Chapter 2 – ill try to upload a new chapter when possible soz this ones so short.


Kalona awoke with a start. He could access stark. He didn't even have to go into the realm of dreams; he could control James stark. He could get to Zoey; her guardian was under his control. Kalona smiled wickedly to himself, as he gazed up to the night sky. He spread his wings, held his arms up and laughed. This was more then he could have hoped for. Now that he had left the Tsi Sigili he was free. Free to do as he wished, with no fear of a terrible punishment. He thought back to when Zoey had told him he had too much hubris, and Kalona chuckled in denial of the fact. He was an all-powerful immortal, down here on earth; nothing could hurt him.

He stepped back inside the Gilcrease museum. This was an abandoned manor and his place of refuge. Something here reminded him of the Goddess, though he didn't know what. The whole town reminded him of Her. Just after he had left the house of night, he turned and saw Nyx, standing in front of all her children. He had left straight away.

Kalona wanted to explore more with stark, but first he needed to rest. Immortal he may be, he had just lost his favoured son and was still recovering from the blow.


Neferet couldn't be happier. She had surrendered herself to darkness completely. Her whole body was covered in darkness, completed with the black, sticky, pulsing threads. She was with the white bull. The white bull was with her. Aurox followed them, he was her slave, and she couldn't care about him. All he did for her was to get her what she needed to survive physically. The bull was what supported, filled, and completed her soul, spirit, mind and parts of her body. Neferet was happy with this power. She was happy and at one, with darkness. She knew it, the whole world would know it. The Tsi Sigili was the darkest vampyre that ever lived. Her happiness and pleasure enveloped her with darkness, and she became momentarily lost in the dark.

Soon she would get to work on killing Zoey, and starting that war. The war between humans and vampyres; where she would rule. Neferet knew that she was destined…destined to rule. She laughed at how alike Kalona she sounded. But quickly, all her thoughts were banished by darkness, as she blended into the dark.