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The music blares loudly throughout the crowded club, and Kurt sits at the bar, sipping at his vodka while watching the intoxicated patrons of the club grind up against each other. He's actually quite bored. He really doesn't like to go out to places like this, but his best friend, Mercedes is in town and she simply begged Kurt to taker her out. Show her "The Real New York" and Kurt could simply not refuse her.\

Currently, Mercedes is grinding up on some random guy, drunk off of her ass, therefore leaving Kurt all on his own at the bar with his vodka. Oh the things he does for his best friend.

"Hey sexy, can I buy you a drink?" some drunk guy asks, and Kurt turns to glare at him.

"No, thank you." He says, turning back to the direction of the bar to order himself another drink.

"Oh come, on just one drink." The guy slurs, reaching down to cup Kurt's ass. Kurt jumps and turns around to slap the guy in the face, mustering all of the strength he has.

"What the fuck! You fucking bitch." Drunk guy yells, and looks about ready to hit Kurt. But before he can do anything a man throws himself in front of Kurt, blocking him from the man's fist.

"Didn't you hear him? He said no." The mysterious man says, his tone severe.

"You're lucky he was here." Drunk guy spits, and storms off, tripping on his own feet along the way.

"Are you okay?" Mystery guy says into Kurt's ear. Kurt looks up and is immediately met by the most beautiful pair of gold-green eyes he's ever seen.

"F-fine." Kurt stutters, looking at the stranger up and down. He's truly gorgeous, with a prominent jaw line that has a light dusting of stubble, amazing cheekbones, triangular eyebrows, and curly black hair. He looks shorter than Kurt by about one or two inches, but that's okay. The stranger gives Kurt a dazzling smile, and Kurt swears his heart stops beating for a minute.

"I saw you from over on the other side, and saw that guy was bugging you." The Greek god says. "What's your name?"


"I'm Blaine." Blaine. Kurt likes the sound of that.

"Blaine. Were your parents big fans of Pretty In Pink?"

"Maybe. Were yours big fans of The Sound Of Music?"

"Maybe." Kurt repeats, smiling at the fact that this boy knew The Sound Of Music.

"Well, I should leave you. The danger's all gone." Blaine turns around, and Kurt throws an arm out to stop him from leaving.

"Wait, have a drink with me." It's not even a question. Kurt is really interested in this guy, and he's not taking a chance on him getting away.

Blaine smiles. "Alright, one more drink couldn't hurt." he says settling himself next to Kurt and flagging down the bartender.

One drink soon turns into three, then four, then Kurt is finding it a little harder to sit straight. His mind wandering to places it shouldn't go to. Places where Blaine was shirtless. And it's hard because Kurt really wants to focus on what Blaine is saying, but his mind is refusing to cooperate with him.

"Oh my god, I love this song." Blaine yells out suddenly, bouncing up and down on his seat. "Dance with me?" And before Kurt can respond, Blaine yanks out onto the dance floor and begins to grind up against him. Kurt more than happily returns the motion, grinding back into Blaine. He feels Blaine's growing erection against his ass, and that only encourages Kurt to grind more harshly.

"Mmm." Blaine moans into Kurt's ear, and Kurt whips his head around fast to press his lips to Blaine's. Blaine gasps a bit at the surprise action, but nonetheless returns Kurt's kiss with enthusiasm. The boys literally stop dancing to kiss passionately in the middle of the dance floor. Kurt decides to be bold and thrusts his hips up into Blaine's groin. Blaine gasps and lets his hands slide down to grab Kurt's ass, kneading gently at them above his jeans.

"Bathroom. Now." Kurt growls, tugging Blaine across the dance floor and into the dingy bathroom. Kurt pushes Blaine into a stall and pins him against the wall, kissing him furiously, and unbuttoning his shirt. Blaine's hand drops from Kurt's neck to palm at Kurt's aching erection.

Kurt's drunk. He knows that he shouldn't be doing this, but he can't deny Blaine right now. Not when he's got that amazing body, and that talented tongue.

Oh my god, his tongue.

"Blaine," Kurt murmurs, his hand reaching down to unbuckle Blaine's pants.

"No. I want to…" Blaine says, and turns them around so that Kurt is now the one pressed up against the wall of the stall. Blaine drops to his knees, and pulls Kurt's pants down . He mouths at Kurt's cock through the thin fabric of his underwear, and Kurt moans loudly. Blaine tugs at Kurt's underwear, letting them fall down to the floor, and stares at Kurt's cock.

It's a pretty impressive cock. It's not porn star long, or thicker than an arm, but it's… unique. Even though Blaine's only met him tonight, he can tell that Kurt likes to keep himself well groomed, and his cock was no exception it looks nicer than any other cock Blaine's seen. Sure, he likes dick, but that doesn't mean the dude Blaine's blowing should forgo personal hygiene.

"Mmm such a pretty cock." Blaine purrs, kissing the head lightly. "Want to take it in my mouth.." And he does just that, swallowing Kurt whole. Kurt groans and thrusts forward, immediately stilling after. He doesn't know if Blaine likes this.

"It's okay Kurt, you can fuck my mouth." Blaine allows, and with Blaine's approval Kurt thrusts into his mouth with no restraints, fucking it deeply, and making sure that he hit's the back of Blaine's throat with every stroke. Blaine takes it in, sucking on Kurt's cock as if it was a lollipop. Kurt drops his hand to grip at Blaine's hair, not pushing him in, but using it to hold onto something that wasn't the dirty bathroom stall. Blaine groans, urging

Kurt to pull on his hair, and Kurt happily obliges, tugging at Blaine's hair while thrusting his hips and moaning loudly.

"C-close, fuck. You might want to back off-oh god." He yells when Blaine presses his tongue to the underside of Kurt's cock. "God damnit Blaine m-move!" Blaine ignores him and pulls back to suck on the head of Kurt's cock, tonguing the slit messily. Kurt begins to tense, and shake, and Blaine only has enough time to move his head back a bit before Kurt explodes onto his face.

"O-oh my g-god. I'm so sorry." Kurt says shakily, looking at Blaine with his cum all over his face. He actually looks really hot, but Kurt apologizes anyway because it's probably a bit rude to come on someone's face without asking them if it was alright.

"It's alright," Blaine says, standing up to give Kurt a long, deep kiss. "I liked it."

Kurt groans, and starts lapping at Blaine's face, licking it clean of his cum. Blaine moans throatily, and makes to turn Kurt around but said boy stops him.

"Can we… uhm, go somewhere?" he says, his shyness returning even though he's just licked cum off of a guys face. "I'm horny, but I don't really want to have sex in a dirty club bathroom.

Blaine chuckles, and bends down to pull Kurt's pants up. "Let's go." he says, and grabs Kurt's hand to lead him out of the room.

Blaine runs through the club like a bat out of hell, with Kurt trailing behind him. The stop at the bar briefly so that Kurt can tell Mercedes he's leaving.

"You go and get laid boo. I have a feeling I'm not going home alone either." She slurs, and returns to sucking on her suitors face.

Kurt shakes his head, and with a quick wave goodbye follows Blaine outside. He hails a cab in record time, and they drive off to Blaine's apartment. Having decided that it's closer to the club.

During the drive Kurt thinks. He's never been the type of person to just randomly pick up a guy at a club, but there was something about Blaine that has him throwing everything he knows out the window. Kurt finds himself staring at Blaine and tries to look away, but Blaine leans in and kisses him. Kurt looks at him amazed. Surely random hookups didn't kiss like that on the cab ride to the apartment. Blaine looks at Kurt trying to piece this together and laughs, Kurt joining in after a few seconds, earning them both an odd look from the cab driver.

The boys get dropped off in front of Blaine's apartment building, and Blaine takes Kurt's hand once again. He really has to stop doing that. Random hookups don't hold hands every five seconds.

"Come on," Blaine says, and takes off, running through the door and into the elevator with Kurt following behind him. Blaine pushes Kurt into the wall and his mouth is back on Kurt's, kissing him passionately. So passionately that Kurt stumbles back and falls down.

"Oops," Blaine giggles, kissing Kurt's neck. The boys are so wrapped up in each other that they don't notice the low ding signaling their stop until the door is closing again. Kurt throws a leg out to stop it from closing, and makes to get up.

"Mmm, I think we'd better get out of the elevator before we can't." Kurt suggests, pulling Blaine up and kissing him one last time before he gestures toward the hall outside the elevator doors. "Lead the way, Romeo."

Blaine grins and bolts out the door, leaving Kurt standing in the elevator, bemused.

"Come on, Juliet."

Kurt smiles at the nickname Blaine's bestowed upon him, but then stops. Random hookups don't give each other nicknames. He disregards this and runs to meet Blaine who takes off once Kurt exit's the elevator.

"Catch me if you can." Blaine calls out.

"Oh no fair." Kurt throws back at him, and runs faster down the hall, giggling giddily alongside Blaine. They were probably going to wake up the entire floor, but right now Kurt's not inclined to care.

They come to a halt in front of what seems to be Blaine's apartment, and Blaine fiddles with the keys, nearly dropping them when Kurt starts to kiss the back of his neck.

Eventually, he gets the door open and the boys tumble through it, their mouths back to kissing each other.

"Bedroom. Now." Kurt groans, having no idea which way to go.

Blaine reaches around and pucks Kurt up, Kurt winding his legs around Blaine's waist. Blaine nearly runs to his room and throws Kurt onto the bed , not bothering to turn around and close the door.

"Roommate?" Kurt asks. Blaine shakes his head, and steps forward. Walking a little wobbly seeing as he's still a bit drunk.

Kurt quickly unbuttons his shirt, and pulls it off before moving onto his pants and shoes. When he's done he looks up and Blaine's staring at him with a look of pure lust that has Kurt nearly melting into a puddle. No man has ever looked at Kurt the way Blaine is looking at him. Not that Kurt has a whole bunch of experience with that. He's only ever had sex with a whooping four people. One of them, his ex-boyfriend, and two were drunken hookups. Those weren't so good. Not the sex. Oh no, the sex was good, but Kurt was missing the emotional depth. He was never one to just fuck any guy. Kurt believes in sex with love, or at least sex with some form of connection.

And he feels this connection with Blaine. Sure, he's only met him tonight, but he can already feel a closeness to Blaine. Otherwise he wouldn't be doing this, no matter how drunk he was.

Kurt decided he's had enough with Blaine staring at him, and reaches out to grab onto his shirt, practically ripping it off of his body. Blaine's a bit taken aback with the sudden movement, but goes along with it, finding Kurt's sudden bravado extremely attractive.

"Take your pants off." Kurt growls, pushing Blaine off of him to settle himself in the middle of the bed. Blaine peels the clothes on his bottom half off and drapes himself over Kurt, his naked cock rubbing against Kurt's still clothed one.

"Oh, fuck." Kurt groans, and thrusts up, desperate for the friction. Blaine brings his hands to the waistband of Kurt's boxer briefs and pauses.

"Can I?" He asks, his voice having taken a caring tone a boyfriend usually talks in. Kurt looks at him, a sudden sense of safety suddenly overtaking his body.

"Y-yes. Just don't laugh at it, okay?" He says, forgetting the fact that Blaine's already seen his cock up and personal.

Blaine removes his underwear, and stares at it. It doesn't look any different from when Blaine's seen it last. It's still nice and pink, and it still has that well groomed thatch of hair at the base of it. Why on earth would Kurt tell him not to laugh? Kurt begins to squirm under Blaine's gaze, and shift his legs uncomfortably.

"You're absolutely beautiful. Why would I laugh?" Blaine says, and uses his hands to stop Kurt from wriggling his legs

"Not every one liked my… uhm well, they laughed at me." The memory stings. Those men laughing at his usually pale cock. It always eats away at him.

"Those guys are fucking idiots. I think your cock is gorgeous." Blaine says, and as if to prove it to him kisses the head of his cock lightly.

"Oh." Kurt sighs, resisting the urge to thrust in. "Blaine, fuck me. Please."

Blaine shimmies up the bed to grab a bottle of lube and a condom from his nightstand. He squirts a bit of lube into his hand and brings it to Kurt's entrance. Kurt yelps, surprised that Blaine just didn't put it in. none of his other previous partners ever had the decency to prepare him.

"I'm going to prep you, okay?" Blaine soothes, "It'll hurt less." Kurt nods, feeling his heart swell a bit. Random hookups didn't bother with prep.

"Kurt, are you a virgin?" Blaine asks.

"N-no. But nobody's ever really prepped me before."

"Why not/" Blaine inquires.

"I have no idea." Kurt admits.

"Oh Kurt, please tell me they've used a condom."

"Oh yes, that I was really adamant about." Kurt assures, and Blaine leans down to kiss him softly. Kurt shudders at the tenderness in his kiss, and then melts away into it.

"Blaine, please…" Kurt beseeches.

"This is going to hurt a bit." Blaine warns, and then gently inserts a finger. Kurt winces,

and whines at the pain.

"Shh, it's okay." Blaine soothes, and begins to move his finger. "I'm going to add another okay?"

Kurt nods and braces himself. Blaine adds a second finger and scissors them inside of Kurt before silently inserting a third and lets that one search for the little nub he's sure is going to drive Kurt wild. After seconds of blindly searching he finds Kurt's prostate and brushes his finger over it causing Kurt to arch his back and yell out Blaine's name.

"A-again. Please Blaine."

Blaine obliges, and within seconds Kurt's reduced to a blubbering, moaning mess.

"Oh god, Blaine, yes!" he wails, riding Blaine's fingers.

Blaine brushes against Kurt's prostate one more time before he retrieves his hand, and Kurt makes a whining noise.

"Wh-why'd you stop?" Kurt demands.

"I have to take my fingers out in order to fuck you, dear."


Blaine laughs, and leans down to press a kiss to Kurt's shoulder. "It's okay." he says, rolling the condom on before he aligns himself with Kurt's hole.

Kurt takes a deep breath as Blaine pushes in. It's surprising how much it still hurts. Although today, because Blaine stretched him, it doesn't really hurt so much. Blaine stills once he's inside of Kurt completely, letting him get used to the feeling.

"Blaine," Kurt murmurs. "Move." and Blaine starts to move his hips, slowly. Not wanting to hurt Kurt any further.

"Oh god. Faster, please." Kurt implores, and moves his own hips, snapping them up harshly. Blaine gasps and picks up on the movement, increasing the tempo of his thrusts. Kurt arches off of the bed when Blaine hits that spot inside of him, and his nails scratch at Blaine's back.

"Oh! Yes, yes!" Kurt babbles, his left hand falling from his back. Blaine reaches out and grabs it, lacing their fingers together. Kurt looks down at it curiously. Hookups never did this. They never held his hand. Hell, even his ex-boyfriend didn't hold his hand when they had sex. The gesture, so small to other people means so much to Kurt. He starts thinking about after tonight. What's going to happen after tonight? Kurt really wants to see Blaine again, and not for sex. He wants to get to know him, he wants to be something to him.

But Kurt doesn't know if Blaine wants that. For all Kurt knows he might never see Blaine, and that's a tough pill to swallow.

Kurt squeezes Blaine's hand and lets himself enjoy this for now. Let's himself fall for Blaine at least for tonight. Let's himself enjoy the way his name tumbles from Blaine's lips. So soft, and careful, and for some reason loving.

Kurt can feel himself nearing his release, and part of him wants it to come, and the other part never wants to let go. He knows that once he lets go it's over. They'll fall asleep, and in the morning Kurt will put his clothes back on, and walk out the door. Never to see Blaine again.

No matter how much Kurt wants this to go on forever, it can't. he needs release, needs to be engulfed by that wave of pleasure he loves riding. He doesn't want to. He doesn't want to say goodbye to Blaine.

"Kurt, baby, it's okay. Let go." Blaine urges. "I know you want to. Come with me."

Kurt cannot refuse him. He allows himself to fall, coming harder than he's ever come before, with Blaine following behind him. Screaming Kurt's name in a way Kurt's never heard it before. He smiles as Blaine collapses on top of him.

"Oh, I'm sorry." He apologizes, getting off of Kurt and laying down next to him. General awkwardness setting in immediately. Kurt doesn't really know if he should say anything. Would it be tacky if you say "Thanks for the sex?"

Yeah, better safe than sorry.

"So," Blaine says, knocking Kurt out of his thoughts . "I'm guessing you want to get going." He says, a noticeable hint of sadness in his voice.

"I probably should." Kurt answers, and Blaine's face falls. "But I don't want to."

Blaine looks up at the beautiful boy next to him. "Spend the night?" He says hopefully.

Kurt nods. Trying to bite back his smile.

"Is it alright if I… snuggle with you?" Blaine asks shyly.

Kurt feels his heart skip a beat, Blaine wants to snuggle with him. Could this meant hat he wants the same things as Kurt? Snuggling was really a couple thing.


Blaine smiles, and reaches out for the smaller boy, cradling him against his chest. Kurt feels Blaine's heartbeat, and it's a safe sound. He feels like he's at home here in Blaine's arms.

"A-about this…" Kurt starts, but Blaine stops him.

"Sh. I don't want to talk about anything tonight. I just want to sleep, snuggled against you." Kurt smiles, and leans more into Blaine.

"Okay." He breathes, and lets himself fall again. He's not sure whether he's going to be able to come back. But at this moment he doesn't care. He lets himself bask in the moment, with Blaine.

At least for tonight.

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