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Pairing: Giotto x Tsuna

Topic: kawaii x fluffy


He brushed his lithe fingers softly against the smooth featherlike cheek belonging to his lover.

"Stop it; you know it tickles me when you do that"

The brunet tried to suppress a giggle but one or two always managed to escape. The older and taller of the couple continued with the small innocent gesture but slowly descended to his love's small neck, brushing against the soft hairline trailing down. His lover squeaked at the sensation and spoke his name incoherently.

"G-Gi-Giotto! I told you to stop!" the small brunet said trying to wiggle out of the stronger blonde's hold.


Tsuna realized the tone of Giotto's voice and panic quickly surged his small body.

"Giotto! No! You have a meeting! And it's important!"

Giotto pulled his hand back from Tsuna's neck and gripped him firmly around the waist, pulling him closer; warmth against warmth, and buried his head into the crook of the little one's neck. His blue eyes lowered in content.

"No…" he whined.

"Giotto! Stop! You have to go!" Tsuna's voice was raised a tad bit upset with his love's child-ness. When he no longer got a reply from the blonde he closed his brown eyes and took gentle breathes.



"If you don't get up right away I'm going back to Reborn"

Almost instantly, Giotto stood up releasing Tsuna and with a sudden serious attitude looked at him.

"I'm sorry Tsuna but I can't play today, I have an important meeting to attend to, farewell my love until next time"

Giotto quickly walked-almost ran-out his wood craved walled office leaving a goofy smile on Tsuna's face and a lot of giggles.

The End!

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