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Friday Nights

The club was bathed in darkness, only the moving spotlights above the dancing area and the small wall lamps illuminated the huge space, leaving enough room for various hidden spots in the created shadows. Places to get to know your possible take-home-with boy or girl better - usually by intensive pre-testing capabilities of copulation, also known as make out sessions.

The music was loud enough for the dancing crowd to sway in ecstasy to the rhythm and quiet enough to be able to have a conversation without the need to scream at your conversational partner. In Abby's case a child hood friend she hadn't seen in more than two years.

Said friend Charlene 'Charly' Madison just had gotten back from a backpack tour through Europe and the States, stopping for two days in DC to do some long overdue catching up.

The two women sat at a table, slightly away from the dancing crowed and the entrance area.

Abby's choice of poison was a beer, while Charly drank some kind of cocktail, too colorful for Abby's taste.

In the middle of Charly's adventure report Abby lost focus. To blame was neither the alcohol nor the lack of sleep.

It was the faint trace of sawdust that let her mind drift away to a very special someone, who probably was working in his basement on some new project that very moment.

Abigail Sciuto was woman enough to know that Gibbs was the kind of man who never would be seen at a club like this, except if a case would lead him there, and that was okay with her.

He had his wood-working time and she had her clubbing, both things served one purpose: unwind.

If Abby felt the need to go out she would go out with a friend, like this evening.

Though this evening was different compared to any other evening of clubbing, that at night she would go home to her place, staying alone in her bed while Charly crashed on her couch.

Any other given evening Abby would go home, not hers but his home where she would snuggle up against his side, moving into his waiting embrace.

The blond woman stopped in the middle of her sentence, staring at the absent-minded Goth.

"Earth to Sciuto, you haven't seen me in over two years and you are scanning the crowed for a guy to go home with? That sure makes me feel welcome."

Abby's head snapped back to the woman in front of her.

"Sorry Charly, I didn't… I thought… um, never mind… so tell me about the Hawaiian you just mentioned."

Very soon Abby was sure her sub consciousness was to blame for the ongoing hallucinations, after all it was the first night she would sleep alone instead of next to him.

That must be it; it was ridiculous to feel his eyes on her like she did the past hour.

Abby felt probably somebody's eyes on herself, who was just checking her out.

She could hardly blame a man for looking at her legs and ass when she offered so much to look at.

And as for the recurring smell of sawdust was probably the club itself to blame, maybe they had some woodwork done the past week, or something like that.

Maybe when they switched on the air conditioner the circulating air brought a new whiff of sawdust with it. It was a very logical explanation.

That must have been the reason for the fresh whiff of sawdust the moment Charly had excused herself to visit the restroom.

Since the air conditioner was to blame it was of course ridiculous to stand up and scan the crowd for someone who wouldn't set foot in a place like this of his own free will.

Charly found her standing on the foot rest of the barstool, balancing in that position by holding onto the table; again scanning the crowd.

The blond woman stopped right in front of her friend waving her hands in front of her eyes, cutting the view just when she thought she had seen a very familiar grayish head.

"Okay Abs, you look like you've seen a ghost, anything you want to share? Like a name or something like that."

Abigail's eyes focused on her friend and she smiled.

"No, I just thought I've seen a friend of mine."

"That must be one special friend of yours, considering the smile and the blush." Charly said while sitting back down a grin on her face. "I guess we have a lot of catching up to do."

Abby didn't answer verbally but the smile grew bigger as she took the beer bottle into her hand.

Facing a close mouthed Abby, Charly began to interrogate.

"Oh come on tell me, did you meet him here?"

After a sip she placed the bottle back onto the table.

"Who did I meet here?" The scientist tried the innocent route, but her friend knew her better.

"The guy you are longing to see right now."

"I don't."

"Please… judging by the look on your face your panties are soaking wet."

"They are not!" Despite her words she pressed her thighs a little closer together and sighed in defeat before her shocked face turned into a grin again.

"Um no, I didn't meet him here; he is not the kind of guy you find in a place like this." She paused searching for the perfect word to describe Gibbs. "He is more, I was about to say conventional but that doesn't suit him." Abby sipped at the bottle. "He is hard to describe, let's just say he is unlike every guy I dated before."

"If you are telling me you found a guy who has a decent job and isn't a nut job I'm impressed."

Abby got to her feet. "He has a job!"

She smiled at her friend.

"Nut job, some might say he is."

She took another sip of her beer and got to her feet.

"I'll be right back, I need to clear my mind."

Before she could turn around her friend spoke up again.

"When you are back I want to know everything about him. Like name, job, age, fetishes and I'd love to see a picture."


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