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Chapter One

"Are we there yet?"

"Not yet Bonnie," replied Mr Anderson with a patient voice. Five year old Bonnie Anderson pouted and glanced out the window of the aeroplane. Below her she could see a vast amount of sea and up ahead she could see white clouds. The whirring and roar from the engines either side of the plane was mixed in with the noise going on inside. A baby was crying somewhere up front, a rude and obnoxious man was complaining about his in-flight meal to a stewardess and there were two women behind Bonnie laughing like hyenas every five minutes.

Bonnie blocked out the sound as best as she could and concentrated on the sky. Her legs swung back and forth as she wasn't tall enough to put them on the floor. This was her first time in an aeroplane and, she thought she would be scared going up so high but now she was here, she was thoroughly enjoying it. The only problem was how long they've been cooped up in the plane for.

Eleven hours ago they had set off from Tri-County International Airport to spend ten days in England in the middle of her summer holidays from school. When Bonnie first found out they would be going to England, she wasn't too pleased because usually when she goes on holiday, she's not allowed to take any toys, like when she went to Hawaii six months ago. This time though, to make her happy, her parents allowed her to bring along two toys.

Bonnie looked down at her lap where her Buzz Lightyear and Jessie doll were clasped tightly in her hands. She smiled at their grinning faces and then heard the intercom crackle overhead before the pilots smooth voice sounded out throughout the plane.

'Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking. We've just begun our descent into Bournemouth Airport. The time is 11:15am, light winds from the west and were looking for an on time arrival today. We should be on the ground in just a few minutes. Thank you for flying Pixar Airlines and we hope you had a nice flight.'

"Did you hear that Bonnie? We're going to be there soon," said Mrs Anderson, from where she sat in the aisle seat. Bonnie nodded her head as her grin widened.

"Let's put your toys back in your backpack so you don't lose them in the airport," suggested Mr Anderson.

"Okay daddy," said Bonnie. She handed over Buzz and Jessie and he stood up to reach into the overhead compartment for Bonnie's backpack and placed Buzz and Jessie inside. Mr Anderson then sat back down and plugged Bonnie's seatbelt in as the stewardesses came down the aisles to make sure everyone was preparing for the landing. Inside Bonnie's backpack though Buzz and Jessie quickly came to life and sat up.

"Yeehaw, we're finally here!" Jessie cheered. Buzz grinned at her enthusiasm.

"Yep and it only took eleven hours," said Buzz. He reached up and stretched his arms, this being the first time he's moved since they got on the plane. Jessie smiled and crawled over to where Buzz sat and settled herself down next to him.

"At least we had each other's company even if we weren't moving," she said. Jessie looped her arm around his and beamed at him. Buzz returned her loving smile and leaned over to place a small kiss on her lips.

They had officially been a couple since their dance to Hay Un Amigo En Mi, a week after the events at Sunnyside and the dump. As they started to go on dates with each other, they found being together as boyfriend and girlfriend was pretty easy for them. They already knew everything about each other, after spending so much time together while being Andy's toys, so being around one another always felt comfortable. After the Hawaii holiday all the toys pulled off for Barbie and Ken, it inspired the two of them to think about having their first kiss. Of course, the pair of them didn't tell the other what they were thinking, and went weeks daydreaming about a kiss before it finally happened.

The bag suddenly jolted as the plane came to a land on the runway and Buzz and Jessie fell over onto their backs. Tissues, a hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste all tumbled down the bag and landed on top of the two toys.

"Are you alright?" Buzz asked, lifting the hairbrush off him. He heard Jessie laughing and saw her emerge from between the packet of tissues and toothpaste.

"I'm hangin'," said Jessie and still chuckling, she added. "That was fun!"

Buzz smiled. "It only takes fifteen minutes now to get to the hotel from the airport."

"I betcha at home Trixie's just announced that to the others," said Jessie. Before they left Trixie had checked online about the flight, calculated the time it would take for them to land, find their luggage in the airport and get a taxi to the hotel.

Thinking of the toys at home, a wave of sadness rushed over Jessie. She had felt bad for leaving, getting to go on a holiday while they had to stay behind, she thought it was unfair. Woody was there to remind her that it was Bonnie's choice which toys she took on holiday with her but Jessie still wished everyone could go. Buzz sensed her worries and reached across to hold her hand.

"I'm sure they'll be fine back home," he assured.

"Really?" asked Jessie.

"Positive," said Buzz. Jessie smiled and then the bag moved causing Buzz and Jessie to grab hold of the sides to keep their balance.

"I think they're getting off the plane," said Buzz, quietly. Indeed they were. When the plane finally came to a complete halt Mr Anderson unbuckled his seatbelt, and so did everyone on the plane, he reached up and got down Bonnie's backpack for her and she slid it onto her back. Slowly the three Anderson's used the narrow steps to get off the plane and headed towards the airport to retrieve their luggage.

Buzz and Jessie were being thrown, up and down, back and forth in the backpack as Bonnie skipped in-between her parents.

"You're lucky you're a sturdy toy," grumbled Jessie to Buzz. Her legs had been tossed up so her boots rested on her shoulders. As quickly as he could Buzz arrived at her side and helped her get her legs down.

Bonnie's skipping soon stopped when she and her parents reached a large conveyer belt with big and small sized suitcases going around it.

"Where are our cases?" Bonnie asked.

"They'll be round soon," said Mrs Anderson, she gave her daughters hand a light squeeze and Bonnie smiled. Their three suitcases came into view five minutes later and Mr and Mrs Anderson picked them up from the conveyer belt. From there, with Mr Anderson dragging Bonnie's and his own suitcase on its wheels and Mrs Anderson keeping hold of her daughters hand and pulling along her own case, the three of them made their way out the airport.

Outside it was a glorious warm sunny day in the beginning week of August. Bonnie breathed in the air and gazed at everything, not wanting to miss any detail. She was a very observant child. Mr Anderson led his family in the direction of a taxi and with the help from the driver put the suitcases in the boot. Bonnie and her mother got into the backseat and Mr Anderson sat in the passenger seat next to the driver.

"Where do you need to get to?" the driver asked. He was an aged man, faint wrinkles were starting to cover his face and his grey hair had been combed back. He also had the darkest eyes Bonnie's ever seen.

"We're staying at The Luxo Hotel," Mr Anderson informed. The driver gave a nod and started the engine to the car. Bonnie put her backpack on her lap and pulled out Buzz and Jessie and sat them down on the middle seat in the back.

"Was that an American accent I heard there?" the driver asked, being sociable.

"Yes, we've just flown from California," answered Mr Anderson.

"Lovely. I'm afraid the weather isn't quite as soon here as it is over there but today seems to be holding up nicely," said the driver. "How long are you here for?" he asked.

"Only ten days," said Mrs Anderson. The old man nodded his head and Bonnie gazed out the window and noticed something.

"Mommy, he's driving on the wrong side of the road," she said, quietly, hoping the driver didn't hear her. However he did and he started to chuckle, he glanced at her in the rear-view mirror.

"In England sweetheart everyone drives on the left side of the road," he informed. His eyes glanced at the two toys in the centre seat and he smiled to himself before watching the road and carried on driving his fare to the place they needed to get to. After twenty minutes the taxi parked into the hotel's car park and Mr Anderson handed over the money for the journey to the driver. Bonnie picked up her backpack and quickly hurried out the car to take a look at the hotel. It was a big hotel with white walls and large glass window's surrounded the entrance and rotating door. Attached to the hotel was another small building which had a glass roof. Bonnie realised that there must be a swimming pool in there.

"Mom, this place has a swimming pool," she said, excitedly.

"Does it? How wonderful," said Mrs Anderson, she stood on the other side of the car and stretched her legs. Soon the driver and Mr Anderson got out the car to unload the suitcases from the boot. Neither of them noticed Buzz or Jessie sitting motionless in the backseat as they got out.

"Buzz, what do we do?" Jessie asked, fretfully.

"I'm sure Bonnie will remember were in here, don't worry, it'll be okay," said Buzz. He said it with as much confidence as he could so Jessie wouldn't hear how worried he actually was. He felt Jessie grab for his hand and he glanced her way. Suddenly the boot came down with a bang causing Buzz and Jessie to jump and then the driver's door opened and in an instant they became lifeless.

"What nice people," the taxi driver said to himself as he got into the car. He turned his head around and stared at the two toys.

The taxi driver grinned and reached into the glove compartment facing the passenger seat. He lifted up the handle and pulled the draw down. His worn out hands reached inside and he pulled out a small glass tube filled with what looked like gold dust.

"Whenever I can I like to use this little concoction of my own creation on any toys I find," he murmured, while swirling the vial around right in front of his eyes. The dust swirled around like liquid.

"It gives them a chance to live a life like the one they have now but..." The taxi driver uncorked the tube, and a gold gas escaped from it, he sprinkled some of the dust onto his free hand.

He bent round the gap in-between the two front seats and raised the hand with the dust on to his lips. Buzz and Jessie didn't risk the glance at each other but the both of them were wondering how this man knew they lived. 'He might just be crazy,' Buzz thought.

"...as a human," the taxi driver finished. He blew the dust off his hand and it scattered over Buzz and Jessie. They didn't move as the glittery gold powder fell on top of them until the very last particle landed on their clasped hands and the world through their eyes started to spin until it faded into darkness.

When the light and colour returned to their vision the pair of them noticed they were outside and sitting on the wall surrounding the hotel.

"Buzz, how did we get up here?" Jessie moaned, rubbing eyes because of the brightness.

"I don't know Jessie," said Buzz. The last thing he remembered was the taxi driver blowing dust in his face. He turned to look at Jessie just as she dropped her hands and looked at him.

They both let out a yell of shocked surprise because no longer were they toys, the taxi mans dust had done the trick, and now they were human beings.

Buzz's eyes focused on Jessie. She wore brown boots, blue jeans and a white top with a yellow and red lined pattern going along her chest. Her vibrant red hair was still tied up in a braid with a yellow bow. Buzz gazed into her eyes, 'oh her eyes!' he thought. They were still the same shade of green, surrounded by dark lashes, but even when they looked confused her eyes still shone pure and sparkling with energy. She had two thin red eyebrows arched over her eyes, an upturned nose with freckles scattered across the bridge and her cheeks, to her round ears half poking out of her hair and then she had soft pink lips to complete her look.

His heart started to beat faster in his ch- 'Wait? Heart? I have a heart,' thought Buzz. He put a hand to his chest and felt the strong beat. It was lucky he was already sitting down or he might have fallen over due to the cosmic feeling he had right now. It overwhelmed him and his eyes started to blur and sting.

Jessie meanwhile had been watching Buzz as he examined her. He wore white trainers and white linen trousers. There was a white undershirt half hidden by a dark purple and lime green striped t-shirt over his toned chest and muscled arms. The collar was undone around his thick neck that led up to a rounded jaw, plus chin dimple, and light brown stubble covered all those areas. His nose was as straight as an arrow's, ears circular and small and short sideburns on either side led up to light brown hair that was in a careless mess all over the top of his head. Two bushy eyebrows hitched slightly on his forehead as Jessie caught Buzz's bright blue eyes staring into hers.

She watched him place a hand over his chest and she gasped with the realisation sinking in.

They were real.

Author's Note: I could have made them go some place exotic in the world but I prefer to write about places I've been to because it's easier and I know the activities Buzz and Jessie will get up to later in future chapters are there at Bournmouth.

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