Okay guys so sorry i haven't updated in like...a year...i just sat here for 10 minutes trying to think of an excuse and i have none so i guess we'll both just have to live with it. ANYWAY, moving on...:

-After they finished massaging-
Bob: okay great so i guess that was...sexy...maybe
Kalona: It soo was - wasn't it zoey?
Zoey: NO
ErEbus: Actually kalona that was quite relaxing
Kalona: yeah, i've been working out
Nyx: hmmm...
Bob: Okay so ive decided i want to know something
Aphrodick: what now?!
Aphrodick: hey!
Stevie Rae: Aphrodick theres no point complaining its not going to help
Aphrodick: Butttt
Bob: No butttts.
Damien: What is it you wanted to know?
Bob; Oh yeah, i wanted to know how many of you were team edward or jacob or switzerland
Zoey: I'll tell you if you tell us
Bob: Haha it doesn't work that way
Damien: well i for one am team Edward
Jack: Me too
Shauneerin: Jacob!
Shauneerin: Wuh - why are we the same person now?
Bob: you were going to say the same thing anyway so this just saves me the bother of listening to you both.
Shauneerin: Great
Kalona: I have no idea what you're talking about so i'm just going for switzerland because i hear that ones a country now.
Nyx: Me and Erebus are both team jacob!
Aphrodite: Edward...
Darius: Erm...switzerland...?
Erik: Ew even im not gonna answer that question
Bob: -scary face- ANSWER IT
Erik: eek! okay...edward...
Stark: zoey?
Zoey: We'll be team jacob right?
Stark: yeah, sure i guess...
Bob: Ok well thats everyone and if you haven't had a go then you're clearly not important enough k.

AN: Annie i wasn't sure whose team you're on so i left you.
Ok guys so thats it for now, hopefully i'll be able to update again soon + Hidden is out in 22 days (woo!)
PS: Dear KShade & 6 friends: that scene was for you're imagination, so think of the most amazing, sexy, hot make-out scene you can think of, or if you get all those 6 friends to ask i'll write you a propper one ;)