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I'M SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG. AND I'M SORRY THIS CHAPTER'S SO PATHETIC AND OBVIOUSLY RUSHED. I REALLY FAIL. This fic's almost finished, so I hope you stick with me till the bitter (no wait, sweet) end.

Lovi and Tonio paint love in every color. Lots of dialogue ahead. Enjoy!

PART 9: Love and Lovi

A sliver of sunlight peered through the stained glass and found its mark on the Italian's face.

"Fucking sun… Why do you always… wake me up like this?" he groaned as he struggled to a sitting position. Lovino winced as he noticed something wrapped around his torso. "This is… Tonio's."

He pulled the black cloth free and examined it. Indeed, it was the same jacket Lovino had bought for the Spaniard awhile back. He looked around and noticed someone slumped against the pew across the one he was sitting on. Hair disheveled, shirt wrinkled, face clearly marked with discomfort—but he would have recognized the person even a mile away. He felt a small smile forming on his lips as he clutched the cloth and brought it against his chest.

What should I do now?

Their date had gone from bad to worse in a span of one dinner, but he couldn't deny that he was partly at fault. He could have convinced the Spaniard to find another place, hopefully one that does not serve alcohol. If that failed, he could have done a better job of keeping Antonio under control. He could have been sterner. He could have had a little more resolve.

But no, I just had to melt each time I heard his voice. God, I'm such a…


His heartbeat froze for a second when he heard his name. He turned his attention to the altar, not wanting to make eye contact. Even when he heard light footsteps making their way towards him, his gaze did not waver. Even when a hand reached out and landed on his shoulder, he remained firm. Only when two familiar arms wrapped themselves around his body, and a familiar warmth washed over him, that his resolute façade give way.

"Lovi, I…"

"You're sorry, right? You want me to forgive you, right?" Lovino asked, cutting him off as he turned to look the Spaniard in the eye.


"Idiot. You know I'll forgive you, so why are you even bothering? When did I not forgive you? And when did you not forgive me?"

"Because I want to let you know how sorry I am. If we went on expecting that the other will always forgive us, we'd never learn anything. I could hurt you all I want and think it's fine 'cause I knew you'd 'forgive' me. So please, Lovi, allow me to say this. I'm really sorry."

Lovino's heart ached when he heard the pained tone of Antonio's voice, and it almost shattered when he saw the equally pained expression on his face. Tiny beads of tears were already forming at the corners of his eyes.

"Don't tell me you're gonna cry, big guy," the Italian sad, trying to lighten the mood. "You never cry. You're too much of a happy-go-lucky goofball."

"You're one of the few people who can make me cry. That's how much power you have over me."

"Power, eh?" Lovino let out a soft giggle as he freed himself from Antonio's embrace. He walked over to the altar, signaling for the other to follow him.

"What is it, Lovi?"Antonio wondered.

"You're right, Tonio. We might come to a point where we can't forgive each other anymore if we callously overlook our mistakes. But, let me assure you now, bastard. There's no way in hell I could stay mad at you."

"Aww, Lovi…"

"Wha-? Stay away from me, you glomping pervert!"


"Besides, I'm not done yet."

A dumbfounded Spaniard took a seat on the front pew and watched as Lovino inched closer to the altar. The Italian spun on his heels and crossed his arms in front of his chest. A smile played on his lips as he locked his gaze on Antonio.

"Hey," he began,"being in this church is kinda ironic."

"Why's that?"

"I always pictured myself getting married in a place like this someday." His cheeks were tinted with a rosy hue.

"Hmm, really now? And who's the lucky bride?" Antonio sneered, a mischievous grin etched on his face.

"B-Bride? Uh,well… it's not really a bride…" Lovino's face flared up into an even brighter shade of red.

"Not a bride? So, is it a guy or something? After telling me that much, you shouldn't be shy anymore. C'mon, my little Lovi, nothing's gonna change between us even if I find out you like guys."

"Uh, well… Dammit, I'm just gonna get it over with. It's… It's… It's you, you fucking bastard! I…"

"You've been thinking about the same things as me?"

"Yes, I've… Wait, what?" His eyes grew wide at the sudden realization.

"Where do people go when they die? You asked me that question when you were a kid. Do you remember my answer, Lovi?"

"You said they went where they needed to go. And you said you don't need to go anywhere as long as…"

"As long as you let me stay in your heart. You were probably still too young to realize back then, but I've always been fond of you. I would always try to imagine you growing up into a fine young man, and someday we'd…"

Silence fell upon them, and only brief bouts of exchanging glances followed. It continued for several more minutes before the Italian's lack of patience got to him.

"Someday we'd what? Spit it out bastard! I'm not getting any younger!"

"Like you said, someday we'd get married, my dear Lovi. That's because I love you in every sense of the word. Te quiero, je t'aime, kimi o ai shiteru, ich liebe dich, wo ai ni, ti amo—it doesn't matter which language I use, words could never fully express how I feel."

A brief stint of silence once again ensued before being broken by the Italian's loud fit of laughter.

Antonio looked utterly puzzled at the unexpected reaction. "What's so funny?"

"You, bastard. God, you look so damn serious and sound so damn cheesy! Have I ever told you how you suck at pulling off 'serious'? And I wonder how long it took you to memorize all those foreign words."

"Eh? That's mean, Lovi. You ruined the moment! And here Boss was so serious about his confession."

"You're the mean one, Tonio," Lovino replied, his laughter fading into a somber tone.


"You're the mean one," he repeated. "You ruined my moment. I was… I was supposed to be the one confessing, you bastard!"

"Huh? Um, uh… I'm so-"

"Shut up! Don't apologize, you idiot! It's my fault. I was so confused I couldn't even see your kindness. It was always 'Damn, Antonio's hot' or 'Shit, I wish he was my boyfriend'. Stupid things thought of by a stupid guy like me. I hate being the one to add the 'too', but I take what I get since you beat me to it. Antonio… I love you, too. I'd say it in every language but I only know Italian, English, and a little Spanish, so sorry."



Lovino suddenly found himself being tackled to the floor by an overly emotional Spaniard. "My cute Lovi, you don't know how long I waited to hear that! And that smile you had when you said it, it just oozed cuteness! Boss wants to hug you all day now!"

"Get off me, you perverted bastard! Are you still drunk? Dammit!"