It was the following day, a beginning to a new week and while the snow had mostly melted away, the bitter cold remained. A frost-ridden Hogwarts revealed itself as the sun dawned into a pale grey sky. Despite the gloomy conditions, spirits were as high as they could be. Because during breakfast, not only did Dumbledore confirm the rumours of Valentine's Day Ball, he also announced a Hogsmeade weekend. Which brought much excitement to the student population, as always the Hogsmeade weekend was reserved for third-years and over. However two separate Valentine's Day Balls would be happening, one for the first, second, third and fourth-years, and one for fifth, sixth and seventh-years.

"Of course, I needn't remind you all that while fun is encouraged...the school rules still apply. To ensure this, myself, Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape along with several other professors will be chaperoning both events." said Dumbledore, his eyes looking over the crowded Great Hall.

"Kind of puts a dampener on our plans." said Seamus, in a hushed voice.

"What did you expect? For Dumbledore to say 'anyone that needs mead or wine, or a special something to make your Valentines Day one to remember, call by the Hospital Wing and ask Madame Pomfrey.'" laughed Dean, whose bad impression of Dumbledore was overruled by the joke and mental picture he had painted.

"We can still go to Hogsmeade during the day, have lunch and do some shopping. Then in the evening dress up and celebrate Valentine's Day, we can dance and have a weekend off from everything." smiled Parvati, whose infectious happiness passed on to every girl and several boys who had not yet been given the pleasure of walking around every shop in Hogsmeade followed by a date at Madam Puddifoots Tea Shop.

While the vast majority of the Great Hall began talking earnestly about their plans, Neville looked over at Harry whose face reflected the uncertainty that he was also feeling. No words were spoken, but the message was clear.

'With Voldemort and the Death Eaters loose, was a Hogsmeade weekend a good idea?'



Of course, the absolute certainty following the announcement of a Valentine's Day Ball, is the veritable explosion of gossip and hallway whispers about Hogwarts romance. Though this dominated the Hogwarts rumour mill for most of the year, it always intensified tenfold during the Valentine's Day holiday. In the past, Harry had felt the nerves and nauseating pressure to ask a girl to a Valentines Day Ball. This year however, everything was replaced by mild frustration with an addition of a certain melancholic tone to it all. It hadn't been that long since Katie had died...and while they hadn't been serious, it didn't feel right to move on to another girl.

However, what was making him so frustrated? Well, girls were constantly glancing at him, and when he returned the looks was greeted with either giggles, a smile and once or twice, a wink. It was annoying to him, because they weren't really doing anything wrong. For a start, it wasn't like anyone was being tactless. Nobody had known about him and Katie. Also, it's not like he can complain about girls liking him. While they more than likely fancied him for reasons he didn't like to admit, namely his fame and wealth. It would be unfair to bitch and moan about it, considering how most men would see it as a godsend.

On the other hand, the entire affair was having quite a different effect for a certain blonde Slytherin.

"Finally, I can walk down a hallway and barely anyone is whispering about me..." said Malfoy, stretching in his chair. They where sat in a deserted classroom but as an added precaution, they had one or two surveillance charms along the corridor to alert them of any other wandering students.

"Something that I can only dream of..." muttered Harry, with overtones of sarcasm. The Slytherin ignored him and continued on.

"It was infuriating, although now I know people are only staring and talking about me because of what's important..."

"That outdated hairstyle?"

"Really? Hair jibes? Have you even heard of hair product?"

"I like my hair, and nothing can control it."

"Very well...look, I've been thinking...about this Hogsmeade weekend..."

"Draco...I would love to be your date, but...I think we're better as friends, not a couple."

A small smile passed the lips of the Slytherin, shaking his head with not a strand of his blonde hair coming out-of-place. He continued with an air of sincerity.

"You know things have been quiet, don't you think that maybe it's lulled everyone into a false sense of security?"

"You'd have to be an idiot to forget Voldemort is out there...Dumbledore hasn't forgotten, and he wouldn't risk students lives."

"Obviously, it's just odd."

"I know..."

"By the way, you would be lucky to land a man like me."

"Please, I'm a catch."

"With that hair and the amount of stubble on your face, it looks like you've just come from a month-long holiday in the Forbidden Forest."

"Some people like the unkempt look of debonair the gentleman."

"It takes no effort. A man should be properly groomed, clothed and washed..."

"I wash!"

"You know what? You're right...we wouldn't work as a couple." Harry caught Malfoy's eye and the pair burst out laughing.

"We definitely wouldn't..." laughed Harry, trying to regain his breath.

"Right I have to concentrate, need to finish this damn essay for McGonagall." breathed Malfoy, a pink tinge in his face.

"You're still not done with that?"

"No, I'm trying to include Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration but the principle doesn't seem to fit with The Modification Standards of Sam Steinreich."

"The principles can change but the definition has to remain the same."

"Ah, a bit like constants in Arithmancy."

"Well I don't know Arithmancy, but sure...Wait, you don't do Arithmancy either."

"I still read about it though, I find it interesting...Like constants, they're values that don't change."

"Wait, that's it..."

"What's it?"

It was as if Harry had been looking at a problem and had finally solved it, this must be what Hermione felt like when she runs off to the library. How could he have not seen it!

"The Hogsmeade weekend..."

"I thought we established it wouldn't work out between us, I mean we're very different people..." Harry glared at the Slytherin momentarily before carrying on.

"Just listen and tell me if it makes sense...the nose-lacking moron that is Voldemort, he has grown in power and causing death and destruction...Everyone knows that, but not many people know him...The power and control is what he wants, coming to Hogsmeade and killing students isn't going to get him that. It wouldn't achieveanything, it counteracts his principles because logically, Death Eaters against a bunch of students...It's too easy, it doesn't prove anyone. Right?"

"Doesn't sound crazy...but you're not telling me something isn't coming...It's like I can feel it."

"Hogsmeade is secondary to Hogwarts, any attack there would be seen as near paramount to attacking Hogwarts. And that's not going to happen...yet."

"Yet? You think the Dark Lord is going to attack Hogwarts?"

"Makes sense, nearly every witch and wizard in Britain has attended Hogwarts...Everyone has a connection with it, to overthrow Hogwarts would be as effective as taking over the Ministry. If not more so..."

"The Ministry would need to fall first...The Dark Lord would need a formal base of power. The Ministry of Magic is that place, it stores the records of the entire magical community. That is where the battle is won or lost..."

"Hogwarts will be the last stand...Voldemort won't consider himself victorious unless he commands over everything. That includes Hogwarts..."

"Is that what you think, Potter? There will never be a last stand...Rebellion is an idea; not a place or a group of witches and wizards."

All was quiet between the pair until Malfoy looked up at Harry, who was looking back at the Slytherin as though he had sprouted turnips out of his ears.


"Nothing...just thought the last person to have any optimism would have been you."

"That's funny..."


"I thought the same thing about you..."




I'm sure that you've heard about the Hogsmeade weekend, I don't think that it's a result of how quiet things have been. Voldemort has nothing to gain from attacking Hogsmeade, but that doesn't mean he might not do something elsewhere. I wanted to give you a heads up.

Hope everything is going well with Fleur, say hello to her from me.


Sealing the letter, Harry tied it to the leg of the waiting Hedwig, giving her an owl treat when Neville walked into the dormitory.

"Hey, Harry...Can I talk to you?" asked Neville.

"Sure, Neville." said Harry, giving a stroking Hedwig before she nipped him on the back of his hand and flew out of the window. Neville sat at the end of his bed, and Harry sat on the end of his own.

"Ok...this is actually even more awkward than I thought it would be...Look, you might not want to admit it...but you know you're fanciable...those are Hermione's words not mine..." rushed Neville, before Harry could interrupt.

"And I know why you don't like to talk about it, or even act on it...I think it's admirable and...right. I like to think that's what I would be like it I were in your position."

'You have no idea...' thought Harry.

"I mean, it's the decent thing to do...It would be easy to abuse, but you don't...and you never will..that's one of the reasons I look up to you...and it's why I'm coming to you about this, nobody else really gets, I'm just going to ask...I really like this girl, and I want to ask her to the Valentine's Day ball as my date...but I just don't know how or even if I should bother. What should I do?"

Harry took a second to think before replying, the Neville Longbottom across from him was so different compared to the one five years ago. He had grown from the insecure, podgy little boy, to a tall, mature, considerate man. Gone was the jittery disposition and nervous tendencies, in its place was a certain confidence and revered integrity. All he needed, was one little push to get him where he needed to be. And Harry felt almost responsible to do that, because he felt a slight guilt on his part. Looking back at his years at Hogwarts, if he could change of the first would be including Neville Longbottom in his life much more often.

"If you don't mind me asking...who's the girl?" asked Harry.


"Luna? I haven't seen her all year...I thought she had been taken out of school or something."

"No, she's at Hogwarts."

"That's weird...thought I would have seen her."

"She spends most of her spare time in the library, that's how I kind of got to know her a bit more...We help each other with homework and stuff...I've been thinking about asking her out for a while, she's funny and so random...clever and just...kind and sweet. I'm myself around her, like how I'm myself with you now."

"Well, I think you should ask her...the way you just described Luna, it sounds like you really like her...and nothing should get in the way of any happiness you two could have."

"What if she says no and it's just too awkward for us to be friends?"

"I think you won't have to worry about that...I remember Luna being so brave and strong, you didn't ask what you thought people might think about it, because you don't care about that stuff...and neither does she. You like her and I would be willing to bet that she feels the same way. You're a Gryffindor, and by far the best example of this house that I have seen. After everything you have been through, you deserve someone to be there for you."

"You really think so?"

"She's a Ravenclaw, and smart enough to know you're one of the good guys."

"Wow...Harry, I don't know what to say..."

"You don't have to say anything, you just need to go ask Luna to the Valentine's Day ball. Because if you don't someone else will, she's a lovely girl."

"She really is...thanks Harry."

Neville stood up, a smile on his face as he patted Harry on the shoulder as he walked over to the dormitory door.

"Oh, and Neville...I look up to you too."

Neville froze in the doorway, turning back to look at his friend. The grin on his face was replaced with surprise for a moment, a knowing stare passed between them as they exchanged a small nod to the other. Neville and left him alone in the dormitory,



As the days tumbled by, anticipation and excitement built up throughout Hogwarts. And then it was Saturday morning, the sky was nearly clear except for the occasional wisp of cloud, the cold had more or less remained, and the students of Hogwarts woke early to experience it all. After being held up by a few first and second years attempting to sneak past Filch, Harry walked down into the magical village. It was astonishing how untouched the place appeared to be, the thatched cottages and shops were the same as ever, the smiling faces of Hogwarts students as they enjoyed the rare break from Hogwarts.

The only difference Harry could see, was the Aurors, Magical Law Enforcement Officers and several Order members patrolling the streets. He watched as Professor Flitwick and Professor Vector making their way to The Three Broomsticks Inn, it all seemed so normal, like the wizarding war wasn't even happening...

After buying a dozen or so books from Tomes and Scrolls, a small walk around Dervish & Banges (where he bought a pack of self-shuffling playing cards and a Foe Glass) Harry walked up to Hog's Head Inn, Seamus and Dean had arranged to meet there near the end of the trip as they thought it would give them a better chance of getting some Firewhiskey for after the Valentine's Day Ball tomorrow night. He spotted Neville with Luna, walking intoDogweed and Deathcap and thought to himself that he had never seen Neville happier.

Inside the Hog's Head it was as gloomy as ever but at least warm, made even more so than the hot bottle ofButterbeer. As Seamus and Dean discussed a strategy on acquiring a bottle of Firewhiskey, the door opened as someone exited. A brief chill swept through the small pub as the cold outside air came inside, his two housemates continued talking as Harry looked outside the window absent-mindedly. It was half a minute later when Harry realised he was still cold, despite the muggy bar and hot drink...and then in the back of his mind he heard it, a distant scream as though it was coming from a great distance, but a scream he would always recognise. Bolting out of his chair, he sent the table and the three drinks flying.

"Merlin! Harry! What the hell is..."

But Harry was already outside, his wand in his hand as he looked at the sky. Only a few students were around this part of the village, all looking at him strangely as Dean and Seamus came outside.

"You feel that?" asked Harry, not taking his eyes off the sky.

"Feel what?"

"What is going on?"

Harry ignored them as he focused, the gnawing cold and distant scream intensified for a split second.

"Wait, what's that?" asked Dean.

Harry spun around to see where Dean was looking, it was Hogwarts and in the sky was a twinkling bird of some kind, though it was darting away from Hogwarts.

"It's a Patronus...Expecto Patronum!" yelled Harry, a silver stag erupted from the end of his wand, much to the surprise of everyone around him. Prongs turned to look at Harry, as though asking for instructions.

"Follow the other one, give us as much time as you can." said Harry, pointing to the one in the sky that was soaring closer. The silver stag tilted its head and galloped down the street, attracting the attention of everyone in the street of Hogsmeade.

"What is happening?" asked Seamus.

"Dementors, they're coming here now. Get everyone back to Hogwarts." said Harry, and without waiting for an answer turned and sprinted down the street. By now, students and villagers alike were coming outside to see what was going on. His Patronus was now in the air and joining up with the other that Harry strongly suspected was Dumbledore's. The two soared in the air majestically and if it wasn't such a dire situation, Harry would have stopped to admire it.

"Potter, do you mind explaining yourself?" demanded McGonagall, with Flitwick alongside her looking just as puzzled.

"Professor, it's Dementors. They're coming this way. I can't really explain how I know, but I just do. Look at the sky" Harry pointed to his Patronus and the other in the sky, she followed his direction and her stern expression intensified.

"Filius, get the students back to Hogwarts immediately." demanded McGonagall, sending her own Patronus off for good measure, a tabby cat sped off across the ground. Flitwick began directing the students but not before sending his, ironically a giant, which made Harry smile.

Confused students hurriedly began walking back to Hogwarts, and then Harry felt colder and heard the scream louder. Students and villagers began panicking, some even screaming as they started to run, several otherPatronus forms joined the sky and Harry turned and saw a mixture of DA members, Aurors, Magical Law Enforcement Officers and Order members pointing their wands to the sky.

"Mr Potter, back to the castle now."

"Like that's going to happen."

McGonagall couldn't help but smile to herself and was about to tell him again when the Dementors came over the mountains, though there direction kept shifting due to the harassment of the dozen or so Patronus chasing them. McGonagall sent another Patronus, as did the Aurors, MLE Officers and Order members that weren't helpingFlitwick with the students.

"Not yet..." muttered Harry to himself, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes as he recalled the memory of when Sirius said he could live with him. The cold and scream disappeared as he raised his wand and barely mumbled the words, an almost pure white Prongs shot out of his wand, snorting and grunting before setting off, he seemed to radiate positivity as he stormed straight at the Dementors, who tried to scatter but were surrounded by the Patronuses from earlier. It was as though being herded right into the path of Prongs, a fewDementors began to peel upwards and abandoned their plans when Prongs crashed straight through the middle of the pack.

They were repelled backwards and began to flee, abandoning their seemingly organised formation heading back towards the wilderness. Patronuses pestering and chasing them until they were all out of sight. Harry could hear the distant cheers from Hogwarts, as students applauded and whooped as they saw the Dementors feeling.

"That was some Patronus..." muttered an Auror.

"No, that was too easy." said Harry, turning and walking back to Hogwarts. He saw Dumbledore coming through the gates and towards Hogsmeade and Harry stopped as the aged wizard approached him.

"Harry, I'll see you in my office straight away, if you don't mind."

Harry only nodded his head in response, he was slightly confused. He had been wrong, or at least kind of wrong. An attack had happened, but it one that was easy enough to repel...perhaps without the Aurors, MLE and Order it might have been quite a bit more difficult, but surely Voldemort would have expected extra protection. Walking through the gates, several older students and DA members waited and began asking him questions.

"What happened?"

"Whose Patronus was that?"

"What did Dumbledore say?"

"Where did those Dementors go?"

"Did you feel what happened at the end?"

Harry ignored them all and walked straight up to the Headmasters office. The gargoyles sprung open and he ascended the staircase, entering the office ad sitting down. Fawkes let out a bright chirp that brought a smile to his face, Harry did the customary look around the office again. It was always the same, portraits around the office staring at him, whirring instruments that emitted smoke, shelves stacked with books.

"You know, Albus has been talking about you quite a lot more than he usually does this year." said the portrait of Armando Dippet.

"Has he now?"

"Oh yes, thinks you've taken the responsibility of your duty quite seriously."

"I'd thought he would be happy with that."

"He is, but he still worries..."

"About what?"

"A lot of things really, he's a very busy man."

"No, about me. You said he worries about me."

"Oh, of silly of me. Yes, he worries that another burden is straining your livelihood."

"I've never had much of a livelihood, it really isn't anything new."

"Pah, stop feeling so pessimistic Potter! You're alive, aren't you?" spat the portrait of Phineas Nigellus Black.

"For now..."

"What my colleague is trying and yet failing to say is that Albus worries, he thinks that you've stopped living...that your attention has been captivated and now you've become obsessed with stopping the oncoming darkness. And you have taken it upon yourself to do it alone."

"That's because nobody else can do what I do, anytime someone goes up against him...they don't have a chance."

"They aren't your priority. Survival is." sniped Phineas.

"Easy for you to say in your...portrait."

"I thought the boy was supposed to be clever?"

"Just because you believe in self-preservation and putting yourself above others doesn't mean I should."

"Sacrifices are necessary in war." muttered Dilys Derwent.

"Enough have already been made..." whispered Harry.

"Teenagers are so sentimental these days..." scoffed Phineas.

"Harry Potter is no mere teenager." it was Dumbledore, Harry turned to see the Headmaster stood in the doorway.


"Harry...can I offer you anything, tea, lemon drop?"

"No...thank you."

"Alright, first would like to say thank you for the effort and consideration of your fellow students in Hogsmeade. I noticed Mr Finnigan and Mr Thomas carrying out your request superbly."

"That's great...but about the Dementors, I could feel their effects and presence way before anyone else could."

"I would guess some of your 'skills' is to identify magic and magical properties, even from a distance. Much like myself."

"It was your Patronus then?"

"Yes, I felt the effects much like yourself when they were several miles away. I sent a Patronus and Fawkes to alert the Ministry and the Order."

"Professor, don't you think it was a bit...easy?"

"There is nothing easy about overcoming the effects of a Dementor, much less a contingent like the one you have just encountered...but I understand what you're saying."

"I thought Voldemort wouldn't even bother launching any kind of attack, was it just to spook everyone? Remind us that he's still out there?"

"I could only guess..."

"Everyone is going to think of this as some kind of victory aren't they? Like something great has happened."

"Hasn't it? A village was saved from suffering and so were many students."

"It just didn't feel like a battle, it was barely challenging."

"What is challenging to you is not the same as what it is to others. Professor McGonagall informed me of your refusal to retreat and the difference you made."

"I wasn't about to risk the livelihood of everyone out there when I know I can make a difference and win."

"Well, that's the type of person you are Harry, I just hope you realise that sometimes losses will happen and there is nothing you can do that will change that."

"Professor, you're right about a lot of things. I just hope this isn't one of them." he stood up and was out of the office when Dumbledore said his name.


"Yes Professor?"

"...Fifty points to Gryffindor for your efforts today."

Harry stood there for a moment, looking at Dumbledore for a second trying to discern some hidden meaning in what he had just said. He saw the lack of twinkle behind the half-moon spectacles, the aversion of his gaze as he reached for a lemon drop and the resigned posture. Awarding points was not what he was going to say. Holding his tongue in anger, he left Dumbledore's office, walking down the spiral staircase and saw the figure of Amelia Bones walking down the hallway, evidently coming to talk to Dumbledore. Harry turned and walked in the opposite direction and into a hidden hallway, he was in no mood to talk to anyone...even if it was the Minister of Magic. Striding down the hallway, Dumbledore had called him back for something and instead had awarded him house points. Harry was angry, either something was being kept from him or Dumbledore was withholding information; again. He then stopped and noticed that the hallways were empty;

'Everyone had probably been told to remain in their common rooms.' thought Harry, he took a cursory glance around before taking the opportunity and closing his eyes, transformed into his Red Wolf animagus form and sprinted down the corridor, his ears perked up for the slightest sound as he ran through Hogwarts, out of the castle and around the edges of the grounds until reaching the Forbidden Forest...

'It's been a couple of months since I last visited..." mused Harry, a wolfish grin on his wolf face as he stepped into the forest.



"Minister..." said Dumbledore, welcoming Amelia Bones even though his back turned as he was gazing out of the window.

"Albus, was Harry Potter just in your office?"

"Indeed, he left only a couple of seconds ago."

"I thought that was him, I had hoped to speak to him and personally thank him for his efforts in Hogsmeade. From what I've heard, he played quite the part...impressed a couple of Aurors."

"Unfortunately, he has had experience in dealing with Dementors."

"I think Harry Potter has experience in just about anything that could be thrown his way."

"Yes...he probably has."

"I received your message, thank you for alerting me personally."

"You requested to be kept 'in the loop' as it were."

"I did...what do you think about the attack on Hogsmeade?"

"Harry thought it wasn't enough of a challenge...that victory here is no reason for celebration."

"Easy? Some of the MLE Officers and even an Auror or two couldn't cast a proper Patronus, and Harry Potter thought it was too easy?"

"He appears to have a...unique outlook on these things, but I must say I agree with him wholeheartedly. On any other day the village of Hogsmeade would have struggled but today, with the extra security and professors in the was a futile effort

"You sound worried."

"That's because I am...worried that we missed something, that is."



Perhaps it was because it was his first time in the Forbidden Forest as an animal, but everything seemed to besomehow exaggerated...The soft, damp ground mixed with the crunch of dead leaves as he walked across them, his paws sensitive to every step. The trees towered over, the majority of them without any life on the branches thanks to the cold weather. The gnarled roots protruding from the ground, like veins in the human body...

The sun was setting and the floor of the Forbidden Forest was strewn in long, stretched shadows as the sun struggled to reach through the thicket of tree branches. Despite the time, Harry kept walking, treading carefully in case he alerted a creature of some kind. Wondering if another animal would recognise that he was a wizard or not, as he reached a small clearing. A pang of familiarity hit him as he recognised it as the spot where he andMalfoy had searched for the injured unicorn, he traced the long gone patches of unicorn blood and relived the memory of that night, the fear and terror he had felt in his heart, and the pain he had felt in his head. Reaching the final resting place of that unicorn he sniffed the air as though some reminiscence of the divine creature would still be there. The aroma of dirt, that's all there was. He stood still for a moment, maybe he had hoped something would have brought back the youthful naïvety of him being in this spot, but it hadn't...

"Halt!" came a voice, Harry turned his head to see three centaurs and an arrow launching and landing a foot in front of him.

"I said, halt...Meaning keep still!" it was Bane, he recognised the centaur from last year nearly killing Umbridgewith an arrow.

'Fuck...what do I do...' thought Harry, he contemplated running but these centaurs knew the forest better than he did and they were armed. But, they were talking to him as though they knew he understood them. Choosing to stay still unless the slightest hint of aggression was shown, he didn't flinch as the three walked closer.

"We know you are not a creature, transform and state your intent." declared Bane, hands still on his bow. Harry bowed and closed his eyes, not opening them until he had turned back human and opening them to look directly at Bane.

"You...of course this was to be expected."

"Stars not tell you I was coming?" jibed Harry.

"Your confidence has grown, why are you in our forest."

"Last I checked, this isn't your forest."

"We should kill him, Bane..." grunted the centaur on Bane's right.

"Why don't you go ahead and try, see what happens." retorted Harry, fingers twirling in anticipation of drawing his wand. The centaur looked at Harry, flexing slightly and grimacing at him.

"No, he has too much purpose. It has been foretold." said the other centaur.

"Enough...I ask again, why are you here?"

"I guess...I don't really know."

"You've lacked direction your entire life, Harry Potter..."

"I might not know where to go, but I get there in the end."

"You will reach your destination, in good time..."

"What does that actually mean? Every time I've talked to a centaur, you always give these vague predictions of the future. If you know something, it'd be real nice if you could just come out and say it. Because fuck knows, I've been given plenty of shit over the years. All of my life in fact, I've been lied and tricked and kept in the dark. So if you have some information, could you just please tell me without the bullshit and riddles."

Instead of shock or anger, the three centaurs looked intrigued at the outburst.

"It is not our duty to misuse the gifts we have been given, we cannot interfere."

"Well you might have to break this 'honour code' you all seem to have, because when Voldemort and his forces come they aren't going to ignore you, they'll kill you and burn this forest to the ground. So think about that when you're gazing at stars and planets." Harry turned and began to walk away.

"Halt." said Bane.

"Or what? You're going to reach for your arrows and line up your shot? Because in that time, your head will be on the floor. And the same goes for your friends." said Harry, he was beyond pissed. Not just at the nonsensical Centaurs and their vague clues, or Dumbledore and information. It was the fact that he was wrong about today. He had gone along with the idea that Voldemort wasn't stupid or sick enough to attack Hogsmeade, he was so certain that nothing would happen...

Instead, every third-year student and above had probably recalled their worst memories. That was on him. And he could do nothing to change that.

"It will come to pass, you will unfold events of past and present and learn the true purpose of yourself...Only then can you do what is necessary."

"Unfold events of past and present? What events? How many more lies can there be? And I already know my purpose."

"No, Harry Potter. You do not."

With that the Centaurs turned and trotted off without another word.

"Bloody stargazers..." muttered Harry, kicking a stone into the still pond. The ripples distorting the reflection, but something was clear that hadn't been there before. Harry looked up to see it, and there it was...Stood atop of the ridge, the sun shining through the trees behind it making it look even more majestic...a fully grown Unicorn looking straight at him,it was as though its eyes were piercing him. Harry looked at the Unicorn, the pure white fur that would make snow envious of its purity, the golden hooves and flowing hair...the almost ornate, pristine horn in the centre of its head...and the eyes...And it was only then when Harry saw something was wrong. The Unicorn was crying, it looked so sad but so impressive at the same time. It bowed its head at Harry and turned around.

"Wait!" said Harry, worried that the Unicorn was in pain or injured. He ran across the clearing and jumped up the ridge, hoping the Unicorn was there so he could help it but when he got there, saw nothing. It wasn't walking between the trees or even on the horizon, it had vanished...

"That can't be good..." muttered Harry.

(End Of Chapter)

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