This story is set on the revenge ending on GTA IV. So if you haven't completed GTA IV I suggest you shouldn't read this story until you have. And anyway, just to get you into the story, the 1st chapter will be the ending and then chapter 2 will be the extended bit. I am a bit nervous to what you guys think, so wish me luck :P.

It's Never Over

Friday 7th Nov. 2008


Cargo of the Platypus

Mohanet Ave.



Liberty City

"You are going to learn a very important lesson Dimitri, actions have consequences, and you screwed me over. But it's a shame that will be the second last thing that enters your head," Niko stated to Dimitri.

Dimitri replied, "please don't kill me, it was a long time ago I pissed you off just forget about it."

Niko pulled out is pistol and shot Dimitri twice in the leg. He falls to the ground and Niko finishes him off by shooting him in the head.

Niko looks at Dimitri's corps and replies, "I should have put you out of your misery a long time ago, goodbye Dimitri."

Friday 7th Nov. 2008


In Niko's Red Infernus

Mohanet Ave.



Liberty City

Niko picks up his Whiz wireless cell phone, he scrolls down on his contact list and calls Roman.

Niko stated, "Dimitri's dead, he was on the Platypus, the boat I arrived in Liberty City on. So I guess it ends where it began."

Roman sadly replied, "That's it, no deal, no hot tubs, no models, but Dimitri will not bother you again. I will see you at the wedding."

Niko replied, "I will be there Roman, don't worry about me."

Friday 7th Nov. 2008


Outside Cluck 'n' Bell

Huntington St.

Cerveza Heights


Liberty City

Niko was just having fun and enjoying Liberty City, instead of running around the whole town after Russian dicks like Dimitri. For one of the first times living in the US, he felt like he was a free man, not like an eastern European hitman like he has been for the last 10 months.

Suddenly Niko heard the next top hooker ringtone coming from his phone. He picked it up and read the name Phil. "What an earth does Phil B want. Does he want to kill me for not doing the deal with him," Niko said to himself.

He nervously answers the phone and Phil says, "I know what you did any why you did it. I didn't really trust that rat Dimitri anyway, The Pegorino's aren't nothing no more. I'm out bye bye.

Saturday 8th Nov. 2008


Roman's wedding

Liberty Lane



Liberty City

The Priest states his speech to the public and says, "I Pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride."

The whole crowd cheers for the couple and they walk outside ready for the Wedding Reception. Niko happily says, "Congratulations Cousin."

Kate shakes Mallorie and Romans hand and wishes them good luck.

Suddenly a Black familiar car drives past at a fair speed and the back of the car window opens.

"You double crossed me you immigrant shit," shouts Pegorino. He aims and shoots his AK47 at Niko. But thankfully it didn't hit him.

"Jesus man what the fuck was that," said Jacob.

"Aggghhh," screams Mallorie.

Everyone looks at Niko and Kate on the floor, it's just that Kate had a bullet to the chest.

"Shit someone call an ambulance, Call a fucking ambulance! Screamed Roman.

"She's dead," Niko screams out.

"She told me to leave it, I thought it was all over," Niko cried out with tears.

"Its never over man, you can't blame this on yourself," replies Jacob.

Niko gets up and shouts, "Yes I can."

"Wait a minute, let me try and revive her," Brucie said calmly.

"Fuck off Brucie and go and pump yourself with steroids, you American fuck, she's dead, face it," Niko shouts.

Roman replied, "Let him Niko, he knows what he is doing."

Jacob buts in and says, "Niko you need to get out of here. Before more Pegorino's boys show up and ting. Let Brucie and Roman take care of this one."

"No, I'm not letting scumbags like Pegorino think they're hard and go killing innocent people," replied Niko

Jacob replies, "Ok meet me in Alderney in 2 hours. Me and you have unfinished business."

Jacob and Niko walk off getting ready to have the biggest battle of their lives.

"Hey wait I want to come," shouts Roman

Will Kate survive?

Find out soon.