After the first injection, my eyes started to clear. The first thing I saw was Tim preparing to draw a mustache with permanent marker on my face. I had since gotten back my strength and so wrestled him to the ground and ended up covering both of us in permanent marker.

When Clark had first wheeled me into the room where Bruce was, Bruce had jumped up and hugged me. Then, Tim had forced his way under Bruce's arms to crawl onto my lap and hug me as well. I was so happy, I thought I might burst. I stayed with Bruce until I regained my former strength, training with him until I was as proficient a fighter as I had been before.

At first, he was running around telling everyone to be gentle with me or I might break, but I got so angry I caught him off guard and took him down in the training ring for the first time in weeks. After that, he worked me a lot harder then I had thought he would and complained a lot about how I was still weak. I didn't fool him one bit though. He still whooped my ass for two weeks before I finally could hold my own. Robin did too, without remorse I might add.

Though Bruce was reluctant to allow me to superhero again, I managed to get his approval eventually. Once someone starts doing something like saving lives, its near impossible to give it up.

It seemed my little talk with Bruce had helped him get closer to Tim, which I never lost a chance to remind him of. Bruce took him out places and did things with him and it made me happy to see him happy.

Batman got a medal of honor from the President and an official apology. Bruce was much more excited about the apology he got from Clark however, which he lorded over the poor Kryptonian for weeks. Bruce was angry that Clark also got a medal and stalked around darkly for a couple of days though. Tim and me played catch with our medals.

Bruce was officially invited back into the league, which he decided to again join after making them wait for several weeks just to piss them off. He said something about reforms and keeping closer eye on them then he had before. He talked about getting me in, but I told him no. That had always been his thing, not mine.

B'wana got several prestigious awards for finding the legendary 'Sasquach', which pissed off all the people who made that show "Finding Bigfoot". They kept searching, but I don't think they ever found anything. I swore I would never watch Animal Planet again after being forced to listen to reruns of "It's Me or the Dog" over and over for three days while B'wana stayed with me and took care of me. He's a nice guy and all, but he likes animals way too much.

Bruce, Tim and I fought crime together often after that. We were one big kick ass Bat family, exactly the way I liked it. Nightwing Out. The End.