CNWB: Chapter 7 What Else Are You Wearing

"You didn't tell him, did you?"

"I'm trying not to get you shot, Jake. Of course not."

"I'd like to not get shot. So thanks."

"You're welcome."

"I miss you," Jacob blurts out.

Bella picks at a thread on her quilt and repositions herself on the bed, placing the phone on her other ear. "I miss you too," she says softly.

"You taste like marshmallows."

"So you said," she says, smiling at her headboard.

"I really want to kiss you again," says Jacob in the shyest voice Bella's ever heard from him before.

"I wouldn't mind that. Maybe you can come over."

"Yeah, right. I'm sure your dad would be thrilled. He wouldn't be suspicious at all, seeing as you just dropped me off like an hour ago."

"Nope, of course not. Especially since I'm wearing your shirt."


Both remain silent for a moment, knowing exactly what she said.

"Okay, this is very important. Are you listening, Bells?"

"Yes, I'm listening," says Bella, giggling at Jacob's cute behavior.

"What else are you wearing?"

"Um, well . . . I'm wearing it as a pajama top, and you called right as I got out of the shower, so I couldn't finish getting dressed. So, um, not much else."

Bella hears a thunk sound and a groan. It seems as though Jacob has dropped the phone.

"Are you okay?"

He's breathing hard and making a rumbling sound in his throat. Bella's beginning to believe everything Embry said about werewolf hormones.

"Are you wearing less than when we were in the tent together?"

"Maybe," says Bella, playing up his excitement. Teasing boys, as it turns out, is fun.

"We need to go camping again. Soon. And this time we're leaving the losers at home."

"I don't know if my dad will be okay with us camping by ourselves."

"Trust me, I'll throw around Edward's name, and he'll let you go."

"You're awfully sure about that, don't you think?

"Did we make out in your tent?"

"We did."

"And do you want to do it again?"

"I do."

"Well, then I'm sure I can make it happen. I can be very persistent."

"Duly noted," Bella says, giggling at Jacob's enthusiasm.

"Oh, crap. Billy needs my help. I gotta go."

"All right. Night, Jake.

"Night, Bells."

Bella hangs up the phone with a huge smile on her face. She makes her way to the door and hears some scuffling behind it. She opens it to find her dad looking up into the linen closet. She gives him an odd look and makes her way to the bathroom to brush her teeth before bed.

When she comes out, her dad is gaping at her incredulously. "Um, night, Dad."

He turns away grumbling, "I knew it was a bad idea," followed by, "Over my dead body." She has no idea what he's talking about, and she doesn't care. She's got a warm bed to sleep in and memories of snuggling in Jacob's embrace to keep her company for the night. It should be a good night's sleep. What with all the kissing she did the night before, she needs it.

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