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"Nanao-chan!" A high voice sang out, "Where are you?" The statuesque blond shinigami opened door after door as she walked down the hallway of the bath house. Frequently apologizing to startled patrons, Rangiku continued on her search for her friend. "Nanao-chan! Are you in here? Ooh! M-my mistake Kuchiki Taichou...Abari Fukutaichou." She quickly closed the door on the furiously blushing Renji. I wonder what I should do with that piece of information? She chuckled to herself and resumed searching for her friend.

She finally opened the correct door to find Ise Nanao sitting in a large tub, submerged up to her chin. Her eyes were closed and her head leaned back against the rim. "Oi! Nanao-chan! Didn't you hear me calling you!" The black haired shinigami merely looked up at her. "I was wanting to see if you wanted a night out with the girls. Isane and some of the others in the SWA (aka Shinigami Women's Association) wanted to go out to that new saki bar. The one were all the waiters are gorgeous and walk around in only their fundoshi." A wide grin crossed Rangiku's face; nearly nude men and saki, what could be better.

"No thank you, buy it is kind of you to ask. I'm too tired to do anything but sleep tonight. I think after a long soak here I just head home to bed. I hope you all have a good time, maybe next time I can go with you." Nanao said politely.

"Ah! Kyoraku Taichou kept you busy today, did he? He probably left you with all the paperwork again.", Rangiku commiserated. Nanao merely smiled. That was when Rangiku noticed the straw hat floating in the water. "Is that your Taichou's hat?" Her eyes got wide and then she giggled. "Oh Nanao-chan, you can play so dirty. I bet he is looking everywhere for it, after all you never see him without it."

Nanao smiled while Rangiku happily closed the door thinking about the saki and men she was about to consume. Back in the bathing room, the dark haired shinigami leaned back with a contented face. Quietly the straw hat began to rise up out of the water. With his bedraggled wet curls plastered to his face, Shun-sui smiled and spoke. "Yes, my little Nanao-chan can certainly play dirty." He slowly sank back under the water, leaving the hat to float aimlessly along the surface. Nanao closed her eyes and sighed, a slight smile on her lips.