Alphabetical Confession

"Jade, Tori, Andre, Cat, Beck, on stage now Robbie stay seated," Sikowitz instructed and Jade snickered. "Start with O being!"

"Oh my God I saw a star last night!" Tori exclaimed. Jade rolled her eyes.

"Please tell me it wasn't the ones in the sky you're talking about," Jade said looking bored.

"Quiet!" Tori snapped.

"Rude," Beck said stepping to his girlfriend side.

"Sorry I'm just excited."

"Tori you need to be nicer to Jade, she's my girlfriend and I don't want to have to chose between her and a good friend."

"Um there shouldn't be a choice there," Jade said glaring up at Beck.

"Very true," Andre scolded.

"Andre's right!" Cat snapped.

"Eh!" Sikowitz made his buzzer noise "the next letter was W, Tori pick it up!"

"Well when I saw the star last night I tried to get an autograph."

"X-citing," Andre commented.

"Yes it must have been thrilling," Jade rolled her eyes.

"Zuckerburg, Mark Zuckerburg was who I saw," Tori said.

"Actually he's not a star," Jade corrected "he's a multi-billionaire but not a star."

"Beck tell Jade he's a star!" Tori whined.

"Can't make Jade thinks something she doesn't want to," Beck shrugged.

"Isn't that the truth," Andre spoke without thinking.

"Eh! Andre the next letter was D, sit please," Sikowitz directed him towards his seat.

"Dude Andre sucks at improve," Jade teased from her place still on the stage.

"Enough babe you know Andre is my friend," Beck said sounding tired and walking across the stage away from her.

"Fine care about him more," Jade snapped.

"Gank," Tori spat. Jade glared at Tori but addressed Beck.

"How come you always take everyone's side but mine?" she questioned hands on her hip.

"I took your side just a few minutes ago when Tori was rude to you!" Beck exclaimed.

"Just then ya, but not that often. You always let other people be rude to me," Jade sighed.

"Keep it up and I'll tell everyone your secret about me," Beck teased half-heartedly.

Jade was tired of Beck hanging this over her head. She had said it once to him in private and now all he did was tease her with it. Enough. "Love," she said after a deep breath and locked eyes with her very shocked boyfriend "is what you're talking about."

"Jade," Beck said walking across the stage in a few hurried steps. He swooped her into his arms and held her close.

"I meant it," she whispered while also hugging him back but hiding her blushing cheeks.

"I know," he whispered back kissing her cheek and keeping her close.

"Eh! Jade, Beck the next letters were M, N, and O. You lost."

"We don't care," Jade said sticking her tongue out at Sikowitz.

"Ya lets go get you a coffee," Beck said grabbing both of their bags and tossing his arm over Jade's shoulder.

AN: Ok so this is something I kind of wanted to do for a while, I know everyone does alphabetical something but I just wanted this out of my head so here it is. Please be kind to my offering.