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Dearly Beloved

Chapter 1: Runaway

I might have nowhere left to go; But I know that I cannot go home – Runaway by P!nk

My name is Kendra Nadia Alexander, and I am a runaway. Five years ago, I ran away from home in shame. I was seventeen years old, had just finished school, and was pregnant. The boy who got me pregnant happened to be my boyfriend's best friend, but my boyfriend didn't know that. When I discovered my pregnancy, I was ten weeks along, and knew that I would be a disgrace if I stayed. So I left.

I headed to America, where I didn't know anyone. That was perfect. I would be able to get an abortion and return home to my family. They would never have to know. I would just tell them I had taken an impromptu vacation, or something of the like. It would all work out.

But it didn't. Two weeks after my arrival in America, in a city called New York, I stood outside my chosen abortion clinic. This was to be the afternoon that all my problems would be solved. This was what I wanted. Or so I thought. Standing outside that clinic, knowing that there was a life growing inside me…I couldn't do it. So I returned to where I was staying and started looking for more permanent housing.

Thirty weeks later, I gave birth to twin girls at the Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. I named them Tera Cerese and Sefarina Cyanea Alexander, and they have been the lights of my life for the past four years. I dearly miss my family and friends back home, but I love my daughters, and I would never give them up.

One day, I hope to return to my old home, and let my daughters meet everyone. Maybe even their father, if he wants them. But, for now, I plan on staying where I am. I have a wonderful new life, with quite a few friends, and a decent job. My daughters are growing up in a safe environment, and that's all I care about. For now, at least.