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Chapter 1: School days

The past few weeks for Killer bee and Naruto have been pretty calm and without incident, they would work during the day either gathering information or doing small jobs for money -lifting heavy stuff like boxes, delivering papers or food, shop keeping, etc-. Soon enough Naruto and Bee got a ton of money after working all those jobs, plus Bee working at a construction site for a short time helped too. Naruto also found out that fighting in underground street fighting matches made a pretty good sum of money, and it was really, really simple.

Just kick-ass and get paid ...See simple right? Of course there was the problem with the police, but the blond was a ninja as well as the 2nd yellow flash after all, so when they came around he'd take his prize and be out in quite literally a flash the second the cops kicked the door in.

It wasn't enough to be considered rich of course, but it was enough to get food, clothes and a small apartment in a pretty descent neighborhood where the crime was low and the rent was manageable.

But unlike the past few days that passed, today was different.

It was about nine in the morning and our blond jinchuriki was sound asleep on his futon wearing a pair of sweat pants and a orange tank-top, but his peaceful sleep didn't last long because a few minutes later …Bamm!

The door to his room was kicked open scaring the blond out of his slumber. Naruto hopped up, grabbing a kunai from out of nowhere and turned towards the door ready to kill the intruder, only to find that it was Bee.

"Bee, what the hell? You scared me half to death!" He shouted, dropping the kunai on his pillow.

Bee smiling, raised his hands and apologized. "Ma bad, but you've got to get ready."

"Get ready? Get ready for what?" Naruto yawned, rubbing his eyes tiredly and looked down to see what looked like a uniform at his feet, they looked like they were his size too. "And ...where did these clothes come from?"

"Hehe~ where do you think, the school gave them to me yesterday, we've been here for a while so I stopped at a high school to say 'what's up' after seein' it was good enough for ya, I signed ya up." Bee rapped to him.

It only took a minute Naruto's still half sleep brain to process the dark skinned mans words. "You signed me up ...for school?"

"Yep, no doubt, so get your ass dressed and be out or I'll through you out."

"Bee ...why the hell are you just telling me this now!" Naruto yelled clearly pissed. "You can't just sign me up for school without telling me before hand!"

"Aw stop bitchin' ...look if it makes you any happier, I'm going to your school too," Bee said.

Naruto blanked his eyes a few time in confusion, how in the hell did someone as old as bee get into a high school, unless he was going in a henge. "Your going to school? Aren't you a little, ya know, too old for that?"

Bee face-palmed himself, hard. "Uhh, you must be a real dumb-ass. I'm not goin' as a student, I'm goin' as a teacher." The eight-tailed host sighed.

"Oh ...well, I'm still pissed about this. I had enough school back at the academy." Naruto said, then he asked. "So what are you teaching anyway? Music, history, math?"

"Nope, you'll see soon. Just get ready before I leave your ass." Bee said before walking out the room, leaving the blond to himself.

Naruto looked at the school uniform and sighed, he hated school, he hated tests, hopefully it wouldn't be too boring. If Madara's still alive, I'll kill him for this He thought, before picking up the clothes and walking to the bathroom to clean himself up. Wouldn't want to go to school with morning breath, now would we?

~ ~(Elsewhere)~ ~

It was 9am, and the halls of Fujimi high school were filled with students on their way to class and teachers getting ready to start the days lessons. Among them a boy with a slim figure, spiky black hair, and brown eyes wearing the regular school uniform walked with a look of sadness on his face. Besides him was his optimistic, free spirited, energetic best friend, Morita.

"Come on man, you can't let one girl get you down like this," Morita said. "You've been like this for weeks, it's time for you to move on with your life."

Takashi sighed, playing with his shirt sleeve. "I know, your right it's just ...I can't just up and forget about her in one week ya know..."

"Takashi, look I know you care about her, you were childhood friends and everything. But, you can't let that keep you down, I mean sure she kicked you to the curb but so what there are way more girls out there!" He exclaimed, hooking his arm around Takashi's shoulder. "There are way more fish out in the sea, and who knows maybe if you look hard enough you'll even find someone better then Rei."

Deep down Takashi knew that Morita was right, he cared a lot about Rei and he loved her. That was something that would never change even if she was going out with ...him, his so called friend.

The school bell rang over the intercom signaling the start of class.

Morita unhooked his arm from around his friend and started walking to his class giving a small wave, "I'll see you at lunch, Komuro!"

"Sure, see ya," He said starting to walk to his classroom. Then he heard his name being called again.

"Oh yea, Komuro!"

Takashi stopped and turned his head slightly, "yeah?"

"Forget about Rei, she'll make you sick," he said, before running off to his classroom.

Takashi turned and went on his way, sighing. "I hate it when Morita's right," he muttered.

~ ~(Classroom 2B)~ ~

Math class was just as boring as always, Takashi sat at his desk which was by the window, his eyes closing and being forced back open as he tried to pay attention to the teacher up front. It had only been forty five minutes since class start and he already felt like falling a sleep.

He looked over and saw what everyone was doing, some of the students were doing what he wanted to do ...sleep, others like his good friend, Takagi Saya, were actually paying attention and taking notes as the teacher spoke and some were reading books or texting under their desks like a chubby boy across the room named, Hirano Kouta, who's reading a book titled 'Ultimate sniper: an advanced training manual for military and police snipers'.

He looked over and saw Rei and Hisashi, the new guy she was dating, talking to each other and smiling. He didn't know what they were talking about but Rei's giggling seemed to give him some ideas.

As class went on Takashi decided to do what he wanted and laid his head down on his desk, closed his eyes and ...Knock, Knock, Knock.

There was a knocking at the classroom door, the teacher went over and opened it reviling it was the principle, a man named Yamada Tamaki.

"Yamada-san, what a surprise I wasn't expecting you." The teacher said, surprised.

The principle laughed. "Yes I know, I'm sorry for popping up like this but I have some great news."

"What is it, sir?"

Yamada gestured the teacher to come closer, when he did he whispered something in his ear. Takashi just starred and was about to go back to his original plan, sleeping, when his teacher smiled and said quitely. "That's great news Yamada-san, where is he now?"

"Oh, he's right outside the room," he whispered. "You might want to tell your class first before I call him in though."

"Um ...right," The teacher cleared his throat and turned back the class with a big smile written on his face. "Well class, it seems like we'll be getting a new student today!"

Almost instantly whispers could be heard all around the class, everyone was trying to guess what the new student was like and what gender they were.

"Here that guys, a new student, maybe it's a hot chick from America." One of the male students said to his friends. "If it is I'll definitely get a date."

"Psst, I doubt it dude, a girls got to be pretty desperate to go out with you," his friend said, joking.

"Hey I bet you one-thousand yen that it's a sexy guy," Said a girl with black hair to her friend.

The other girl nodded, and place her bets on them being a girl. "Okay, but I expect my money the second your wrong."

Takashi just sat at his desk not really caring, I mean it's just a new students after all, it's nothing to get hype about.

"Please calm down class," the teacher said in a stern tone. The whispers went silent just as fast as they had started. "Now as I was saying before we have a new student today, please make them feel welcome, understand?"

"Hai, sensei!" All the students said, he then turned to the principle who smiled walking out the door back to his office.

"Alright then, Uzumaki-San, you can come in now."

the students heard foot steps walking from outside of the door and into the class, it was a boy with spiky sun-kissed blond hair, blue eyes, and strange whisker like marks on his cheeks. He wore a normal school uniform, but over that he had a red hoodie and a blue headband with what looked like a leaf symbol tied around his right arm.

Most of the girls had hearts in their eyes and made silent comments to each other about how hot or cute the new student was, while most of the guys stared with envy, though they'd never say it out loud.

"You see I told you it was a sexy guy." The girl from before whispered to her friend, then she stuck out her hand. "One-thousand yen please."

Her friend grumble under her breath, but passed her the money anyway, a bet is a bet after all.

"Uzumaki-San, please introduce yourself to the class and tell us something about you."

The boy gave a shit eating grin and said loudly. "My names Uzumaki Naruto. I like ramen, training and hanging out with my friends. The things I hate are the three minutes ramen takes to cook, evil bastards who try to take over the world and ...well it doesn't really matter, I hope we can all get along and have a great time!"

"Thank you, Uzumaki-San, you can take that seat in the back of the class next to Hana-Chan."

The blond nodded and happily walked to his seat still wearing the same grin.

Takashi just looked at the new student for a moment longer, before laying his head back down to sleep. He didn't really care about who the new student was, what he cared about was the person who sat across from him ...Rei.

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