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Chapter 6: Getting the story straight

It had been ten minutes since the two teens had went into the crafts clubroom, Kouta was still at the teachers desk putting his makeshift gun together, he knew the makings of a gun inside and out, he even took apart and cleaned the ones he had at home on a regular bases and put it right back together, like a puzzle. So making a gun out of a gas powered nail gun and wood stock was childs play.

As for Saya, she'd been watching the door for a good five minutes now, and luckily there were no signs of any zombies trying to break the door opened.

But it's only a matter of time before they do and I don't want to be in here when that happens. She thought as she turned her attention back to the gun otaku. "Hey, pick up the pace, tubby. We need to get moving."

"I know that, Takagi-san. I'm almost done," Kouta said, wrapping duck tape around the back of the nail gun. "I just need a few more minutes." Then another question came up in his head, one he had the urge to ask for a while. I might as well, the worse she could do is yell at me ...or call me fat. "Um ...Takagi-San, I was just wondering, what exactly happened on you and Naruto's date-"

"I already told you, it wasn't a date, fatty!" Saya said in a annoyed tone, looking at him. "We just ran I'm each other! That's all, got it?"

"Okay ...but I'm still curious. What happened during the da- I mean ...when you both met up?"

"You know, you still make it sound like we went on a date," Saya said sighing. "But fine if you want to know so badly, I tell you from beginning to end. It happened like this ..."

~ ~(Flashback/ the weekend before Z-day one)~ ~

Saya was walking through the crowded streets of downtown Tokonosu city to get some shopping done, for one she needed to get some female products from her female needs, plus she need a few new bras and underwear, besides it wasn't like she was going to ask her mother to do the shopping for her. And most defiantly not her father.

So she took a right at the next corner and made her way towards the seventh market, they sold things like medicine and other proscription drugs. Once she got to the store, Saya went through the door and made her way towards the feminine hygiene section of the store in aisle four.

Of coarse since it was the weekend, she wore her regular clothes. Blue skinny jeans, a red shirt and sneakers, her pink hair was in it usual two pony tails, and she had on her glasses instead of wear contacts -which seemed to make her look more attractive for some reason-.

Let's see, were are they? She thought as she looked through the aisle. She'd been coming to this store ever since she was thirteen, at first she came with her mother, but then when she got old enough she started by herself.

It only took her a moment before she found what she was looking for, the only problem was that they were all the way on the top shelf. At first she thought she could reach it, but after a few tries she saw that she couldn't even tap it.

"Damn it, what moron put the pads all the way on the top shelf?" She muttered as she stuck her hands up once again to try and reach for them. "Freakin' idiots."

Then a very familiar voice came from behind her. "Hey~ Need some help, Saya-Chan?"

"Huh?" Saya turned around and came face to face with the new kid from her class, the same blond idiot who'd bumped into her in the hallway outside of the classroom. "U-Uzumaki, what the hell are you doing here?" She said in surprise, she hadn't been expecting to see anyone of her classmates from school during the weekend, and she certainly wasn't expecting to see someone like Naruto.

"There's no need to be so formal, Saya-Chan, just call me Naruto," the blond said giving his usual grin. "So hows it hangin', you need some help?"

Saya fixed her glasses and said. "If I need help, I'll ask someone who works in the store, not you. What are you even doing in this aisle anyway, last I check your not a girl!"

"Awe~ come on, there's no need to be so harsh," he said reaching up and taking the box off the top shelf with ease. "Besides, I'm right here," then he turned and held the box out to her still grinning. "This is what you were reaching for, right?"

"Yes it is, thank you!" Saya said as she snatched the box out of his hand. "I need to get going now, bye."

As she walked towards the front of the store, Naruto just stood there with a huge question mark over his head, he'd only been trying to help, there was no need for her to yell at him out of no where like that. Did she always act like this?

Or was it just around him?

Actually, now that I think about, I barely know anything about Saya-Chan? Naruto thought, then he came up with a sudden idea. Well I guess it's never too late to get to know someone. He smirked and walked in the same direction that the pink haired girl had went and saw her leaving out the front door. He hurried though the doors before they closed completely and called out to her.

"Hey, Saya-Chan! Saya-Chan, wait up!" Naruto shouted as he ran up to her.

Saya turned towards him with an annoyed look on her face. God, what does he want now? "What do you want? There's no need to shout when I'm only like five feet away."

"Oh. Hehe~ sorry, it's a habit," the blond said, rubbing the back of his neck. "I was just wondering if you'd ...if you'd like to hang out for a little bit?"

"What?" Saya said in amusement, she could almost laugh, was this guy really asking her out? Seriously? "Hang out? You mean like a date?"

"Um ...if you want to call it that, then yeah. I guess."

"Sorry," Saya said smugly, putting her hands of her hips. "But I don't date idiots, maybe you'll have a chance when you smarten up a little, maybe."

Naruto's face fell, he would have been lying if he said that didn't hurt his feelings a little bit, but just like with his old teammate Sakura, he wasn't going to give up that easy. "Okay, okay, it's not a date! I just want to get to know you better. I mean we are classmates after all. I know a lot about Takashi, Rei, and Kouta, hell I even know about Hisashi and Morita, and he's not even in our class. But, I don't know anything about you ...I'm curious."

Saya sighed and rubbed her temple, at this rate she wasn't going to get any shopping done at all. Then a small smirk appeared on her face. Maybe he'd be able to help her out a little. "Hmm ...Okay, fine. We can hang out for a little bit, but first ...I need to get some shopping done. You don't mind coming along, do you?"

"Nope, I'll even carry your bags for you if that's what you want, Saya-Chan" Naruto said, grinning at her.

"And First off, it's not 'Saya-Chan', it's Takagi-San until I tell you to call me otherwise. Got it?" Saya said sternly, Naruto sighed and nodded.


"Good," she then pointed to their left. "The store I'm going to is a few blocks down, you sure you don't wanna change your mind?"

"Yep, I'm sure. Takagi-San~."

"Okay then, lets go."

Saya started walking ahead, while Naruto sighed again, following behind her thinking. Going with her while she picks out clothes or whatever shouldn't be too bad, right?

"Actually, what are you buying anyway?" Naruto asked suddenly.

Saya smirked as she said. "Oh'll see."

~ ~(Skip/2 hours later)~ ~

Ring!Ring … the sound of the small bells on the shop doors rang as Naruto and Saya left out of the fifth clothing store they'd went to today.

"Thank you, please come again soon, Takagi-San," said the brown hair woman behind the register, smiling, before she tuned her attention to the next woman in line who had been behind the two teens.

Man, I know she said she had shopping to do, but this is ridicules! Naruto thought, as he followed behind Saya, carrying all ten of her bags for her. "Hey, Saya-Chan. That was the last store, right?"

"For the last time, it's Takagi-San," Saya sighed. She was expecting to get rid of the blond by making him walk into a few woman's clothing stores with her, she even went as far as to ask him which pair of underwear he liked best, but he still stayed. -Plus he answered her with a surprising straight face, though the small bit of blood coming out of his nose and the blush on his cheeks gave her the satisfaction she wanted-. "And yeah, that was the last store I needed to go to."

"Ahh~ thank god, you don't know how embarrassing that was for me," Naruto sighed in relief, then he grinned at her as he asked. "So, how about we go get something to eat? My treat!"

Saya stopped and looked at him. "What exactly did you have in mind?"

"Hmm~ lets see, how much do you like ramen?"

"I barely eat the stuff ...why?"

"Well I know this great restaurant that's a little ways from here, the daughter of the owner is in our class and she always gives me a discount whenever I come in." Naruto explained.

"And I can see why, she's probably one of your many fan-girls," The pink haired girl said in a 'matter of fact' type tone. "So of course she'd give you a discount, what crazed fan-girl wouldn't."

"That's true, but she still fun, and she's nice," he said. "So you wanna go?"

Saya thought for a moment, then sighed, shrugging her shoulders. "Fine, lead the way, blondie."

"Haha~ yes, it's finally time for some ramen!" Naruto took all the bags in his left hand, into his right hand and took Saya's hand, guiding her down the street. "True me, Saya-Chan, you'll love their ramen! It's the best!"

"I told you it's Takag-," the pink haired genius sighed and rubbed her temple. "You know what never mind." God, this guy never learns! She thought.

Naruto led them down the street and took a left at the corner, after walking a little while longer he finally reached the small restaurant. The blond push open the doors and walked in, still dragging Saya behind him, much to her dismay and shouted a greeting to his good friend and fan-girl.

"Hey, I'm back Asuka-Chan!"

Mikoto Asuka looked over at the door and waved at him, smiling. She could still remember when she'd gotten up the courage to feed ramen to him on his first day of school, ever since then he'd been coming by almost everyday after school to eat and hang out. Sometimes with Bee and others time by himself, though she was always there to keep him company.

"Hi Naruto-Kun," she said as she walked over to him, that's when her green eyes spotted Saya. "Oh ...I see you've brought a friend."

"Yeah, I'm eating with Saya-Chan today, are there any seats for two left?"

Asuka quickly glared at the pink haired girl for a moment, but then looked at Naruto and smiled, clapping her hands together. "Yep, follow me right this way, please."

The two were followed the red head towards a table in the back by a window, when they were both seated, Asuka handed them out one menu each and smiled.

"Call me when your ready to order, though I already have an idea of what foxy-Kun here wants," she giggled before walking off to take orders from another table.

Saya sat across from Naruto and opened up the menu, before saying. "I don't think Mikoto likes me all that much and ...'foxy-Kun'? really? That's what your fan-girls call you?"

Naruto rubbed the back of his neck shyly and chuckled. "Hehe ...they came up with the name because of my whisker marks. It's sort of embarrassing though. Anyway, what do you want, I did say I was paying after all."

"Hmm~ I don't know, I never eaten here before," she said. "What do you suggest, Naruto?"

"The ramen!"

"I should have known," Saya said as she closed the menu.

Naruto laughed and waved his hand in the air. "Oh, waitress! We're ready to order."

Asuka came over to there table, glaring at Saya, but then she smiled at the blond. "So what will you both be having?"

"Get me four large bowls of ramen please, two chicken and two beef," Naruto said happily.

She wrote down his order on a notepad before turning to Saya. "And you, Takagi-San?"

"I'll have one bowl of beef Raman," She answered simply.

"Okay, I'll be back with your orders soon, please wait a moment," she walked away once again leaving Naruto and Saya to themselves.

After a few minutes of complete silents, Naruto finally spoke, grinning at the girl across from him. "So ...Saya-Chan, tell me about yourself. It sorta boring just sitting here like this."

"What do you want to know?"

"Um about family, what are they like?" He asked curiously.

Saya sat there and looked at him for a moment before she started talking. "Well father, Takagi Souichiro, is the don of the right-wing political association of Tokonosu, and as such we're pretty wealthy because of that. And my mother, Takagi Yuriko, works along side my father, she also used to work on wall street as a stockbroker before they got married and they had me a few years after." She explained.

Naruto nodded at the new information and asked. "So your dad's the don right, is the right-wing organization sorta like the mafia or the Yakuza?"

"No ...I don't know much about it, but from what I've heard my dad talk about, they believe that Japan should go back to the way it once was, ya know before world war 2 started," Saya answered.

Hmm ...they must have a lot of faith in their country, seems normal enough. The blond thought as he nodded, then he asked. "So what about Takashi ...when did you meet him?"

"Oh, I met that idiot in kindergarten, he was getting pick on by some of the other older kids in school during recess so I had the help him out," Saya said, smirking at the memory. "Those boys never picked on him again after that, and we've been friends ever since."

"What about Rei?"

The second Naruto asked that, her face went from a smirk to a frown. "Psst ...don't even ask me about her, they were friends since 2nd grade, always spending time with each other and all that, he spent more time with her then he did with me sometimes, she was so annoying. Then in high school she broke his heart by going out with some other guy after she already knew about his feeling for her. That stupid, annoying, ahh! I swear I can't stand her," She spat, crossing her arms under her chest.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Wow, you seem angry all of a sudden."

"Well of course I do, Rei completely broke his heart, now he's just mopes around all day in gym and during class. I told that idiot he should look for someone else but he still stuck to Rei like white on rice!" Then she sighed, "I can't stand seeing him like that. It's ...depressing."

"Yeah, I see what you mean ...ya know, Morita's been trying really hard to cheer him up too, I'll even try myself if that's what it takes to get him back to normal," Naruto said confidently. "Give me till the end of this week and I'll have him cheered up in no time at all! Dattebayo~!"

"So you really think you can pull Takashi out of his depression, huh?" Saya asked.

Naruto grinned, nodding his head. "Yep, that's a promise, and I never go back on my promises, ever."

"Okay, I'll hold you to that promise then, Naruto," Saya said in amusement.

She smiled at him and he smiled right back, he was way different then what she had expected. Sure he acted like an idiot, but there was something that she liked about him, something she couldn't explain. Well, I guess he's not just some stupid blond after all.

They sat and talked for a while, about family and friends and a few things in school, of course Naruto had to change up his story up a little, I mean would she really believe he came from a ninja village in another world if he told her?

Probably not.

The two stopped talking when Asuka walked up to their table with a tray in her hands, it had five bowls of Raman on it. She then put four large bowls in front of Naruto and one large bowl in front of Saya, along with some drinks for the two.

"Sorry I took so long, my dad was fixing a few other orders," She said with a smile. Though on the inside she was highly jealous of Saya. "Anyway, enjoy your meal." Then she left.

Naruto smiled and broke open apart of chopstick and started eating. Saya sat there watching Naruto completely devour his ramen with a disgusted look on her face.

"Ugh! Hey, Naruto, did anyone ever tell you you eat like a slob?" She finally said.

"No, why do you ask?" Naruto said, his mouth still filled with Raman.

"Firstly: don't talk with your mouth full!"

Naruto swallowed the food and smiled nervously at her. "Hehe~ uh ...sorry."

"And secondly: you shouldn't eat like that out in public," Saya said sternly. "It not only embarrasses you, it embarrasses the person your with too, and people are going to think you have poor table manners. Understand?"

"Yeah, I understand," Naruto grumbled, eating his ramen in a more civilized manner.

"Good." She smiled and started eating her own ramen, to her surprise Naruto wasn't overreacting, the stuff really did taste great.

~ ~(Part2)~ ~

"Bye Naruto-Kun, come again!" Asuka said waving at the two as they left.

Naruto nodded, smiling as he walked out the door. "You know I will, Asuka-Chan!"

As the two teens walked down the street, Naruto looked up at the sky, the sun was just starting to set and if he had to guess, it was probably around five maybe six o'clock.

"Hey Saya, do you want me to walk you home?" He asked.

Saya shuck her head. "No ...I'll just catch the bus, it's drops me off a block away from my house anyway."

"Hehe~ you know, I can't let you go carrying all those bags," Naruto smiled then he flagged down a taxi that was coming up the street. The yellow car stopped beside them and the blond opened the back door. "Get in. I'll pay."

"Naruto, you really don't have to-" Saya started.

But Naruto interrupted her. "Saya, it's okay. Really. I have enough money anyway from my job." He said placing her bags in the back seat.

"And what 'job' would that be?" She asked.

"It's a secret." Naruto grinned, street fighting was illegal after all, and if Saya found out she'd probably yell at him saying it was dangerous. He opened the passenger side door and looked at the taxi driver. "Make sure she makes it home safely, driver-San" He said before taking an one-hundred dollar bill out of his packet, handing it to the man. "This should about cover it, right?"

The man nodded with a shocked look on his face. "Yes, b-but this is too much!"

"I know, keep the change."

"Um, okay. Thank you," the driver said.

Naruto then looked at Saya and smiled at her, as she sat in the backseat. "So, I'll be seeing you on Monday right, Saya-Chan?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't you?" She asked.

"Just checking, see you then," the blond host closed the door and started walking off.

The driver pulled off and drove down the street, looking through his rear-view mirror, smiling. "So where to miss?"

"The Takagi estate, do you know where that is?"

"Yep, we'll be there in no time," he said turning the next corner. "Just sit back and enjoy the ride."

~ ~(Flashback end)~ ~

" ...and that's what happened ...any questions?"

Kouta shuck his head. "No."

"Good, now hurry up so we can-."

Saya stopped talking when she heard a loud banging come from outside the clubroom door, she hopped up and back away from it. Knowing exactly what it was, zombies. Damn it ...we're out of time!"Hey, fat-ass, get that gun working!"

"I'm almost done," Kouta said adding the last few parts. "Alright, that goes there, tape that there, add the clip ...finished!"

a moment later half a dozen zombie broke through the door and stumbled into the room, making their way towards the two teens. Saya let out a frightened scream as one of them came close to grabbing her and then-

Bang!Bang! … two of the zombies fell dead onto the marble floor, with a nail sticking out of their foreheads. Saya turned and saw Kouta grinning as he aimed his gun at the small crowd of undead.

The gun otaku couldn't help but chuckle evilly from the excitement of firing a gun. "Hehe~ gotcha!" He fired a few more times, killing a few more zombies with perfect head shots while he started giving out orders to Saya. "Takagi-San, put that drill, those nails, and that gas can into a suitable bag. Oh yeah, and don't forget the toolbox too."

Saya just stood there with her hands on her hips. "And who do you think your ordering around, Hirano!"

Kouta turned to her after getting another head shot on one zombie and asked kindly. "Pretty please~, Takagi-San?"

"Uhh~ okay, fine," Saya said with a sigh.

After getting everything they needed into the bag, Kouta took out the last zombie and filled the nail gun with another clip before they made their way towards the door, steeping over the bodies of their former classmates.

"So, where are we going now?" Kouta asked as he scanned the hallway.

Saya fixed her glasses and answered. "The faculty room, we'll barricade the door, then think of our next move while we're there."

"Sounds like a plan."

And with that the two made their way down the corridor, gunning down any infected that got in their way. With Kouta's perfect shooting skills and her own genius, there was no doubt in Saya's mind that they'd make it out of this alive.

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