Breeding centre storys

Two girls walked into the centre giggling one carrying a camera, the assistant man grinned at his two regular costumers.

"Tanya, Sophie it's good to see you two again, we've got the Eevee's you asked for. Six females and two males right?" Tanya grinned and nodded.

"Yep this will be our best vid ever!" She said jokingly pointing the camera at him. The assistant chuckled at them.

"Your usual room is set up for you the Eevee's will be in, in a few." Sophie linked Tanya's arm and dragged her down the corridor eager to undress and set up.

Tanya set up the camera making sure it had a good view of the bed as Sophie smiled in to the lens.

"Ready for me?" Tanya nodded hitting the record button as Sophie began to strip twisting and moving her body like a dancer turning the already naked Tanya on as her breasts bounced slightly. Sophie lay on the bed her wet opening on full view for the camera and her girlfriend.

"Ohhh so hot, soo horny." Sophie panted as she rubbed and fingered herself for her audience. Purring squeaks where heard as the Eevee's they had hired jumped on the bed the cocks of the two male standing erect. Sophie smirked and started giving one a hand job still pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy as she licked at an Eevee's cunt. The other male growled cutely and batted her fingers away from her dripping entrance before half mounting her and plunging his cock in her slickened heat. Sophie moaned at the poke-cock digging her tongue into the Eevee by her faces pussy. Two other females claimed her breasts nipping and sucking on her tits rubbing their openings on her milky skin leaving glinting trails of there juices. The other male came in her hand whimpering in slight disappointment when she moved it away from him to pleasure two other females fingering them deeply.

The last female wasn't anywhere near the orgy on the bed instead she was lapping at the sweetness leaking from Tanya's woman hood as she watched her girl friend be gang banged by the horny Eevee. Tanya tried to hold in her moans roughtly pushing the Eevee's muzzle deeper into her with one hand pumping her other hand in and out of the Eevee's arse.

The second male after recovering joined the other who was pounding away at Sophie's pussy, he seemed to smirk and half mounted her as well shoving in his cock along side his friends, she threw her head back and screamed more and more of her cum gushing out of her.

"ohhh YES! YES! OHHH FUCK ME EEVEE!" the two males couldn't deign her humping her faster and harder her wetness slicking there dicks and dampening there fur creating a puddle under them on the bed. The first male howled feeling his end and...Something else approaching.

"OH OH CUM IN ME!" Sophie screamed and the male did just that his friend doing the same. The second one pulled out to recover but his friend remained frozen and began to glow.

"H-he's evolving!" Tanya panted and screamed as she came gushing all over the female Eevee's face who just lapped it all up with glee moaning when she came as well drenching Tanya's hand.

The male Eevee was evolving growing bigger making Sophie whimper her opening stretching to accommodate his new cock. The Eevee was now an Espion. The Espion seemed puzzled for a moment lifting his paw before seeming to grin at Sophie. She was picked up by his new psychic powers and lay spread eagle on her back unable to move as the Espion gave the Eevee's commands cock still berried deep inside Sophie. The female Eevee left Tanya being replaced by the male who wasted no time in fucking the hapless camera woman. The female's congregated around Sophie one sitting on her face squeaking out her name as Sophie began eating out its pussy, two new Eevee's took over the breasts letting the others take her hand Sophie thrusting her fingers in to them. The Espion nodded to his self pulled his cock out of her and slammed it back in roughly. Sophie gave a scream of pleasure but it was muffled by the Eevee she was eating out as the Espion had his way with her body. Tanya whimpered harshly as the Eevee thrust up into her, eye's closed she never noticed when he began to glow as well, not noticing how much time had passed and it was now dusk.

The Eevee howled as he evolved becoming an Umbrion harshly fucking Tanya for all she was worth.

As one the Eevee's on the bed came slinking off after a moment tired. But the Umbrion and Espion had other plans as they rammed their partners. The Espion came first over filling her already full womb with his seed before pulling out purring at the sight of the cum leacking out of her opening. After a few moments the Umbrion howled his realise into Tanya before abruptly leaving her cock still wet and hard. He jumped on the bed and the two Eevelotions nodded.

The Espion moved to the limp Sophie's head grinning in a way that told her 'we're not done yet' using his powers he forced her onto her hand and knees him mounting her head and Umbrion her back end. At the same moment they shoved their cocks in, Espion in her mouth and Umbrion in her arse hole. If it weren't for Espion in her mouth Sohpie would have been screaming in pleasure and pain but settled for sucking off the Pokémon who had been giving her such a wild ride. Panting and moaning their names the two males began licking each other over her back making out as they fucked their human play thing. Tanya whimper and fingered her pussy aided by Umbrion's which was cum leaking out of her. After a few moments the two males came as one and deciding that this human had, had enough left her alone. But not before dragging Tanya onto the bed. Pinned under them she could only scream in pleasurable pain as they fucked her pussy and ass, her whimpers silenced when Sophie kissed her sloppily making out with her girlfriend while the two Pokémon abused her pussy and ass.

The two didn't last long filling her used and abused holes with there sticky cum and leaving the girls alone to clean them selves off.

"Best...Vid...Ever!" Sophie panted with a slight giggle as Tanya got up on shaky legs cum dripping from her openings to switch off the camera.

"Best Vid so far. Aren't we doing one with a couple of Ryhorn soon?" Sophie grinned licking a bit of cum off her fingers.

"Poke-porn star best job in the world."