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Momokos pov:

I ran down the hallways in a rush tying to get to class in time "man why did mom not wake me up?" by the time I got to my seat the bell rang. Great another day sitting next to Masaki Tsokumi! One of the most popular boys in school! [:

Miako pov:

Well it looks like Momoko is late again… I wonder how Kauru is doing.

Kauru pov:

All the teachers are all the same their sooo boring. ]: I wonder if I can fake a sickness to go home?

{After class}

Nobody's pov:

"Hey blos… I mean Momoko I can't wait for school to end today!" Kauru said "You can't wait for it to end every day." "Real funny Momoko" Kauru said sarcastically. "Anyway remember when professor said he had a surprise for us?" "Oh yeah I completely forgot about that! I wonder what it is." "I hope its new powers! I hope its cute guys! I hope its pants!"

{Time jump! After school}

Momokos pov:

I wonder what the surprise will be.

To be continued…

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