operate the system without difficulty.

"You're not going to like this, sir." Said the tech.

"Where is it?" Matt asked.

"Very far north." He answered. "It would take too long to reach it by car."

Matt nodded. "Guess now's as good a time as any to test the company's new vehicle."

"Captain Becker will be less than happy to hear about that." The tech said.

"Well, Becker's not here to test it, is he?" Matt asked. He turned to leave for the elevator.

"No sir. I'll have the jet standing by for you." He said.

let the fun begin :)