November 15

Dear Lucy,

It's crazy- I can't believe I'm already in my fifth year! O.W.L.S are coming up, and Molly's been helping me with my revisions. I'm not top of my class, but I get good marks, so I'm not too worried. I just hope Professor Longbottom takes pity on me when it comes to the Herbology exam… Merlin knows I need all the help I can get!

Other than a lot of studying being done, Ravenclaw house has been pretty calm so far this year. That is, if you don't count when one of the Scamander twins caught a Common Room armchair on fire… Now that I think about it, that chair still smells like smoke.

Next week is my and Matt's one year anniversary. I wonder if we'll still be together in ten years, when this letter is opened. I hope so- he makes me feel so special, like he could really be the one. You know what I mean? But I suppose that's a little irrational, as I'm not even sixteen yet!

Our Quidditch team is dreadful. Even Hufflepuff's is better! Molly's always nagging me to join, but I'm not really into getting competitive. Especially since I have at least one relative on each team! James and Domi on Gryffindor, Al on Slytherin, Hugo on Hufflepuff, and Molly on ours. So, instead of trying to kick my respective family members' arses, I'm content to just watch.

I wonder about the future a lot. Where I'll go after school, what I'll do. In ten years, what's waiting for me? Probably a job at the Ministry, as I'm good with politics and Dad has a lot of pull from being so high up. I imagine I'll have a boyfriend- hopefully Matt! I also hope in the future, I'll have a nice house by the beach, like Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur's.

Well, future me, I hope that no matter what you've accomplished, that you're happy with life. That's all I really want in the end- happiness. Guess that's my advice to you.

I hope you're well! Love,

Lucy Weasley

I smiled, folding the letter back up neatly. Ten whole years ago, I had sat down with the brilliant idea of writing a letter to my future self. I'd completely forgotten about it until it came this morning. It was kind of an odd feeling, knowing that I'd changed so much. Not for bad reasons though- just growing older, maturing, learning, living.

After ten years, I actually had accomplished what I'd set out to. I was the Head of the Department of Mysteries- a very secretive, very important job. I looked out the window fondly, staring out at the vast ocean just outside the door. I'd achieved that dream, too.

Suddenly, warm arms wrapped around my middle, squeezing me gently. Smiling, I turned to my husband and kissed him good morning. Matt and I had been together almost eleven whole years (married four), and I was pregnant with his child. Our child. I hadn't thought that far when I was fifteen, but it was perfect.

He asked what I was holding and I showed him the letter. Grinning widely as he finished reading it, he swept me into another kiss. Right then, I knew my biggest goal had been reached. And really, wasn't it the only one that had ever actually mattered? I was happy.

AN: Done for ReillyJade's "A Letter from My Hogwarts Days" challenge!