Ohhh Gosh(: Okay so I am soooooooooooooo sorry for not uploading at all! I've been soooo busy its crazy... My parents got a divorce, I have a new boyfriend that I plan on spending the rest of my life with and I have two new best friends that love me and my stories. It's amazing how just a little high school life and growing up can change someone. Well, I hope you enjoy this chapter!(:

Chelsea's POV

I woke up in the arms of a strange man. Wait, what? I shot up looking around in confusion. What the hell happened yesterday? Where am I? And who is this guy I'm in bed with? Honestly I was scared. What if this guy is a murderer?

I slowly got up and walked out of the tan tent I was once in. It was all wet and rainy outside showing that a storm had blown over us last night. I was walking through the forest when I heard someone call my name.

"Chelsea! Wait for Shea!" He hollered after me. I started running as fast as my little legs could go. Practically sliding across the bridge, I finally made my way back to my little town. Thanking the Goddess for keeping me safe. Maybe I should've stayed back but oh well! I have my farm to look after!

Looking back to see if he was still coming after me, I wiped my brow to take the sweat off of it. Shea wasn't running anymore, he was just standing there. Staring at me with this gloomy look on his face. Like he had just lost the best thing he'd ever had.

Some how I managed to get up enough courage to turn around and try to forget about him. My mind was turning in so many different directions I decided to run home. Even though I might have looked like a fool, I didn't care. I was scared and upset. I got many looks from the locals but I didn't care.

I finally reached my farm and my little house. I decided that I better make sure nothing got damaged during the storm last night. My little animals must've been so scared. I don't think I remember puting feed into their feed boxes. I had one cow, Daisy, two sheep, Shell and Maya, and 4 chickens, Rena, Laya, Sheryl, and Macy, with a few rows of crops on the side.

I looked over everything and found that only a few of my crops were damaged. Not too bad. Then I walked into the barn. That's where the real trouble was. Boxes and barrels were all over. Daisy was mooing like crazy and my little sheep were scurying all over the place.

Eventually I got everyone into there places and got food into their bins. I petted them and brushed them. Allot of the trouble was the stress the storm put on them. So therefor they were all sick...

I decided I should go to Mirabelle's shop and get them all medicine tonight so that none of them would get worse tomorrow.

Walking down to the shop I couldn't help but think about Shea. Yesterday was an adventure and it made me think about what life could be with more and more adventures. But for now I guess I would just have to go on with normal life. And note to self: I said for now.

Hope you liked it! Its short but I'm tired and I have school tomorrow!(: Love you guys!