Humboldt Park love story

No offese to any hispanics or white people. if it offends you please let me know .. :)

Jasline and Jisselle both see a U haul truck across the street. When they look closer and they see a white boy coming out the passenger side.

Jisselle- What the hell is a white boy doing in Humboldt park?

Jasline's P.O.V

My sister was right what was a white boy doing in Humboldt park so I took a second look to see that it was Justin bieber. I didn't freak out or anything it was weird, why would he want to move here, the worst part of Chicago.

Jasline- hey Jisselle guess who just moved in across the street.

Jisselle-what a white boy lolz

Jasline-ha-ha but no Justin bieber

Jisselle-no freaking way man

Jasline-yup he moved in right across the street

Jisselle-oh hell no lets go meet him he is so smexy

Jasline- why he just got here and he is going to think were fans

Jisselle- I don't give a heck I wanna meet him please Jazz


Jisselle's P.O.V

Holy mother of god that boy is a ….hella fine .. Thank Jesus Jazz is going. I wouldn't want to date him just be friends though. I still am curious about him being in Humboldt Park though.

Justin- hey shawty's

Jisselle –hey

Jasline- (rolls eyes)Hi

Justin- well do you beautiful girls live in this area?

Jisselle- Yea we live across the street from you …Wait, why are you moving in to Miss Delgado's house?

Justin- well my mom wants me to take a break for a couple of months or a year

Jasline-oh great

*Carlos sees the girls and that they are talking to a guy…He begins to walk over*

Jisselle- oh jazz stop

Jasline- stop what (gives dirty look to Justin)

Justin- well my names Justin (Thinks-I bet this jazz girl hates my guts… it explains the dirty look…the other one is pretty cute but I wouldn't date her)

Carlos- Yo, what are you doing …oh taking out the trash?

Jasline- be nice he didn't do anything…yet

Carlos- let's keep it that way he does something stupid he will swallow his teeth.


Justin- who says I'll try something anyway

Carlos- I did bato

Justin- what the hell does that mean

Jasline- just stop talking Justin before things just get worse

Carlos – I say you follow orders before you don't have your balls anymore

Jisselle- Carlito don't be mean it's my fault I wanted to talk to him don't knock his balls in (giggles a little)

Carlos – naw he's getting worse than that! dumb bato leco

Jasline P.O.V

Holy crap Carlos is going to beat the crap out of Justin and if he fights Miguel is going to fight to. Best believe it.

Jisselle P.O.V

I think I should call Zac he would break up the fight and take Carlos home but what about Miguel …. Oh that's a bad idea...In our family if one brother fights the other one fight's to. But Zac is way more mature, yup Zac is the one I'm getting

*jisselle runs into the house while jasline is trying to break up the fight*

(Justin and Carlos are throwing threats at each other)

Carlos- I will beat the hell outta you man

Justin- Run up then!

Jasline- Carlos Justin stop it's not worth fighting for you look stupid just stop.

Carlos- whatever sis' oh really you gay white boy

Justin- I'm the gay white boy oh really… cuz I'm the one wearing pants

Carlos- you may wear pants but you ain't no boy for sure

Justin- oh hell no… (Looks red now)

*while this is going on Zac is putting on a sweater on real fast then runs out with Jisselle to where Carlos is and runs behind him about to grab him.*

Carlos- what are you going to do about it lil' boy

Justin- this

*Justin starts to throw a punch at Carlos then Carlos ducks and the punch collides with Zac's face.*

Zac- This lil' boys getting his teeth knocked out

Jasline- Justin come here

Justin- what jazz?

Jasline- why are u doing this