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It was April 22, 2002, as Richard Grayson sat alone in his bedroom. His brand-new laptop lie open atop his polished study table as the screen glowed with a bright shine. It was just a few hours past midday as the Boy Wonder sulked about the grade that was plastered onto the screen.

01 – M. Prince – English 2 Honors – A+

02 – P. Richmond – AP History – A

03 – E. Chang – Algebra 2 Honors – A

04 – B. Zanderfield – Student Leadership – A+

05 – B. Raines – AP Biology – A+

06 – B. Hillcrest – Spanish 2 – A+

07 – L. Turner – Cooking – A-

His blue eyes narrowed at the sight of his seventh period elective. How on earth could he be passing by with an A minus? An A minus was close enough to a B plus that – at Jump City High – it was basically the same thing. And Richard Grayson would not stand for an A minus or a B plus for that matter. Richard buried his head under his arms just as the door to his bedroom creaked open.

"Am I allowed into the premises?" laughed the familiar voice of Richard's best friend and girlfriend, Kori Anders.

Rolling his eyes playfully, Richard put his head up and swiveled around in the black, leather, computer chair. Almost instantaneously, his blue eyes met the stunning green eyes of his best friend/girlfriend. "Well, it would be pointless in telling you 'no' now… considering the fact that you're kinda already in here…" Richard retorted with a crooked smile.

Kori tilted her head to the side before taking mental note of Richard's smile; she could sense the distraught behind it. "Obviously…" she chimed, "…something's wrong; what's the matter, love?"

Richard waited as Kori took a seat on his bed; how was it that Kori always knew when something was wrong? "It's my grades, Kor."

A moment of silence passed before Kori burst out in laughter. "You are only joking, yes, Richard? What…? Is the almighty soon-to-be Valedictorian suffering because he has one A minus?"

"Ya'know, it's not all that funny," Richard hissed. "Besides, I'm not officially the Valedictorian just yet – it's not something I want either. It's just something Xavier and Kitten can't have."

"Then… if it is not an A minus, are you seriously failing?" Kori questioned., concern dripping in every word; the last thing she – or anyone else at Jump City High with common sense – wanted was for Katherine Moth or Xavier Redd to gain the title as the Valedictorian of 2004.

"I…" Richard began, knowing all too well what were to happen if he was honest to Kori, "Starfire, I… I never said it wasn't an A minus…"

Kori's eyes narrowed as she ran both of her hands into her red hair. "Oh my wow-! Richard John Grayson, are you serious! What is your problem? It's one A minus against how many other A's and A pluses, isn't it?"

Richard scratched the back of his neck; he certainly didn't want Kori to think that she was actually winning the fight. If anything, Richard just wanted to prove to Kori how terrible this letter grade was in his eyes. "You don't understand, Star! It's from seventh period – the easiest A in the history of Jump City High School!"

"Cooking?" Kori remarked, jumping to her feet. "Dick, you're lucky you're even passing that class!"

"With an A fucking minus, Kori Anders!" Richard shouted back.

"Oh, grow up, Dick Grayson! We rarely ever show up to that class! We're lucky that we haven't been dropped from the class. What with Student Leadership asking for so much of our time, it's a wonder how we even thought that we could handle this crazy schedule… Student Leadership always seems to be clashing with the lesson plans of cooking-."

"Why am I not surprised?" Richard snarled. "Of course you would be okay with an A minus, Kori Anders. You don't even try! You never try! You can barely handle work, hence the reason as to why you dropped out of all your AP classes this year! I swear you-!"

"EXCUSE ME!" Kori yelled, taken slightly aback at his last statement.

The couple was now face to face with each other, having –what seemed to be – the stare down of the century. Kori's usually emerald eyes were engulfed with anger and hatred while Richard's blue eyes were now filled to the brim with fire and rage. Neither of them looked as though they were going to give in anytime soon.

"Are you suggesting that I'm lazy?"

"You dropped out of all your AP classes when the going got tough. When the work load became too much of a hassle, you went straight to the school administrators to have your schedule changed. It's the typical you! You go and run for help when the tiniest of things goes wrong! For once, just once, can't you handle something on your own?" Richard bellowed.

"When the hell did this become about me, Grayson?" Kori sneered, her fist tightly balled at her sides. "At least I can handle an A minus, which quite frankly is more than you and I both deserve."

"Oh yeah?" Richard wondered. "Is that what you think? I'll tell you what I think then, Anders! I think that the only reason you can handle anything is because you have me!"

Kori's eyes widened as she slapped Richard across the face. "You know what? I have had it with you, Grayson. First, you suggest that I'm lazy. Then, you somewhat imply that I'm weak. And now you're suggesting that I need you in my life to survive! I do not need this and I certainly don't need you, Richard Grayson. Good day to you, sir!"

With that, Kori stormed out of Richard's bedroom; the scowl on her face more visible than any other facial expression Kori had ever expressed.

"Well good riddance to ya!" Richard shouted as he slammed the bedroom door behind Kori. " I don't need you either!"

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