"So...you have to fix this?" asked Harry, looking at the dusty cabinet before him.

"That's right..." muttered Malfoy, eyes fixed on the piece of furniture.

"I don't think a 'Reparo' is going to do much..." said Harry, trying to make light of the situation.

"Somehow...I have to repair it, all because I have to prove myself to...him." muttered Malfoy, ignoring his friends comment as he kept looking at the piece of furniture before him with a sour look on his face. The frame of the entire structure was split, with deep cracks visible and huge dents that looked like a troll had stepped on it.

"You said it was a Vanishing Cabinet...what does that mean?" asked Harry, sitting on the floor.

"I sometimes forget you were brought up with Muggles..." remarked Malfoy, sitting down next to Harry, though his eyes remained on the cabinet.

"They were very popular in the First Wizarding War amongst those sympathetic to the Dark Lords cause, Death Eaters and such...the Ministry of Magic would raid houses every so often, in the hope they would find some incriminating items, Dark Arts books, cursed items...those sort of things. Vanishing Cabinets are built in pairs...they can transport items through to its twin, so if the Ministry did come to the door you could put items inside and they would be transported to the other cabinet. Vanishing Cabinets look like normal pieces of furniture, so the Ministry wouldn't suspect a thing." said Malfoy, finally tearing his eyes away and looking at Harry as he spoke.

"That's quite clever...hold on though, when this one was used...Montague was sent to a U-bend, wasn't he?" asked Harry, curiously.

"Because it's broken, I fix it then it will be able to exchange things with its twin." said Malfoy, talking a bit slowly now.

"And Voldemort knows where the other cabinet is...He wants to send Death Eaters through here to invade Hogwarts, doesn't he?" asked Harry, jumping to his feet.

"You're smarter than you look." muttered Malfoy, staying on the floor and avoiding Harry's gaze.

"Malfoy...that's what Voldemort wants to do, isn't it." said Harry, crouching back down to his friends eye level.

"My father said it would restore our family honour to the Dark Lords ranks...it's the most excited I've seen him in years..." spat Malfoy, anger in his voice.

"It's more than that...This is a test for you, an initiation to become a Death Eater." muttered Harry, looking in his friends grey eyes that were torn by the torment of this knowledge.

"I heard others take the mark...their screams echoed in the hallways, like they were being tortured..." the blonde Slytherins voice barely above a whisper as he spoke.

"Listen...I am not going to let that happen to you." said Harry, his voice asserting a power he didn't know he possessed.

"You can't help with this, nobody can help me." said Malfoy, wiping away the single tear trickling down his pale skin as he tried to compose himself.

"I know what it's like to have a task that you think is impossible to do...You're not like your father, or any of them for that matter." urged Harry, shaking his friend as he talked.

"If I fail at this...I'll be killed, that much was made perfectly clear." said Malfoy, looking up at his friend.

"Well that's not going to happen, we'll think of something." replied Harry, putting a hand on the Slytherins shoulder. The two sat in silence for a few minutes before standing up and walking through the mounds of items, taken their by countless generations of past Hogwarts students. As the pair walked through the cold corridors of Hogwarts, they soon came to a crossroads where they had to part ways to go to their respective Common rooms.

"Before you go...you said you know what it's like to have an impossible task, what task do you have?" asked Malfoy, looking at his friend.

"That's a story for another day." answered Harry, giving Malfoy a small nod before turning and walking back to the Gryffindor Common Room.


(Scene Break)


It was clear from the 'Welcome Back' feast that several elder students hadn't returned from their Christmas holidays, it became a cause for much speculation amongst the student body, rumours swirled around the castle trying to explain their absence. Nothing was ever confirmed, but it was generally accepted those missing had become Death Eaters. It caused a slight panic throughout Hogwarts and widened the rift between the houses even further, prejudice had always been a problem at Hogwarts for as long as Harry could remember, but it began going to an all-time high.

It was much to his fury that he a week after returning to Hogwarts, Harry stumbled across half a dozen second and third years pushing round a first year Slytherin. Callous laughter rang in his ears as tears rolled down the Slytherin boys eyes.

"What is going on!" snapped Harry, anger evident in his voice as he locked eyes with every single one of them, everyone froze in place and it was several seconds before someone spoke.

"He's a Slytherin, his great Uncle is a Death Eater." said one of them.

"I don't care if his brother is a Death Eater, you don't judge someone based off their family." seethed Harry, taking a single deep breathe as he calmed himself down.

"But you're Harry Potter, you should hate Death Eaters more than anyone." piped up another one.

"None of you have any idea about the politics and the pressures involved when it comes to Voldemort, people are threatened and manipulated in ways you can't even imagine. The lot of you are no better than Death Eaters is you go around bullying and hurting people that don't agree with your standards and ideals." said Harry, letting some anger flow through his voice to scare them all a bit more.

"We're not like Death Eaters!" cried one of the smaller members of the group.

"Outnumbering and hurting someone for fun is exactly what Death Eaters do, and I know that for a fact." glared Harry, pointing to one of the more prominent scars on his face. The six students all looked open eyes at his scars, fear in their eyes.

"Now...we're going for a little trip to the Headmasters office." said Harry, ignoring the protests and cries of the pupils. It took several minutes for him to get all of them to the gargoyle on the third floor, eventually he had to magically bind and silence them all as the first year Slytherin walked nervously next to Harry.

"You don't have anything to worry about." said Harry, trying to ease the worry on the first year Slytherin.

"I thought you would've just let them keep hitting me." sniffed the boy, looking down at the floor.

"Regardless of what you've heard about me, I don't tolerate that kind of behaviour." said Harry, warmly.

They reached the gargoyle which sprang aside, ascending up the spiral staircase. Harry knocked on the door as he could see others in Dumbledore's office, though he was sure his presence was already known.

"Come in, Harry." called Dumbledore, after several seconds. Harry opened the door, the Head of Houses that were seated inside, stood up as Harry floated the group in the room and lowered them down gently in the middle of the room.

"What is going on here?" demanded McGonagall, her stern Scottish brogue flaring.

"I caught these six bullying a Slytherin student, thought I'd step in." said Harry, locking eyes with Dumbledore who was seemingly surveying the situation with an air of curiosity.

"Sticking up for a Slytherin, I'm touched Potter..." muttered Snape, in a low voice.

"Thomas Smalling, isn't it? Is what Harry said true?" asked Dumbledore, looking at the first year over his half-moon spectacles.

"Yes...Headmaster..." mumbled the first year, looking down shyly at his feet.

"You six are going to be in detention for the rest of the year!" hissed Snape, the Potions Masters eyes staring intensely at the perpetrators.

"All the houses of Hogwarts are involved, I think it should be up to the Headmaster to decide the punishments." suggested Flitwick, giving a disapproving stare to his House members.

"The acts were committed against a member of Slytherin House, as such I will discipline them." said Snape, trying to stamp his authority down on the matter.

"Severus, Headmaster Dumbledore will serve as an impartial judge. I agree with Filius, it would be best to have him decide what is best." quipped Sprout, appealing to Dumbledore.

"If this has been six Slytherin students attacking a single member of your Houses, you would be assigning the punishments." vented Snape, glaring at Flitwick and Sprout.

"Severus...perhaps it would be for the best if I handled this. You're always saying you don't have any time on your own to conduct personal research." said Dumbledore, a slight twinkle in his blue eyes.

"I want to ensure that the proper discipline is administered, if sacrificing my time means ensuring that these pupils will not meaninglessly attack another student of my house...then it is a small price to pay." sniffed Snape, holding his head up high and demonstrating a dignity that Harry had never seen before.

"Severus, you must admit you have a tendency to overreact. Just now you showed you wanted to put the six of them in detention for the rest of the school year, that's nearly seven months." said McGonagall, lightly scolding the Potions Master.

"I apologise Minerva, I sometimes forget that Gryffindors boldness and brash attitudes distorts their outlook and fools them into thinking they are above the law." snipped Snape, his sallow skin flushed with colour from his outrage.

"Hey!" said Harry, taking the comment as a personal attack on himself.

"I was making a generalisation, Potter. Not everything is about you." remarked Snape, Harry wanted to retort but didn't want to give Snape the satisfaction of goading him so easily and kept his mouth shut.

"Severus, accounts of your favouritism towards your own House are infamous, and your animosity towards our Houses even more so...I think Filius and Pomona are correct, Albus should decide the punishments." said McGonagall, her mouth thin which was always a sign the the Head of Gryffindor was angry.

"No! This is just another blatant case of discrimination against the Slytherin House." snapped Snape, the nostrils on his hooked nose flaring in anger. The four Heads of Houses soon progressed into an argument, with Dumbledore interjecting and disputing the odd statement now and then. Harry could only watch the witches and wizards in front of him, Professors of Hogwarts, descending into an argument that would rival that of schoolchildren.

"Enough!" shouted Harry, stunning the adult wizards in front of him into silence. McGonagall looked shocked at being spoken to by a student in such ways, whereas Snape looked near apoplectic with anger.

"You're supposed to be setting the example here for these kids, and you're squabbling and bickering like schoolchildren yourself." continued Harry, before anyone could interject.

"If the five of you can't get on and have a civil conversation with each other, then how are the students of Hogwarts houses supposed to get along?" asked Harry, standing his ground as everyone in the room looked at him, stunned expressions plastered on their faces.

"Mr Potter is right, we're hardly setting a good example here." muttered Flitwick, looking down at the floor as he talked.

"Thank you for your honesty, Harry...And for putting our professors in their deserved places...Severus, you will decide the punishments for the relevant parties involved." said Dumbledore, looking over at the Potions professor who had a begrudging look of respect on his face for half a second.

"I expect you all to be at my office after lessons to find out your punishments, tardiness will not be accepted." said Snape, in a menacing tone as he glared at the six individuals.

"The six of you are dismissed, Mr Smalling if you would give myself, Harry and the rest of the Professors a moment please." said Dumbledore, the first year Slytherin nodded and walked out of the office a few seconds after the six second and third years had left the office. The door closed behind him and left Harry alone with five Hogwarts professors.

"That took a lot of courage, Mr Potter." said McGonagall, stiffly.

"A lot of insubordination as well..." commented Snape.

"Severus, I think we can all agree that Harry was only doing what was necessary. Our personal judgements and opinions were so clouded, as Harry pointed out, we were acting like children ourselves." said Dumbledore, sounding slightly cheerful at the thought of reliving his youth.

"This isn't something that can just be ignored, who knows what would have happened if I hadn't stopped what was going on." said Harry, not wanting to ignore the pressing issue.

"I suppose you want a special commendation, Potter?" said Snape, trademark sneer on his face.

"This wasn't a case of banter between school houses, it was outright bullying and it's getting dangerous. I understand the house system is a long standing tradition, but in times like these it just acts as a catalyst for abuse and animosity between students." said Harry, ignoring the bait from Snape.

"Madam Pomfrey has been mentioning an increase of pupils coming to the Hospital Wing with mystery ailments..." said Professor Sprout, a concerned look on her face.

"Attacks are happening outside and inside of Hogwarts; if students feel the rift here then it is only going to continue once they leave. It's like an open segregation, splitting and dividing everyone up based on individual character traits and ignoring who they are as a whole person." said Harry, voicing his frustrations.

"Very astute of you to notice, Harry...Hogwarts has always been known as a safe haven from the troubles outside of these walls. However, sometimes even I am helpless to protect the students against certain aspects from our world...You can't magic away ideals and mindsets." muttered Dumbledore, a sense of trouble in his voice.

"The Sorting Hat ceremony and Hogwarts house system survived the First Wizarding War, I see no reason why it cannot survive this one." said Professor Sprout, sounding indignant at the thought of abandoning such a long standing tradition.

"Hogwarts will not abandon the roots that helped it grow into such a fine establishment..." muttered Dumbledore, resting his head on his hands as he stroked his long white beard.

"Then teach students that it isn't an identity, being in a different house has no effect on who you are as a person." said Harry, looking around the room at his Professors who looked both thoughtful and taken aback at being addressed by a student with these ideas.

"Hogwarts has honoured its founders for centuries by carrying on their legacy, it was their idea to divide pupils in the first place." said Flitwick.

"And centuries ago, slavery was still a regular part of the world...As great as the founders were and as much as their legacy still survives, in their time they had none of the troubles that we face today. And who's to say they weren't a little misguided, I mean...we all know of certain Gryffindors that didn't turn out to be brave as we first thought...yet we know of Slytherins that are courageous and daring..." Harry stopped as his eyes flicked over to Snape

"...Then we have Lockhart and Quirrell who were in Ravenclaw but I'm certain we all question the validity of their intelligence, and I'm sorry Professor Sprout but Zacharias Smith has no 'loyalty' and sense of 'fair play' whatsoever!" exclaimed Harry, the end of his small rant making McGonagall stifle a laughter whereas Snape was still aghast at being figuratively called a Gryffindor.

"Well said lad..." came a voice from behind Dumbledore, apparently the conversation had either awoken or interested the portraits of former Headmasters and Headmistresses of Hogwarts.

"Speaks with the wisdom and intelligence that Rowena herself would be proud of." said the portrait of Dilys Derwent, looking at Harry sagely.

"He also displays a Hufflepuff like dedication with his fierce loyalty towards Hogwarts..." commented Armando Dippet, sitting in his portrait directly behind Dumbledore.

"Don't forget the courage and daring that Gryffindor instills into his house members. It took balls to stand up to his Professors, though at this point it seems like he is the one teaching..." muttered Newton Scamander, his snickering earning him a few glares from Snape and the other Professors.

"And do my eyes deceive me or do I see the Potter boy showing qualities worthy of Salazar...cunning...leadership...and ambition, anyone tell you that you'd do well in Slytherin?" smirked Nigellus Black.

"Just the Sorting Hat actually..." said Harry, coolly. His response wiped the smirk of Nigellus's face; and in its place was one of shock, something that resonated throughout the office as everyone was stunned by the revelation that Harry Potter could have been in the Slytherin House. Severus Snape's face was almost comical in its expression, with a unique mixture of horror and relief plastered all over his face.

"You always said the boy was special, Dumbledore..." said the soft voice of Everard, one of the most highly celebrated Headmasters of Hogwarts history. All eyes were on Harry as he looked at the ground, slightly embarrassed at the comment from the former Headmasters and Headmistresses of Hogwarts, and the stares and attention from his Professors in the room.

"That I did, Everard...Though even I could never have guessed just how unique a wizard he would become..." muttered Dumbledore, stroking his long white beard as he peered at Harry over his half-moon glasses.

"That's all very well, but it doesn't help the fact that pupils are feeling the need to display a sense of fight and have been opposing other students simply because of distant family connections or even if they're in a different house." said Harry, his voice serious as he disregarded the comment from Dumbledore and continued to drive home the issue at hand.

"Prejudice will always be a presence at Hogwarts as long as it is a presence outside of these walls." coughed Dilys Derwent.

"I disagree Dilys, Hogwarts is where it all began after all...this castle should be a beacon of reckoning to all those who still believe that the blood of a wizard has any importance of their worth to our kind." argued Everard, speaking with the force and passion that you wouldn't think a portrait would be capable of. Various portraits started voicing their opinions and before an argument could breakout, Dumbledore asked for silence from everyone.

"As you can see, even the wise and logical former heads of Hogwarts disagree on what to do...Harry, what you want to achieve is admirable, it was something the founders wanted to accomplish but...even they found it incapable. Equality is a pressing issue and as Headmaster of Hogwarts and is something I take seriously to ensure the safety and well-being of students and adults alike." said Dumbledore, assuredly.

"You can't kill an ideal, Potter." grunted Snape, fixing Harry with a stare that almost ranged on sympathy from the Potions Master.

"I will address Hogwarts on the matter tomorrow, as for now I think it is past curfew and myself and your Professors still have much to discuss...Take this note just in case you happen to be caught walking back to Gryffindor Tower, though I think that would be most unlikely given your track experience." smiled Dumbledore, scribbling on a slip of parchment and passing it to Harry who couldn't help but express a small smile at Dumbledore's compliment.

"Good night, Professors." said Harry, politely. Leaving the office and past the Slytherin first year, Thomas Smalling who had fallen asleep on a squashy armchair outside the office. Harry walked down the spiral staircase and leaving the Heads of Houses to their meeting, though all was quiet in Dumbledores office as everyone pondered what had been said.

"Very admirable boy that Potter chap..." wheezed Newton Scamander, as he dozed off or at least pretended to.

"Indeed, Newton..." agreed Dumbledore, looking down at his desk in contemplation.

"I must admit, I never thought I would see the day where a Potter would stand up in defence of a Slytherin..." muttered Snape, not meeting any of his peers eyes as he spoke.

"There is one thing we didn't question..." said McGonagall, looking at Dumbledore with interest.

"What's that, Minerva?" asked Flitwick, intrigued.

"Why was Potter out of bed and wandering the hallways in the first place?" posed McGonagall, her question hitting silence as everyone in the room tried to come up with an answer.

Meanwhile, a corridor not far from the Headmasters Office...A Red Wolf was racing silently down a shadowed corridor, it was a large and powerful animal and sped through the hallways of Hogwarts lightning fast, occasionally the moonlight would catch a glimpse and if anyone could see, it revealed as dash of darker fur that was eerily similar to a scar on the back of Harry Potter...


(Scene Break)


The next day, Dumbledore did make an announcement that an increased amount of bullying had been taking place and reminded everyone that Hogwarts had a zero tolerance policy and anyone found breaking that rule would be 'severely punished'. It wasn't long though, until the news that Harry Potter had 'rescued' a first year Slytherin and that this was the reason why Dumbledore had spoken at breakfast in the first place. The news spread around Hogwarts and by the afternoon it was common knowledge amongst everyone, even more astonishing was the story going around was accurate to what actually happened.

"Did you really tell Professor McGonagall to shut up?" asked Hermione, as double Potions finished and they walked out of the dungeons.

"No...I told all the Heads of Houses to shut up." said Harry, his response dumbfounding Hermione for a moment. Harry kept walking up the stairs and Hermione hurried to catch up to him.

"You told all of the Heads of Houses to shut up?" said Hermione, repeating Harry's words in hushed astonishment.

"And Dumbledore, I did tell him to shut up as well." added Harry, quickly walking past a small crowd of younger pupils who looked all too eager and hyper for Harry's liking, he rounded a corner and just as Hermione was about to ask another question, she was pulled through an enchanted wall and into a secret staircase, she tripped in surprise and clambered into Harry who tripped himself and was soon on the floor with Hermione on top of him laughing lightly for a couple of seconds before becoming aware of still being on top of Harry.

"Oh...I'm...ermmm, Are you ok?" asked Hermione, a red tingling in her face as Harry got to his feet and brushed himself off.

"I'm alright, you?" chuckled Harry, helping Hermione to her feet.

"I'm great...I mean good, I'm...fine." rushed Hermione, picking her bag up and composing herself.

"That's good...or great...I don't know which." smiled Harry, lightly mocking his friend as he turned and started walking down the hidden hallway, it was a second or so before Hermione started walking again and caught up.

"How do you know all these secret passages?" asked Hermione, looking back at the enchanted wall as though expecting someone else to come through it.

"Marauders Map and late night wanderings…This one connects to the second floor, in a trick broom cupboard." said Harry, conversationally.

"Anyway...we were talking about you telling the Heads of Houses and Dumbledore, to 'shut up'" quoted Hermione, looking at Harry with bemusement.

"They were bitching and moaning at each other, in front of a group of first, second and third years. Not exactly setting a good example..." said Harry, defending his actions.

"I'm not saying it was a bad thing, I just can't imagine someone telling McGonagall or Snape to 'shut up' and not have detention for the rest of their lives." laughed Hermione, making Harry smile slightly.

"I only said what was needed to be said." said Harry, walking slowly up the gentle sloped passageway.

"It was very admirable what you did, Harry." smiled Hermione, after a couple of seconds of silence between them.

"Hopefully things will quieten down a bit now." muttered Harry, sounding slightly more hopeful than he was feeling.

"Slytherin House hasn't been talking about anything else all week..." started Malfoy, they were sat in the Room of Requirement with a half dozen warm Butterbeers to share between them. They sat facing the busted Vanishing Cabinet, having found a pile of broken chairs en-route. A quick 'Reparo' later and they had something to sit on while talking about what the plan of action was concerning Malfoys situation, though they had wandered off track somewhat.

"So has everyone else..." groaned Harry, reclining against his chair.

"I just don't know how you manage to wander into these situations." sighed Malfoy, though his expression was dripping with sarcasm.

"Just because you're jealous that you've never captured the attention of the Hogwarts rumour mill like I have." sniped Harry, poking fun at his Slytherin counterpart.

"I've had plenty of stories and gossip fly around the castle thank you very much..." scoffed Malfoy, slightly indignant.

"The last one I remember hearing was of you and Pansy Parkinson being caught doing something rather unseemly...let's see what was it Pansy was wearing?" asked Harry, faking a look of deep thought on his face.

"Don't...I've been trying to wipe that part of my memory out..." sneered Malfoy, taking a deep swig from his bottle.

"Alright...just don't see why you couldn't have locked the doors a little better...That poor third year..." said Harry, quietly as he shook his head.

"Are you quite done?" demanded Malfoy, pink tinging in his pale face.

"I am...I am...sorry, a naked Pansy Parkinson is nothing to joke about." said Harry, frowning as he said the words whereas Malfoy visible shook win repulsion.

"Just...don't." muttered Malfoy, cringing as he took another deep swig of his Butterbeer.

"Look...I've been thinking about it and...I think we have to tell Dumbledore..." said Harry; it was all he could manage before Malfoy interrupted him.

"No way...we can't tell Dumbledore, we can't tell anyone!" exclaimed Malfoy, standing up.

"I'm not exactly his biggest fan either, and I hate having to say this but...he knows what he's doing." replied Harry, speaking calmly.

"This isn't a game for him to play, my life and my mother's lives are in danger here." said Malfoy, looking at Harry.

"Not your fathers?" asked Harry, eyeing Malfoy curiously.

"That buffoon cares more about gold and his position in the Dark Lords ranks than me and my mother." spat Malfoy, as though the idea of his father put a bad taste in his mouth.

"Dumbledore is in charge of Hogwarts, by all rights he should know about this. How much of a danger this is, what if Voldemort asks someone else to fix it? What if he's asked other Slytherins to keep an eye on you and check up on it once in a while? It's too big a risk to take." urged Harry, trying to convince his friend.

"It isn't your life that is on the line! You haven't been tasked with a death sentence." hissed Malfoy, his words stinging Harry.

"The hell I haven't! Who do you think has to go up against him in the end? Why do you think he's had it out for me since the day I was born? I'm the one that has to kill him...there is nobody else...I'm the only one that can go up against him...I'm the man that has to stop that snake faced, bigoted, manic, over compensating asshole...ME!" said Harry, finishing with a yell as he expressed every inch of the unbridled, festering anger that he had kept contained over the past few months. Emitting and radiating his raw emotions, making thunderous noises as parts of the castle vibrated, quivering from the pulsating waves of power that Harry was causing. Portraits slanted and books fell off shelves, as the trembling died down and caused panic from everyone in the castle that didn't know what the hell it was.

Malfoy remained silent for several seconds after it had finished, either in shock or deep in thought, Harry didn't know but he waited to find out.

"I'm sorry...you're right, Dumbledore should know but...I can't trust this with him until he can guarantee my safety and the safety of my mother." said Malfoy, looking up at Harry. The anger was gone; instead a slightly guilty look was in Malfoys eyes.

"Very self-preserving of you..." smiled Harry, diffusing the tension between them.

"I am a Slytherin..." quipped Malfoy.

"Shame...you would have made a smashing Gryffindor..." teased Harry, knowing it would hit a nerve.

"That's just uncalled for." said Malfoy, defensive.

"So…If you don't want to talk to Dumbledore..." started Harry, but Malfoy cut him off.

"I don't trust him...but I trust you...and if you can trust him then...that's going to have to be enough." said Malfoy, he was back to being deadly serious but that didn't stop Harry from stifling a chuckle.

"What's funny?" asked Malfoy, perplexed at the reaction of his Gryffindor friend.

"Nothing...just reminded me of something I've heard before." muttered Harry, thinking of Snape and his long debated trust issues.

"We should go and see him now..." said Harry, standing up.

"We? Now?" asked Malfoy, looking at his watch.

"You'll have to be there anyway to verify everything and he'll be looking for me anyway." replied Harry, zipping up his jacket.

"Alright, one second...Inmayvtin." said Malfoy, the Vanishing Cabinet disappeared under the Invisibility Spell, the blonde Slytherin turned to Harry who looked inquisitive at Malfoys actions.

"Why?" questioned Harry.

"Like you said, 'he' could have asked others to do this...double crossing, conniving little prick!" lashed Malfoy, kicking the cabinet out of anger and putting another dent in the wood.

"He's a Slytherin, what do you expect?" joked Harry.

"Really? Reverting back to House insults now?" asked Malfoy, looking at Harry.

"It's been a while" mused Harry.

End of Chapter.

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