A/N= Hey, Nicki here. I got the idea for this while watching the movie. Surprise? I think not. Hope you like it!

Dread Pirate Roberta

Inigo Montoya needs a successor. Fast. But no man he has met has made the requirements. So, no one he has met is worthy of the name 'Dread Pirate Roberts'. But Inigo has a plan. After stealing a ship, he would use it to sail to the nearest harbor, leaving his crew to handle the Revenge so as to give him the ability to blend in as a Spanish stranger, not the Dread Pirate Roberts. He would go as he pleased, able to meet new men and possibly, hopefully, find his successor. The plan is perfect, he thinks, reclining in the Captain's Quarter's. Nothing can ever prevent me from finding the next taker of the name.

Inigo hears a call, "A ship; a ship on the starboard bow!" A knock—hurried, somewhat frenzied—is heard on the door. Inigo smiled. It must be Peter, his newest, youngest crewmember.

"Sir! Captain, sir, uh, Captain, um, what should we do, Captain, sir?" he asks. His voice sounds frantic. Inigo's smile broadens.

"It is okay, Peter. Do not worry! Just prepare to fight. Take no prisoners!" Inigo laughs. He can almost see Peter's large hazel eyes widening with the fear and excitement of a first fight as his footsteps hurry away. Inigo stands, strolling carelessly to the door and onto the main deck. Most of his crew are just leaning against the sides of the ship, drinking beer and joking about how easy the fight will be. Meanwhile, Peter is scurrying around, steps quick, trying to find something useful to do. Inigo chuckles, climbing to the crow's nest and taking the telescope from the man holding it, Sebastian, and putting it to his eye. It's a fishing ship. Perfect.

"Sir! Sir, Captain, sir, the ship is getting closer! What should we do? How should we fight?" Peter calls up to Inigo.

Inigo calls back, "Just toss them into the waves! If they die, fine, but what's the point in killing a fisherman? All they have is fish."

"Nicely said, Captain!" Sebastian laughs. Inigo smiles, climbing down to the main deck and drawing his sword, flicking it from his right hand to his left and back again. A newly discovered habit. Inigo glances at him, then at the fishing boat. Now that it's closer, he could see how small it really was. "Better than I thought," he mutters under his breath. As the boat sailed closer, his crew began to laugh and joke about how easy it'll be to capture and take the ship.


"Nothing's easier than fishing boats!"

"Why not something harder?"

"I could eat those guys like the fish they catch!"

"SHUT UP!" Inigo shouts. "AND GO GET THEM!"

The fishing boat is side-by-side with the Revenge. By the cheery grins and waves that the fishermen are sending them, they don't know that the crew is the one of the Dread Pirate Roberts. His men leap aboard the fishing vessel, laughing and grabbing the fishermen like mice and tossing them into the sea. Inigo hops onto the small ship and says to his first mate, Jon, "Go to the cove. You know the one. I'll meet you there within the month. You're in charge, now, so don't leave anyone of worth alive unless you can use them as a bribe."

"Aye, sir!" Jon shouts. Inigo smiles and waits for his crew to be on the Revenge and then sails away towards the nearest harbor. This will be faultless.

A/N= I know it's short; it's just a little opener. It'll get there. This is so cool. Best idea for a story I've had yet, I'd say. Hope you agree.