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Chapter 3: The beginning of the end

A few more weeks passed and the two shinobi found life in Tokonosu to be fairly easy and enjoyable. Naruto went to school on the weekdays and although his grades weren't the best, he was doing better then he expected thanks to the help of his friend, Arisu. There was also the fan-girls who consistently chased him around for things like a date with him or wanting his number, it got so bad that he had to start using the Shunshin no Jutsu(Body Flicker Technique) just to lose them and get some alone time at lunch -which he usually ate on the school roof-.

He'd made lots of other friends in his class. The first was Kouta, then Takashi and Rei. It was clearly obvious that Rei and Takashi had relationship issues but he never asked them about it because of one simple fact wasn't really any of his business. He figured they could just talk it out on their own.

Kouta, well, he was another story. Naruto had seen him getting bullied by some of the senior students and decided to step in. a fight broke out between him and the two muscular jocks but Naruto came out without a scratch while the bullies ended up knocked out with a black eye, busted lip, and maybe a broken nose. Naruto couldn't really remember. But, he found Kouta to be a pretty cool guy, he knew a lot about different types of guns and, seeing as Naruto knew nothing at all about firearms, he thought hanging with the glasses wearing Otaku would be a great learning experience.

That same day he also, quiet literally, ran into a pink haired girl named Takagi Saya. At first he found her to be annoying -but you would to if you got called an idiot or dumb-ass some many times in one day- but he got used to it and soon found her to be a pretty descent person, although she acted like she had a stick up her ass some of the time but from the way Naruto saw her and Takashi talk to each other, it was the way she showed she cared. Oddly enough.

Bee was doing well too, he and Shizuka were getting along just fine going out on dates and such. They weren't an official couple yet but they were close. The funny thing was Shizuka actually found Bee's rapping to be funny and cute. While Bee saw that her ditzy nature gave her a sexier look. Naruto had met the busty nurse when Bee brought him along on one of their many dates and all and all he found them both to be a bit weird, but it was that fact that made them perfect for each other.

They still had fun that day, going to the movies and the arcade, playing games like DDR -which Bee beat his opponents at without much trouble, the guy had some mad skills-.

Of course his job as a gym teacher was going great -even though most of the kids hated him at first, but you would it too if someone tossed a chakra enhanced dodge ball at you every time you interrupted class-. But as the days past he came up with new games and they play many different sports from soccer all the way to basketball and even girls volleyball -which the boys were happy about for some strange reason-. The students seemed to warm up to him, though they still thought his rapping annoying.

But ...peace can't last forever and rather or not Naruto and Bee knew it ...the world was going to be flipped upside down in a way no one expected...

...We all know what Takashi was doing the night before everything ended. But, what was Naruto doing. Lets find out shall we.

"Stand still!"

Naruto side stepped yet another punch from his opponent and sighed. "Come on man, this is way too easy! Try a little hard and you might just touch me."

The tall, buff man's face grew red with anger and he charged at the blond. "You bitch ...I'll fuckin' kill you!" he threw a straight jab aimed for Naruto's face, the blond smirked and ducked under it.

"I think I'll end this now," he charged a little chakra into his fist, using the power in his legs and jumped up hitting the man with an uppercut sending him flying out the ring into a wood table, which broke under his weight.

Naruto gave a shit-eating grin as the referee looked over the downed fighter. "He's done! The winner by knock out ...Uzumaaki Naaruto!"

the crowd of people started cheering, the blond crossed his arms and made his way out the ring, walking over to the boss to collect his fight-money.

"Nice job, Uzumaki! I knew betting on you would make me a fortune!" The boss said shaking his hand.

"Hehe~ ya know I can't be beat my fighters like that guy, so ...uh, how much did I win?"

The boss let go of his hand and walked to his office and came back holding a briefcase. He laid it on the table and opened it showing Naruto his winnings. "fifteen-thousand U.S dollars. I put a little extra in there for ya too for winning so many fight this far, keep it up and soon you'll have more then me! Hahaha!"

"Wow thanks boss, I owe you one," the blond said taking the briefcase. "Well I'll got to go now, bye."

"See ya! Oh yeah and I'm hosting a tournament tomorrow so be sure to come if you can!"

"Sure thing!"

Naruto walked out of warehouse 34, hearing the people cheering as another fight went on. He looked down at his prize money and smiled before disappearing in a yellow flash.

A few seconds later he reappeared in his room next to a tri-kunai hanging on the wall. He walked over to his futon and pulled a scroll out from under his pillow. The scroll contained all of the money he'd won in previous street fights. He unrolled the scroll and sat the briefcase on it, then did a tiger hand sign and the case sealed into the scroll in a small puff of smoke.

The blond then changed out of his sweaty clothes and headed for the bathroom to take a relaxing hot shower before bed. Afterward he came out, dried off and changed into his night clothes, a orange tank-top and black basketball shorts.

He laid on his bed feeling exhausted from the entire day, first Naruto had two big tests at school that he nearly fried his brain studying for, then he got some afternoon training done with Bee and lastly he ended up fighting three street fighting matches in one night -each fight was anything go's, so when someone was losing they sometimes resorted to weapons like knives and steel pipes, but that made no difference to Naruto, he'd fought against worst-.

Man what a hard day. He thought as he closed his eyes and let sleep overtake him.

~ ~(Mind scape)~ ~

Naruto opened his eyes and found himself in ankle-deep water, there were pipes all around him sorta like a sewer system all leading to a huge cage with the kanji for 'seal' on it.

Then a voice called out the him. "Come closer, Naruto."

The blond sighed knowing exactly who the voice belong to. He walked towards the cage and came face to face with the very thing that made his childhood a living hell ...the Kyuubi no kitsune. It looked like a huge fox with red-orange fur and silted blood-red eyes.

"It's been a while, Kyuubi."

"So it has, I'm surprised my young host finally decided to visit after all this time."

"I'm just here to check up on you, you've been silent ever since me and Bee got here. Is there a reason for that?" Naruto asked.

The fox looked down at it's host and grinned. "I was merely sleeping, nothing more, nothing less. Besides getting sucked into a worm hole can be very...tiring."

Naruto walked closer to the cage and looked up at the demon, not a ounce of fear in his eyes, "I've got some questions for you, and I need answers."

"Hmm~ you need my help huh, well it's not like it's the first time. What do you need to know, kit?"

"Okay, firstly, what is this place. This worlds totally different from mines yet it feels the same, why?"

" ...Well the reason is simple young kit, this world and your world are ...lets see, like two sides of the same coin. This is a parallel universe in which, unlike your world, the jubi nor Rikudō Sennin (Sage of the Six Paths) has never appeared. And since they have never appeared, humans have never learned of chakra."

Naruto nodding in understanding. "I see so that's way all the people here have citizen level chakra or below, is it possible to teach someone from this world ninja arts?"

"It is possible, but ...I wouldn't recommend it. The governments of this world are more likely to start a war with the arts rather then use them for their original purpose, to protect."

"Yeah ...I guess you have a point, they've had two world wars already. If this world is anything like mine, a third one is not too far behind," He said in thought, then he looked back up at the fox. "How do you know so much about this world anyway?"

Kyubii chuckled and answered. "In the demon realm, I was one of the nine great demon lords before I was sealed into you, and I'm also a timeless being therefore I can travel in between the two worlds whenever I like. The last time I came and visited this world was ...back five-hundred years ago."

"Okay for my final question, is there a way to get back home?"

"Yes there is, you have to cut open the border between this world and yours, but it's not as easy as it sounds. Even for a powerful demon like myself, it proves to be a difficult task, but it can be done by someone like you, since you have access to my chakra," The demon fox answered. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm taking a nap, until next time, kit."

"Yeah ...see you, Kyu."

And with that the Naruto disappeared from his dream scape leaving Kyuubi to himself. "Be prepared young Uzumaki, be prepared..."

~ ~(Part 2/ the next morning)~ ~

"Alright Takashi, how about her? She's hot!"

"I told you before, I'm not interested."

Takashi yawned as he walked towards his homeroom class. He was tired and really regretting staying up so late last night, not just that but Morita kept showing him different girls from his 'Master Morita's Top Secret List of Fujimi Academy's Triple-A Grade Hot Girls' book. Which as of now was starting to annoy the hell out of him.

"Okay, okay about this girl, Miku Yuki, she even hotter then the last one chick!" Morita held the book in front of Takashi's facing showing him a picture of a light orange haired girl wearing a revealing bikini while seductively licking a melting ice cream cone.

"Morita ...for the last time, I'm, not, interested." Takashi said.

Morita frowned and closes his book, putting it in his pocket. "Takashi ...what's up with ya man, your not interested in anyone?"

"Takashi! Morita!" They both felt an arm rap around each of theirs shoulders as Naruto appeared out of no where in between them, giving his usual grin. "How it hangin'?"

"Oh, hey Naruto, what's up!" Morita greeted him.

"Nothing much, just on my way to class like you guys," He then turned to Takashi and asked. "So what's with the depressed look? You alright?"

"It's nothing Naruto, I'm just tired from staying up last night that's all-"

"And he's also down about Rei! Like he always is," Morita interrupted, shaking his head. "He just can't seem to get her off his mind. Oh, What a poor guy he is."

The depressed teen shot him a glare, but Morita just laughed it off. "I can't get him to cheer up, so I'll leave him in your hands, Naruto."

"Don't worry about it, I'll have him go and happy in no time, that's a promise!" Naruto said giving him a thumbs up.

Morita nodded and started walking to his class. "See ya at lunch you two, hopeful your not held up by the fan-girls Naruto, Hahaha~!" He gave a small wave before running past the other students towards his classroom.

Naruto chuckled. "Hehe, that Morita, days at school would be kinda dull with him around, right Takashi?"

"Yeah...," He replied with a sigh.

Naruto looked at his friend and sighed also. This was going to be a long day. They made the rest of the walk to class in silents.

When they reached the middle of the next hall, Naruto opened the door and walked in followed by Takashi, who just went to his desk and laid his head down.

The classroom wasn't full yet, there were still students coming in and some were even walking out to talk to friends before the teacher came. Naruto sat down at his desk and was greeted by Hana.

"Good morning, Naruto-Kun. Did you sleep well." She waved at him.

The blond nodded, smiling at her. "Yep, but I'm still sorta tried though, I guess I shouldn't have stayed up so late, huh?"

Arisu giggled. "Yeah, maybe you shouldn't have."

Riiinngg! ...the school bell rang loudly and the teacher walked into the classroom with a smile on his face.

"Good morning class, it's nice to see you all are here today," he put his things on his desk and wrote the lesson out on the board, before turning back to the students. "Please turn your text books to page forty-nine, so we can get started."

~ ~(Later on)~ ~

Takashi gave a sigh as he leaned on the edge of the rail on the roof, when the last class had ended he decided to go to the roof to take a nap. He'd run into Morita in the hall and they talked for a little while, then Takashi went to the roof after Morita said he was going to hid out in the dorms.

One of the others reasons way he skipped was that he didn't want to see Hisashi's face anymore, he was already in a bad mood and he didn't want to do anything he'd regret like lets say ...curse him out during class.

"Whoa, look at the cherry blossoms, they're floating all the way over here," he said as a flower petal fell into his out stretched palm. He looked at the petal sadly as the memories of his childhood came back to him.

~ ~(Flashback)~ ~

It was the end of the day, a twelve year old Takashi and Rei were in the park playing after leaving their school. Everything was going fine until Rei said something the young boy didn't expect.

"Takashi-Chan, I'm going to be your wife."

"Really? really, really?" Asked the boy.

Rei nodded and stuck out her pinky, smiling. "Uh huh! It's a pinky promise!"

Takashi looked at the girl, was she serious or was she just playing a joke, no other girl had every said this to him. But ...Rei's not like other girls, she's special. "Okay ...pinky promise!" He said, putting his pinky around her's smiling.

[Flashback 2/high school]

"Rei this doen't make any sense, why would you stay back a year? You're such a good student...," Takashi asked confused. He didn't know why but for some reason Rei seem to get angry with him.

"Takashi, I-I don't understand you at all ...I don't get you!" Then she just walked out the class just like that. Leaving Takashi with a confused and sad look on his face. Did he say something wrong?

Hisashi who had been sitting in his seat watching to whole thing, tried to cheer him up. "Hey, Komuro, we're in the same class again. Lets make this a good year."

Takashi just sighed. "Yeah ...whatever you say."

~ ~(Flashback end)~ ~

It was only a few days after that incident that he saw Rei and Hisashi walking off campus hand in hand then he found out from one of the students in his class that they'd started dating. She broke his heart, and yet ...he still had feelings for her. He hated Hisashi but his love for Rei never changed, even now.

Pinky promise. What a load of bullshit. "Cross your heart and hope to die …," He muttered.

Clang! Clang! Clang! ...Takashi was knocked out of his thoughts of the past when he heard a sudden banging sound. He looked over and saw a man throwing his body into the front gate and four teachers went to investigate the problem.

"Who's that? Some creepy guy?" Takashi asked himself.

He continued to watch as the female teacher, Kyoko-Sensei, tried to reason with the man at the gate but when the physical education, Teshima, saw he wasn't going to listen he went and grabbed the man by the collar, pulling him face-first into the gate despite Hayashi's protests.

But that happen to be a bad thing to do, because when he turned his head away from the creep. The man pulled his arm all the way through the gate and bit a huge chuck of flesh out of his forearm. Teshima let out a loud, pain filled scream as he fell on the ground, tossing and turning holding onto his arm as the large amount of blood sprayed out the wound. The other teachers tried to stop the bleeding but it didn't help, a few second later ...Teshima died.

Takashi face took a step back as his face turned as pale as a ghost. What the hell was going on here?

Kyoko covered her mouth in horror. She couldn't believe what was happening, but hope slowly filled her as Teshima's finger started to twitch.

She let out a happy sighed bent down to check on the teacher, but that was also a bad thing to do on her part because once see was close enough, the once dead teacher grabbed her by the collar of her blouse and took a bite out of her throat. Kyoko let out a blood filled scream that pierced the air.

"Wh ...what the hell is going on!" Takashi slowly back away from the rail, scared to death at what he just saw. Part of him wanted it to just be a nightmare, soon he'd wake up on the roof and everything would be back to normal. But this wasn't no dream and deep down he knew that. So without a second thought he dashed back to the classroom to get the one girl he cared dearly for ...Rei.

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