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Chapter one

My sweaty hands clasped together in nervousness while staring out of the window of the silver Toyota Aygo that my mother, Ito Fumiko was driving. The familiar streets of Ikebukuro increased my nerves tenfold as images of my last (not too fond) memories plagued my mind.

I once lived in Ikebukuro, and attended Azabu Elementary school in the Roppongi district. The thoughts of my time at Azabu made me become even more nervous. The experience I have had in this city haven't been the best since there was one older kid in particular that had loved to torment me whenever possible. Once I finished my years in Elementary my mother decided it was time to move out of Tokyo and have a change of scenery.

My mother slowly pulled into a apartment car park and turned off the ignition. She looked over towards me with a look of relief on her face.

"Thank heavens we're finally here Aimi. That journey took a lot out of me." I nodded curtly, agreeing with her. Which I happened to had been forced doing a lot lately. The stress also took the tow on her since my father, Sato Hisao had custody over my older brother Sato Aki. I remained in contact over the years with my brother but over time we grew apart from not seeing each other. When your parents have a bad divorce, it's always the children that have to suffer from the result.

"Do you want me to take some bags upstairs mum?" I asked. She shook her head as we both got out of the car at the same time.

"How about you go out and explore? You haven't been back here in a while and I'm sure you'll want to see what is 'hip' over here these days. Try and make some friends - or find a job. I don't want to keep you while you're in University. I'm not going to have you going out everyday relying on my money just so you can go out with friends like you done in Kyoto. Everything changes now that we are here Aimi. " Figures. I've not even been here for a day and my mother wants me to go to work.

I grab my handbag out of the backseat and slam the car door shut - ignoring my mother's complaints about slamming the door too hard. Why I wasn't allowed to attend university back at home, I don't know. I haven't been here for an hour and already I want to go back.

I walked out of the car park and headed towards the high street I had seen while looking out of the car window. It hadn't seemed too far and I may as well look around for local hangouts when out of Uni.

While walking down the roads I had previously passed in the car, my phone within my handbag suddenly beeped loudly, indicating that I had someone had entered the chat room I was signed on. I rummaged through my bag, hearing a few more beeps - blindly walking along the streets. After finding my phone, I let out a triumphant cry and opened the window.

Kanra: Have you finally arrived in Ikebukuro Mitchi-chan~?

Kanra: Be careful, the streets can be full of gangs

Kanra: It's really scary~!

I smiled when I read Kanra's messages. I started talking to her last year in twelfth grade - making me 18 years old. Kanra had been part of the reason for complying to returning to the city and attending the University here for Film Studies.

Mitchi: I arrived about ten minutes Kanra-chan~! So far I'm missing Kyoto! The streets are too loud for me and my mother already wants me out the apartment to find a job! No way - I'm going to go find somewhere to eat instead!

As I walked past the bustling people on the high street, my past insecurities within the city resurfaced and I found myself walking away from the main crowds in search for a more quiet location. Maybe going to the shops after the car journey would be a bit too much for me- my phone beeped once again.

Kanra: I suggest going to a Russian Sushi restaurant which is nearby - it tastes very good! Simon is usually outside handing out leaflets - he's a huge Russian guy and can look really intimidating!( TwT) Promise you he's very kind~!

After being sent the address from Kanra, I brought up a map through my phone and walked three roads down from my location. It hadn't taken me long to find the rather big restaurant that was decorated with a lot of Russian influence with the architecture.

I felt a hand go on my shoulder while I was staring in awe at the place. I gasped, turning sharply to be faced with a huge guy, around 6"6 height (maybe even taller, but hey, everyone was a giant to me. I was only 5"1). He held a load of leaflets the other hand and he was looking down at me with a broad smile on his face, he had this tranquil aura surrounding him and I can't explain it but I felt a sense of safety coming from him. Like, when you're next to a security guard in a busy airport full of chaos and you don't know where to go or who to turn to.

"Russian Sushi is cheap. Half price. Very Cheap, yes?" I smiled broadly back up at him and took an offered leaflet.

"Yeah, I've been recommended by a good friend to try the food here."

Kanra was right! The sushi had tasted good! Remarkable in fact! I headed out the shop and bid Simon a goodbye. I would definitely have to recommend this place to Aki once I saw him - although knowing him he probably would know about the restaurant already.

I flipped open my phone, walking along the street while checking some twitter feeds from various celebrities - suddenly I crashed right into someone - leading me falling onto my butt and muttering a few curses under my breath.

"You really should pay attention on where you are going. You don't want to bump into anyone dangerous now~" Instantly gaining a great dislike to the male voice I looked up and gave him the dirtiest look I could muster up. How dare he talk to me in that manner when he was the one that had bumped into me!

The man was staring directly at me, it felt like he was taking vast amusement in studying my features. He wore a grey trimmed, faux furred jacket along with a black shirt and trousers, along with having raven black hair. But what struck me were his cold, penetrating blood red eyes that danced with delight and...was that acknowledgment I saw?

"If you had paid attention you wouldn't have been the one to bump into me!" I grabbed my phone off of the floor and lifted myself up, with no thanks to the man in front of me.

"Jerk." I mutter under my breath. The thought hadn't even occurred of me calling him that, curses and insults just come naturally for me.

"Now that's not very nice. Especially when I travelled all this way to Ikebukuro to greet an old friend of mine. I'm hurt~" A fake pout formed on his lips and my dirty look darkened.

I was about to retort, to tell him to go damn well find that 'friend' of his when all of a sudden-

"Izaya-kun? What are you doing here in Ikebukuro?" I tensed up. The name Izaya had been embedded within me since I had been a young child, it couldn't have just been ironic that this guy had the same name as my brothers best friend. 'Izaya' turned to the person who called out for him from behind. The guy looked to be a couple of years younger than me with bleached blonde hair that was slightly fading with bright coloured eyes that were narrowed.

It seemed as though this 'Izaya' wasn't very popular over here.

"Kida-kun! Long time no see~! Mikado-Kun mentioned you would be returning today with Saki-chan." 'Izaya' had his arms outstretched and seemed to ignore the fact that he wasn't welcome in this district, I don't think he even cared.

"Mikado-kun wouldn't ever have a conversation with you. You're nothing but trouble, Orihara Izaya." 'Izaya' chuckled. The name suddenly sunk in.

"Orihara Izaya?" I could feel myself grow cold with dread when I recognised the name almost instantly. The kid my brother, Aki had been best friends with in his class. The kid that struck fear and dread in my heart the very mention I hear his name.

Shivers were sent down my spine the moment I saw him turn back to face me and his cruel, twisted lips turn upwards to give me a smile.

"Ai-Chan, long time no see~! Welcome back to Ikebukuro!"