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Irresistibly cute? Batman wouldn't say that. No, not in a million years. Somewhat funny, if he were able to laugh, but no, not cute.

His protégé had been knocked unconscious and was limp over his father's shoulder, carrying the boy by his foot. Sure, it was unorthodox, but who was really watching? It was like a five-minute walk. The kid would be fine.

Robin flopped around over his mentor's shoulder, arms flailing in a hobbling sort of way and his head lolled from side to side as his tongue stuck out.

Now, if he were in Gotham, this would be looked at strangely. Walking through Mount Justice was much, much more awkward.

"What happened to him?" asked Kid Flash with an incredulous stare into the masked face of the kid who was hanging on the Dark Knight almost like a second cape. "And why are you carrying him like that? Sheesh, Bats, don't you know how to treat people?"

Grumbling. Mumbled, unintelligible words. The kid would be fine. Batman just had to put him down somewhere and the fastest way to carry him was to sling him over one shoulder and hold him by his foot. Why was that so strange?

For many reasons, but no one would dare question the Caped Crusader's methods. Why? Hell, if the name "Batman" wasn't scary enough, imagine challenging "Batman" in a "heated debate". Yeah, that was scarier.

"The world is upside down…"

Well, he was supposed to be unconscious…

"Hey, you can put him down now." Kid Flash had stopped after Batman had walked past him and continued on across the space towards the door that would take them back to Gotham in a second. "He's awake."

Robin, of course, wasn't making any protests. Instead, he was reaching for his ankle that his mentor's grip had latched onto. "I can't-" He did a sit-up, hands just inches short of his foot. "-reach-" Another attempt. The tips of his fingers grazed the fabric, but no real touch came. "-my foot." He flailed again to no avail. "Can someone help me?" He lay back to his original position, and that was when his hidden blue eyes found the form of Kid Flash standing a few meters away. "Wally, get me down!"

"No, bro, I'm not messing with Daddy-Bat!"

Fifteen years old and still being carried by his foot by his father. Shame. He let out a sigh and began his mantra. "Thank you for carrying me home and taking care of me and feeding me and everything else. And making me an awesome kick-ass fighter!" He gave a little punch to prove his point. "I'm sorry that I slandered your honor and got knocked unconscious by the Joker. Can you please put me dow- OW!"

"Literally dropped on your head."


"Nice, dude."

"Shut up, Wally."

The cave announced Batman's departure and Robin had to jump to his feet and scurry off while pulling his cape off his head so he didn't get left behind. Disgraced. Damn, why did Bruce have to be so irritating sometimes? "You slandered my honor now," commented Dick as he pulled off the mask once the cave dissolved into view around them. The piece of fabric was tossed to the side.

"I'm allowed to do that." Batman was making his way to the chair, pulling off his mask to reveal Bruce beneath it. "I'm your father."

A few unintelligible words were mumbled from the apprentice.

"Don't do that. It's a bad habit." Bruce was going to teach this kid whether Dick liked it or not.

"Fine." But it was still grumbled.

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