Alright! So I'm in love with Shea and Chelsea fanfics but I can only find a few good ones. That's why I'm going to be starting this new story! So enjoy and have fun!


When I came to this island to get away from the horid place that was my home, I never thought it would be hard. I thought it would be the nicest thing starting a farm, no drama, new friends. I never knew I had to find sunstones and raise a bunch of islands! And as for the "no drama" thing, oh was I wrong. There's tons of drama. Let's just say everyone has someone but me. Oh joy...

Anyways, I started raising islands and I soon got Gannon to build a bridge over towards the jungle. I was scared to explore it though. What if a tiger ate me alive? But when I went around and asked if anyone could explore it with me they all gave me a scared look and answered no. So today was the day, spring 7 , to explore that disasterous place.

So that morning I took a nice clean shower , got dressed, did my hair in my ussual bandana and headed out to buy a hardy breakfast. You know. Just in case I die I want to make sure I have a good day and a full stomach!

I headed down the path to the diner. Every which way there was a couple holding hands or hugging. I saw Vaughn , the animal dealer, and Sabrina, the rich daughter of Regis, looking into each others eyes, then there was Denny, the snappy fisherman, and Lanna, the ex-popstar, and they were holding hands walking down to the dock to fish. I sighed as they all waved.

I walked straight into the diner and headed right into a chair. I ordered my breakfast and ate as slowly as i could. I must've looked like a freak chewing 59 times before I swallowed. But if it meant going into that forest later then i was up for it.

I was so far into imagining what could happen that I was done with my food. My stomach started rolling just thinking about it.

"Thanks for the food!" I yelled as I ran out of the Diner. Great. I thought.

I headed for the bridge, thinking about what would come from my little journey, while everyone waved me away. And before I knew it I was already over it and into the jungle. Now I was scared.

I started walking east. Thinking there would be some kind of small unknown village but I was wrong. When I finally reached a big tree I could rest on I ran over and sat down on one of its huge trunks and pulled out my knife. Just in case.

But right as I was about to go through my rucksack, a huge boar came running through the trees and into the little clearing I was in.

But right as the boar stopped a tall figure jumped onto it and put a spear right through its neck. The boar then calmed down and i guess died.

The figure started pulling out the spear but then looked over at me. Oh yay.

He ran over to me and held the spear right by my neck. "What you? Animal?" He asked with a very bad vocab.

I stared at him in disbelief. He could talk?

"I'm Chelsea. What's your name?" I asked as politley as I could. But he just stared down at me.

"Shea. Hunter and Warrior. What Chelsea? Oh! Wada know. Shea take to Wada." Huh? Whats a Wada and was he gonna hunt me?

He picked me up bridal style and headed even more east.

Oh great this will be a perfect day. Getting eaten by a wild man. He's kinda cute.

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