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Please Jane

Chapter Five:

Repair Me

Jane marched with light steps into the squad room after the holiday weekend. Mondays always suck. She flicked off her jacket and sat down at her desk to get caught up on the paperwork she neglected by leaving early on Friday. Maura insisted they spend time perusing all of the firework displays within a fifty mile radius of the greater Boston area. She informed Jane that the holiday would be the first where she was allowed to use fireworks if she wanted to.

Jane knew that picking out the perfect fireworks would take up most of her day, so she collected her girlfriend at noon and off they went.

At the first stand they stopped at, Maura also insisted on buying all of Jane's firecrackers, saying she wanted Jane to blow up things. She laughed softly at the way Jane's eyes lit up at the sight of all the fireworks displayed before them. Jane immediately grabbed the biggest most dangerous thing she could find. And then Maura made a joke about having the first aid kit ready though when Jane picked up a huge roman candle. Jane rolled her eyes, then leered at her girlfriend as she went back to picking out her 'safer' smoke bombs.

Maura was just so sweet to her, and cute, and sexy. A smile tilted the corners of Jane's mouth as she stood by her desk thinking about Maura and all the changes in their relationship since mid-June.

Do I regret giving in to my best friends seduction? Fuck no! I'm now her official lawn mower, hopefully for the indefinite future.

Lost in her thoughts, she failed to notice another's presence, and jumped out of her chair, bumping her knee in the process when a male voice shattered the silence of the squad room. "Fuck!" Dammitttt.

"Hey Rizzoli, you're not dead after all. Better watch your mouth, the Doc's lurking about again. I was thinking I'd have to go get your flopping body from the Doc's clutches," Korsak shouted as he walked into the squad room, a fresh cup of coffee clutched in his big paw of a hand and smiled at his former partner and now good friend.

"Korsak!" Jane shouted, immediately recognizing the deep timbre of her old partner's voice.

Brown eyes whirled towards the door as Jane sat down in her wheelie chair, rubbing her injured knee in an attempt to ease the ache. With a half-smile, she gave Korsak a one finger wave and said, "she'd give up my body. I mean… she is the ME. Isn't it like against the law for her to sequester away evidence." Rocking back and forth and causing the chair to squeak with the movement, Jane watched Korsak look at her with a puzzled expression. "Hey… I want some coffee." She pouted at the sight of the steam escaping from his gigantuous mug. "Where's mine?"

"Over there. The Doc wore you out." He guffawed and pointed to the empty coffee mug with a picture of handy smurf on the front, hanging on her hook by the coffee pot. "Ya know Jane, I just don't understand why the Doc gave you a mug with a freaking blue rodent on it.

"Oh shut up. She happens to be fond of Handy Smurf. Besides, you watch Kitten videos. I'm sure you've not heard yet, but cats EAT mice. Just letting you know." She shrugged then bit her lip to keep from saying something else about kitties.

A flush of heat warmed her cheeks as she remembered Maura talking about pussies and not the feline kind.

Damn. She revs me up and she's not even physically here. I must be insane to feel this way.

She flashed him a smile complete with full gleaming white teeth. Korsak shook his head at her lovesick expression. "Uh, I guess. I never thought of it like that before. If she did keep you then maybe it would be against the law." He moved over to his desk and sat down with a loud thump and a groan. "I guess you're safe then," he muttered, reaching forward to flick his computer on.

"Yep… real safe," she skeptically answered, her mind flicking through the images of Maura's aggressive nature in the bedroom. A trait she was really beginning to enjoy. She sat back in her chair with a grunt and winced as the leather cushion of the chair pushed against the fading scratches all along her shoulder blades.

With a sigh, she leaned forward and flicked on her computer in an attempt to focus on the needs of her job. Like that's going to happen today.

While waiting for the little piece of fruit to disappear from her screen, she gazed at the skewed yellow file folders piled up on her desk. A piece of pink caught her eye. Her hand darted out and snatched up the pink envelope eagerly.

"Ohhh, looks like a card. But my birthday isn't until next month," she muttered. A quick flick of her fingers and she had the card out of the envelope and perched between her fingers. "Now what is…"

In Maura's scrawling writing, she read: Jane, Happy Handywoman day! I petitioned to make this day, a day to celebrate all the wonderful, and extremely helpful skills you possess. Sadly, they denied my request. But I want you to know you will always be my handywoman. M.

"Awww," Jane stared down at the card then coughed to keep the sudden moisture inside her eyes. "She's sweet when she wants to be."

Korsak noticed Jane staring stupidly down at a pink card and blinking her eyes. "What have ya got there?" He pointed a frosting coated finger at her and said, "it's not your birthday is it?"

"Clhrmm, no.. it's not my birthday. It's just a.. um thank you card from Maura," Jane murmured and folded the card back into the envelope to keep it from prying eyes. She gingerly set it into her desk drawer and gently closed the drawer.

"Okaaay. So did you two have a good Fourth?" Korsak took a huge bite of his doughnut and chewed with loud sluping sounds. "Rrranding appen?"

Jane sat staring at the closed drawer in a daze. "Yeah. It was great. I lit off smoke bombs and Maura laughed at my inability to remember all the colors of the rainbow," she said, her eyes still fixed on the closed drawer. They crept over to her new handy smurf coffee mug and she continued, "the transformer blew out and we spent the night in darkness. We didn't need the flashlights to find our way to each other. It was fabulous."

He swallowed his bite of doughnut and winked at her, but she didn't see him. "Huh… So you spent the night in the dark?"

"Nah," she said loudly, then softly muttered, "she illuminated me." Another blinding smile lifted her lips and she glanced back down at the drawer of her desk, now holding her card from her lover and best friend.

"Sappy. Jane. Sappy." Korsak turned back to his computer, took a drink of his coffee to wash down his sweet doughnut and loaded up his kitten videos. He had a soft heart after all and found cute and cuddly things adorable. He just wasn't about to tell Jane he found her so in love with the Doc that she was now cute and cuddly. Nope, that's a secret to keep to himself.

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