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A White Kat


If you had ever told me that one day I would be walking down the aisle in an ivory dress, I would have laughed in your face. I would have told you that you were crazy and that you needed to see a doctor. I might have politely suggested that you had inhaled too many paint fumes and that you should go lie down.

But here I was, sitting in a pair of sweats in our hotel room, completely at Gabrielle's mercy. She had shown up at the door this morning, violently kicking Hale out of the room that, yes, he paid for. When I remembered the look on his face as he was pushed into the hall wearing only a pair of Batman pajama pants and a tattered gray t-shirt, I felt my lips pull up in a smile, but then I was roughly smacked upside the head and my smile disappeared.

"God Gabs!" I snapped, glaring heatedly at my cousin, "What did I do this time!"

"No smiling!" she deadpanned, her lips pulling up slightly at my exasperated sigh. "You'll screw me up."

I sighed again, resigning to my fate as my blonde cousin once again pressed her lipstick brush to my lips, applying my make up like a pro. She had already done the rest of my face – how did someone take 30 minutes just to put on eye shadow? – and judging by the plethora of hair gels, sprays, and brushes, she was about to let her girly expertise loose on my now mid-back length hair.

God help me.

There was a knock on the door, and as I was contemplating going to church more often, Gabrielle walked over to the door and yanked it open with a sharp yell of "WHAT!" Simon visibly cringed on the other side of the door, and Gabs relaxed.

"Uncle Charlie just showed up," he relayed, pulling nervously on the tie of his tuxedo. I smiled, happy that my flighty uncle had decided to see the second of his granddaughters get married (Gabrielle and Simon had Hale and I beat by a few months).

"Thanks babe," Gabrielle said happily, standing on her tip toes so she could kiss her husband. Another wonder of our world, Simon had had one hell of a growth spurt, shooting him up past all of my other crew members. Simon turned his attention to me, and I smiled when his jaw dropped.

"Wow Kat," he breathed, his eyes lighting up behind his glasses as he came over to take a closer look at his wife's handiwork. "You look beautiful! Hale's a lucky guy." I, of course, didn't know what I looked like, seeing as Gabrielle had refused to let me anywhere near a mirror before she was done, but Simon's compliment reassured me that Gabi hadn't gone too crazy. My smile grew as Gabrielle took that opportunity to forcibly kick her husband out, turning back to me and pulling the clip from my dark locks.

As she began to style my hair with a steady hand, my eyes lazed around the room, eventually landing on the white dress hanging off of a mannequin in the corner. My throat went a little dry as I stared at the sleeveless dress, with its bodice covered in lace and small crystals, the white skirt that swirled down to the floor, the white sandals that I knew were hiding under the skirt-

"Kat? Kat, breathe," Gabrielle reminded me, and I took a deep breath in through my mouth, letting it out as a sigh. "You're gonna be fine," she reassured, reaching for her curling iron.

I could feel its heat against my scalp, and I didn't dare turn my head when I asked "What's it like? Getting married?" Gabrielle stopped for a second, but quickly resumed as if she hadn't heard me.

I was about to ask her again when she said "It's like pulling a huge heist. You plan and plan for the big moment, and when it comes, you're as nervous as ever. But then you see him, waiting at the altar with the biggest smile, even though you know he's just as nervous as you are, it's like everything just… falls into place." I smiled, remembering when Hale proposed. Instead of the cool, relaxed man I was used to, he was just a huge bundle of nerves and cuteness. He had rolled off the couch that we had been sitting on, planning our next big heist, and practically flopped onto the floor, scrambling for something in his pocket. When he pulled out the ring, it took him a solid three minutes to figure out what he was going to say. I, of course, said yes, and here we are today.

We fell back into a comfortable silence as Gabrielle worked, curling long strands of my hair into soft ringlets. She pulled half of my hair back with an old diamond clip that had belonged to my mother (which she had stolen from a Queen, so I got "Something old" and "Something borrowed" covered), and styled my bangs to flip out just the right amount. She took a step back, admiring her handiwork as I looked up at her through my darkened lashes.

"Perfect," she said mostly to herself, smiling widely. "I'm going to grab my mom so she can help you into your dress while I take care of my make up," Gabi said, her hand already on the doorknob. "Do not look in the mirror yet!"

"I wouldn't dream of it," I called back playfully. Gabrielle gave me one final smile before disappearing into the hall.

As I sat on my little stool, whistling to myself and twiddling my thumbs, I heard the door creak open. "Hale, if that's you I'm going to kill you," I said calmly.

"It's just us love," Angus said with a laugh, laying one of his large hands on my shoulder. Hamish came up on my other side and bent down so that I could give him a quick hug.

"You look fantastic Kat!" Hamish complimented, and I beamed at him.

"Thanks guys. Is there something you need?" I asked, quirking my head to the side. Both Bagshaw brothers looked at each other, and a little alarm began to ring in the back of my head. "Oh no," was all I said, and I began to stand.

"No no no," Hamish said, pushing me back down with a laugh. "It's nothing bad."

"We've got a gift for you," his brother added, pulling a long thin box from his back pocket. He handed it to me with a smile, and after giving both brothers a "What are you up to" look, I pulled the lid off.

"Oh my god," I breathed, pulling the bracelet from its cotton cocoon. "Guys, it's beautiful."

"Yeah, we figured we'd help you out with the 'something blue,'" Hamish said with a smile, reaching down and easily clasping the delicate looking bracelet around my thin wrist. Thin silver wires swirled in curlicues around my wrist, eventually meeting a medium sized sapphire in the middle.

"It's Tiffany's," Angus said proudly.

"It's stolen," I said with a smile and a quirked eyebrow. The boys just smiled sheepishly and shrugged. I laughed, glad that even though they were both bigger and taller than they were at age 16, they were still the same goofballs that they had always been.

"What are you guys doing?" Gabrielle stormed into the room, her mother trailing behind. The Bagshaws both jumped, eyes wide.

"They were just giving me a gift," I defended, holding out my wrist for the blonde to inspect. She looked at it with a critical eye and nodded.

"Good choice boys," she said, and promptly shooed them out of the room. My Aunt Irina came over and helped me stand, smiling widely at me.

"Oh Kat," she sighed. "You look so beautiful. And so much like your mother." I smiled widely at her, feeling a dampness begin to gather in my eyes. "She would have loved to be here with you," my aunt continued, but Gabrielle rushed over, yelling that I wasn't allowed to cry and ruin her makeup job. My aunt rolled her eyes and I laughed, both of us instantly stilling when Gabrielle turned to glare at us. She passed my wedding dress to her mother and I felt my throat dry up again. Gabrielle had been adamant that Hale not see my wedding dress before the big day, and though he had protested, she simply would not allow it.

"What if he doesn't like my dress?" I asked, voicing my inner turmoil.

"Kat," Gabrielle deadpanned, "You could be walking down the aisle completely butt naked, and Hale would still think you were the most beautiful bride in the world." I felt my face flush and Gabrielle laughed. "But that's for later!" she joked, nudging my ribs with her elbow. I was no virgin, but really? Irina was right there!

"Gabrielle!" her mother cried, but Gabi had already moved on, instructing me to remove my comfortable sweatpants and the button down I had kidnapped from Hale. I grudgingly removed my clothes after realizing that she wasn't going to let me change in peace. Gabi took one look at my ratty underwear and nearly ripped my head off. She threw me into the bathroom with a Victoria's Secret bag, and I wanted to hiss at her, true to my nickname, but I just changed into the demure ivory bra and panties. I noticed she had covered the mirror and I had to roll my eyes at her antics.

"Hurry up Kat!" Gabrielle yelled at me, and I felt a vein pop in my head.

"We still have a whole hour!" I yelled back, emerging from the bathroom with a growl. Irina just smiled, tugging me closer so that I could step into the dress. Both mother and daughter helped me pull it up, and Irina quickly laced up the back, tying it into a bow at the bottom. I smoothed the bodice down my body, the fabric hugging my stomach and breasts closely. I slipped my feet into the sandals, and turned to Irina with a smile.

After quickly fixing my hair and slipping a shining tiara (that I was pretty sure had been stolen from a heiress in LA) into my dark hair, my aunt took a step back, looking me up and down. She held her hands close to her chest, and I could tell that she was seeing her little sister on her wedding day. I just smiled serenely.

"I am awesome," Gabrielle said as she walked up to me, her makeup already done. She steered me towards the full length mirror, which yes, she had covered, and left my side to hold the sheet in both hands. "Are you ready?" she asked, and I was tempted to say "no." But she was already pulling the sheet away from the mirror, and I stood in shock, staring at my reflection.

Or what I thought was my reflection.

The girl in the mirror was stunning, even more beautiful than Gabrielle if that was even possible. The dress highlighted every curve I had, emphasizing the swell of my breasts. I was aware that I was gaping, and I could practically hear Gabrielle's pride swelling. "Told ya'," she sang, smiling widely at me. She had changed into her bridesmaid dress and threw an arm around my waist so that we were both looking at our reflections. We turned to each other and smiled, laughing.

There was a knock on the door, and we all turned towards the opening door. My smile brightened when my dad poked his head in. "Everybody decent?" he asked, and I called back with a "Yeah!" He stepped all the way inside and looked at me with an incredulous expression. "Wow Kitty," he said with a smile, holding his arms out in the universal sign for a hug. I ran into his arms, smiling widely. "You look so beautiful,"' he said, pulling back and taking my face in his hands. Gabrielle yelled something about smooshing my makeup, but we just ignored her. "Hale better know how lucky he is to have a girl like you," he said with a smirk.

"Daaad~!" I laughed, smiling up at him. "Be nice to Hale!" He sighed, as if my request caused him great pain – even though I know for a fact that he loved Hale to bits – but smiled. He took a step back and offered me his arm. Panic flooded in as I looked up at the clock and realized that my time was up, and that I was due at the altar in ten minutes. I swallowed and looked back at my dad with wide eyes. He smiled reassuringly and grabbed my hand, looping his arm through mine.

"Come on Kitty, Hale's waiting for you." That was all I really needed to hear, and soon I was walking down the hall, Gabrielle and Aunt Irina trailing after me. My other two bridesmaids, Angus and Hamish's girlfriends, stood at the door to the chapel, holding a bouquet in each hand.

"There you are Kat!" Angus's girlfriend, a con woman named Morgan, said in her think Scottish accent. "Everybody's waiting!"

"Yeah girl, Hale is a mess up there!" Nicole chirped, handing me my bouquet. "He's gonna wear a track in the floor if he keeps pacing like that!" I smiled, able to easily picture my fiancé pacing nervously at the front. I hoped he wasn't biting his nails, a nervous habit he had picked up from Simon.

"You ready Kitty?" my dad asked. I looked up at him and nodded, taking a deep breath. The doors opened in front of me, and I took a step forward as the wedding march started to play and Hale looked up at me like I was the sun. I smiled at him, and he smiled back, motioning me forward with a jerk of his head. I giggled, and my dad grinned as we headed down the isle, towards my fiancé and the new life that waited for me. And as Morgan, Nicole, and Gabbie took their places in front of the church and my father kissed my hand and put it in Hale's, I waved good bye to Katarina Bishop and welcomed Katarina Hale into her spot with open arms.


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