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Author's Note: The story takes place in August after the final battle. I like to think that Ron and Hermione get married before Harry and Ginny. Ron and Hermione already know each others best and worst moments that I don't think they have any reason left to wait. Especially since Hermione is going back to Hogwarts Ron might want to make sure that everyone knows they are an item.

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A Weasley Wedding

Chapter One: August 24th 8:00 – 9:00 am

Ron was standing in front of the mirror again, twisting and turning to get a good look at himself from every angle.

"Ron" Harry said a bit enervated "You look great, so will you stop that please, you're making me uneasy."

"Sorry" Ron muttered taking a last look, turned around to face Harry and sighed helplessly.

"What's the matter with you?"

"I'm getting married today, remember?" Ron said fretful.

Harry gave him a confused look. "That is the point. Shouldn't you be the happiest person in the world today? But instead you give me the impression as if you're going to your own funeral."

"Very funny"

"You don't have second thoughts, have you?" Harry asked worried.

"Don't be stupid of course I haven't" Ron exclaimed.

"Then what's your problem?"

"What if Hermione has second thoughts?" Ron admitted his greatest fear.

Harry looked at him unbelievingly, his mouth hanging open.

"You can't be serious" Harry finally managed to voice his exasperation. "I thought you were over that fear by now."

"I was …. I am…", Ron stammered. "I just can't get rid of the image that she suddenly comes to her senses and won't show up today."

"That is ridiculous and you know it Ron," Harry sighed. "With all the time Hermione had spent on the Wedding planning, even gotten through the arguments with your mother and all the trouble with the guest list, she must really want this or she would have called it off a long time ago."

There Ron grinned. "I think you're right, she must really love me, mustn't she?"

Harry grinned back, "I'm pretty sure she does"


"I really don't understand what is wrong with your hair the way it is," Mrs Granger said unreasonable.

"Nothing is wrong with my hair I just want it to look perfect for today," Hermione said slightly annoyed.

Her mother just couldn't understand why Hermione even thought about smoothing her lovely natural hair down with some potion.

Hermione on the other hand wanted to look as beautiful as possible for Ron on their wedding day, and for her, that was simply impossible with awful hair like hers.

Her mother sighed defeated. "However! Your wedding, your decision. I won't get involved anymore. Besides, your father and I promised to help with the preparations anyway, so we're out of here soon and leave you girls to whatever you want to do."

"Finally," Hermione muttered relieved under her breath, so that only Ginny, who had agreed to help with the hairdo, could hear her.

Mrs Granger kissed Hermione's forehead, "I see you later," and left the room.

"Let's do it," she beckoned Ginny to begin with the procedure.

Ginny nodded in agreement and turned the bottle of Sleekeazy's Hair Potion over, but the only thing that came out of it, were about three drops of potion.

"I think it's empty," she stated the obvious.

"What?" Hermione turned around astonished then she remembered. "Oh no, I forgot that we finished it off last week, when we tested the hairdo and I didn't buy a new bottle." Hermione ended the sentence slightly panic.

"Calm down, Hermione," Ginny soothed her, "we still have to pick up your wedding dress anyway, so we just get a new bottle on the way to Madam Malkin's.

"But the potion needs at least 3 hours to react with the hair to its fullest capability."

"Hermione, you are getting married in the late afternoon, now it's 8 o'clock in the morning, you have enough time. Besides last time your hair looked already okay after 2 hours."

"I know, but I don't want it to look just okay, it has to be perfect. I want Ron to remember that day forever."

Ginny snorted there, "and you think my brother's memory depends on your hair status? Trust me Hermione, you could show up as a frump and Ron would still think you are perfect and remember the day as such."

Hermione wasn't entirely convinced but she smiled at Ginny gratefully.

"You're right, let's go."


A few minutes later they arrived in Diagon Alley. They quickly bought a new bottle of Sleekeazy's Hair Potion and then went strait to Madam Malkin's.

"Miss Granger," Madam Malkin greeted surprised, "what can I do for you?"

Hermione frowned at that and said smiling but a little unsure. "I want to pick up my wedding dress."

"Your …, but I thought the wedding isn't until tomorrow." Madam Malkin said appalled.

Hermione's smile vanished. "What? No! It's today. Are you saying my dress isn't ready yet?"

"Oh I'm so sorry dear; I must have mixed up the dates," Madam Malkin started apologetically, but seeing Hermione's paling face hastened to add, "but nothing to worry, I'm almost done. Just give me a few minutes and it is ready."

Slightly dazed Hermione and Ginny left the shop.

"It's alright, Hermione," Ginny comforted her, "we'll go back to your house, smooth down your hair, then come back later to get your dress and we still should be right on time."

"No," said Hermione, "Madam Malkin said she only needs a few minutes. We'll wait! Otherwise something else goes wrong."

"Fine, why don't we check on Fred and George while we wait?" Ginny suggested.

"They are working? Today?" Hermione couldn't believe that and, already sensing a new possibility that might ruin their perfect wedding, she exclaimed. "They are probably going to be late for the wedding."

"My thoughts exactly," said Ginny, "that's why we're going to check on them to make sure that won't happen."

She hardly had time to finish the sentence when Hermione already dashed off towards the joke shop.


"George, look who it is, our dear little sister and the poor witch our brother has tricked into marrying him today." Fred called out the moment he spotted them entering the shop.

"Oh very funny," Hermione said crossly, while Ginny laughed. George came out of the store room and joined them.

"But seriously," said Fred, "what are you doing here."

"We just bought a new bottle of Sleekeazy's Hair Potion and now we're waiting for Madam Malkin to finish Hermione's wedding dress." Ginny informed them.

"Sleekeazy's Hair Potion," George said scandalised, "what do you want with such rubbish? You should try our new Crazy-Hair Potion instead."

Hermione looked at him disgruntled, "just what I need today, more crazy hair."

"You know Hermione, I guess you should have a sample for free," George offered giggling.

"Right," Fred joined in, "would be interesting to see what that potion does with your kind of hair." He took a bottle of the shelf and offered it her.

Hermione glowered at the potion in Fred's hand. "Thanks, but no thanks."

The twins giggled even harder. As Fred turned around to place the bottle back on its shelf Ginny snatched it right out of his hand.

"I'll take it," she said boldly, "maybe I'll manage to use some of it on Professor McGonagall when I'm back at school."

Now even Hermione laughed at the image of Professor McGonagall without her tight knot but with crazy hair.

"Alright Ginny," said George, "but don't let mum know about this and make sure you take some pictures."

"Come on, Madam Malkin should have finished the dress by now," Hermione took Ginny's arm to drag her out of the shop, but before they left she addressed the twins, "and you two better not come to late to your brother's wedding or you'll feel the wrath of the bride."

Fred and George saluted her and Hermione with Ginny in tow left the shop.

Luckily the dress was finished by the time they arrived at Madam Malkin's and they rushed back to the Grangers.

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