Cold Nights, Warm Bed by Purelyamuse

Summary: Written for the Summer in La Push contest on JBNP. Bella goes backpacking with Jake and Quembry. After falling in the ocean and getting all of her stuff wet, she finds herself in the oddest place possible - sandwiched between three werewolves. J/B, 3rd PPOV, Rated T.5.

Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. I own a sticky kiss between friends.

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CNWB: Chapter 1 Keep Her Safe

"What are you trying to say, Charlie?" Jacob hedges, not backing down.

"Look, I know Bella's a big girl," Charlie looks at Jacob pointedly so that he doesn't smirk or make a fool of himself, then he continues, "I trust you, I do, but this idea of a co-ed camp out is just out of the question. I'd be a terrible father if I let her go off with a bunch gigantic teenage guys. It's bad, just bad. That's all I'm saying."

"Okay. Okay, you're right. Bella will be so disappointed though. I know she was hoping to go. She wanted to get away.

"She's been telling me how much it helps to get away from people and places that remind her of Edward. He haunts her still. I think some fresh air and some people that have nothing to do with Edward, that are nothing like Edward, would be good for her.

"But, you know what? You're right. It's just not a good idea.

"I'll let her know. I'll blame it on me. I'll tell her you didn't trust me, that I was too interested in her or whatever. Even though . . . you know we're just best friends, right? You know that, don't you? And it's not for lack of trying, because I try. I've been trying, but she's so hung up on Edward. I thought I was making some headway, but when she's around here and sees her friends from school, she just thinks about him.

"I thought I could help her forget him, but I guess not. And even if she's not interested in me, that's fine. I still want to help her. I just don't want to see her hurting anymore, you know?

"So, anyway, whatever. It's cool. Maybe some other time. I'll tell her. She won't blame it on you."

"Uh huh," mutters Charlie.

"Okay." Jacob turns around, entering the Swan's kitchen. He gets as far as the stairs, and Charlie calls out his name. Jacob grins but smoothes out his facial features before turning around.

"She said that she's trying to get over Edward? That she feels better when she's around you? When she's in La Push?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Fine, so . . . okay."

"Okay?" Jacob fakes a quizzical look. He's won.

"Yeah, go. Take my daughter camping. Whatever. Just, you know . . . keep her safe."

"Sure, sure." Jacob turns and heads up the stairs to tell Bella the great news. He smiles the whole way there.

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