Legend of Pharaon

Chapter 1: Beginning of the Journey

(There are a few places shown: first a pyramid in a desert, then a forest, and then a grassy place is shown. At the top, there is writing: "A new Bomberman movie..." Then the grass gets closer up, and the writing changes to "Legend of Pharaon" in big glowing letters.)

"Ready, Baglion?" Bomberman said to his furry friend, Baglion, as he held a ball. The grey Charabom sat in front of him, smiling and wagging her tail. "Catch!" said Bomberman, and he threw the ball.

Baglion ran after it. "Baglion!" she said, and grabbed the ball, which had landed by a tree. Then, an envelope landed on her head. "Bag?" she said, and looked at the back of the envelope. On the envelope was a purple eye-shaped symbol. "Bagli!" Frightened, Baglion jumped up and ran on her hind legs toward Bomberman, carrying the ball and envelope.

She stopped in front of Bomberman and handed him the envelope. "Baglion!" she said with wide eyes. Bomberman opened the envelope and took out a piece of paper. Baglion put the ball on the grass and looked at the paper too.

"Well, this is a strange letter," said Bomberman. The paper had the same eye symbol on it!

"Ba!" said Baglion, and she jumped backward.

"Don't be so jumpy, Baglion!" said Bomberman, "I'm sure it doesn't mean anything."

"Baglion Bagli?" said Baglion. Why would anyone write a letter like that?

Then, the eye shape glowed. "We should go to the desert!" said Bomberman suddenly.

"Bag-" said Baglion. But-

Bomberman jumped on Baglion's back, so she started running. "Off to the desert we go!" said Bomberman. Baglion sighed, confused at Bomberman's sudden change of plans. As the two of them started off towards the desert, they left the ball, envelope, and paper behind-and the eye shape shined...

Baglion is a Charabom I made up, who follows Bomberman everywhere in my made-up series. Pharaon is a Creature I made up.