Title: Complete Package
Author: dizzy - in - the - izzy
Rating: K
Summary: Tony decide that it is time for Ziva to have the complete package, not half.

A/N: This was a drabble I wrote in an ask box on Tumblr. And then, it spawned and I wrote more than just a drabble worth (it's still a drabble, not really a full oneshot) and I decided I had to post it here.

This is an "Empty Box" story.

All mistakes are my own.

Tony sat on the couch, a little round object burning a hole in his leg. He shifted his weight a tad, allowing his companion to melt into his lap better. Her head rested on his collarbone, and her hands were folded on her hips. She had changed out of her work clothes, and look extremely comfortable in her yoga pants and t-shirt. Her hair smelled of fruit, as she'd washed it earlier.

With a quick motion, Tony pulled the ring out of his jeans pocket. He held it in his right hand, his left hand moving to cover Ziva's hands. She didn't make any movement to show she recognized the movement, and kept her eyes on the television. He took his moment to take a breathe, and try to remember the small speech he'd prepared in his head.

He could only remember four words.

Four words wasn't going to get him far.

He looked around the room, and his eyes landed on something on the coffee table, under the magazines and newspapers. He could tell that she'd let the house cleaning go by the way side recently, and he was glad. He had found his inspiration.

"I got you something."

She looked up at him, her eyes somewhat hazy and sleepy. Her face looked warm, and slightly flushed. She moved to sit up a bit, and her head ended up on his shoulder. A familiar warmth spread from his fingertips to his heart, reminding him why he loved watching television with her.


She sounded tired as well, and he realized that she was probably close to falling asleep in his lap. He smiled again. Leaning forward, using his fingers to grasp, he pulled the black box out from under all of the paper. She gave him a strange look as he held it in his hand.

"Yes, and it has to do with this," he said, holding the box up in front of her face. She offered him a "not amused" look, and settled back against his shoulder.

"I meant to throw that out," she said quietly, and he smiled again.

"Well, I'm glad you didn't because the thing I got you will complete it's look."

Carefully, he opened the box and placed the ring in it. Then, as to not have her slide onto the floor with him, he slid out from under her and onto the floor. He stood on his knees, so they were at the same level as she rested on the couch. Her face was blank, but her eyes told him all he needed to know.

She wasn't expecting this.

"Now, I realize the last time you got this box, if was empty. And that is why, this time, I wanted to make sure there was more than just a promise represented by air and an empty slot."

She reached out and took the box from him, her mouth slightly open. She looked at the ring, shining in the soft light of the end table lamp.

"This is a promise. Not a promise to be there in the future, when I get back from some mission thing, but a promise to be here now. And for as long as you'll have me around," he choked out, his throat suddenly dry.

She looked up at him, her eyes glazed over. She blinked rapidly, before reaching out and pulling him to her.

And with that kiss, Tony knew he had his answer.


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