And here we are with the sequel to "Love Don't Come Easy"

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*lyrics used are from Proud Mary-Tina Turner (or something like that haha)*

"Can I get a tequila shot?" Tyson ordered at the bar.

The bartender nodded and promptly poured her drink.

"You know what, just leave the bottle." She said downing the golden liquid.

She could still feel the heat from everyone's stares on her.

Fuck them. She'd drink till she was numb.

She sloshed another shot into the glass and threw it back with a grimace. Usually she hated tequila, tonight though Jose was going to be her best friend.

A rustle of silk stopped behind her as Logan leaned around her, her grass green eyes serious, "Are you okay Ty?"

Tyson laughed, contemplating skipping the glass and just turning the bottle up, "You always said you wanted everyone to remember your wedding right?"

"I had no idea he had planned to do that here." she said glancing around at her guests.

"Like it matters now." Tyson stated sarcastically as she threw back another shot.

Logan sighed, "You could slow down a little bit you know."

"We never ever do nothing nice and easy, we always do it nice and rough…" Tyson sang with the music as "Proud Mary" filled the banquet hall.

"Yeah, that's perfect." Logan threw her hands up as Tyson took another shot.

She looked around at her reception, shrugging at Cody as he mouthed across the room to her.

"I know you're upset and embarrassed but please don't make a spectacle right now." she asked.

"I would never do that. Just pretend I'm not here for the rest of the night." Tyson snapped, "Thanks for thinking so highly of me too by the way."

"Weren't you the one to tell me that it's okay to love someone and to allow them to love me? Didn't you keep reassuring me of that after Cody asked me to marry him?" Logan glared at her, "His timing was pretty shitty but he had the best of intentions. He truly does love you Ty."

Tyson flexed her jaw and slowly took another shot, "Smooches Lovely."

Logan knew that was her way of telling her to back off. She stood there staring at her friend for a moment before going back to Cody's side as Tyson unceremoniously poured another shot. She was furious that Randy hadn't figured her out yet. In the past year he hadn't realized that she had just gotten comfortable in being in a relationship with him? She wasn't one for public display of affections; did he not know her at all?

Marriage? Was he high?

"That was quite an embarrassing moment out there." a deep accented voice said in her ear suddenly.

"Thanks for noticing." she replied dryly.

A large distinguished looking man took the seat next to her, a smirk playing on his face.

He ran a hand over his slicked back hair, "I for one thought you made the right decision."

"What do you know anyways?" she asked angrily tossing back another shot.

"I know better than to ask for a lady's hand at a wedding reception." he smarted off.

She rolled her eyes, "Well kudos to you."

"Wade Barrett's the name and you my lovely are…?" he introduced.

"It's in the program." she answered smartly.

"Right, well I suppose this is where I tell you that I like independent women and that I admire your tenacity and all that bullshit right?" he smiled.

She looked over at him, "You've played this game before I see."

He sipped his bourbon, "Never with such a beautiful adversary."

"Lucky for me I've seen and heard it all." she teased with a wink herself.

"You only think you have my dear." he smirked.

"Ready to go?" Randy interrupted

He had been sulking in the corner watching her flirt with "Lurch" long enough. She heaved out a breath and threw back one last shot. She stumbled off the bar stool, Randy never wavering, caught her before she fell. She gathered herself and yanked her elbow free form his grasp.

"Stop making a scene." he whispered furiously.

She turned quickly, her icy glare fixed on him, "I'm making a scene? Go to hell Randy."

They made it to the car without arousing too many more stares.

"I can open my own door, thank you very much." she hissed.

He grabbed her elbow and pulled her away from the car and opened the door for her anyways. She crossed her arms defiantly refusing to get in.

"Stop being a fucking brat Tyson." he grated out.

She huffed and got in the car finally. When they got to in the house Tyson collapsed onto the couch. God she hated tequila! And why was it so fucking hot? She narrowed her eyes when Randy came into view. She spotted the duffle bag in his hand.

"What are you doing? Are you leaving?" she asked sitting up.

"Yeah." he grunted, throwing his belongings in the bag.

"Seriously? You're fucking leaving now?" she rolled her eyes.

"Yeah I am. This isn't a fucking test. I'm gone Ty." he glared at her.

"Why are you leaving?" she asked shrilly.

"What's left? Our relationship isn't going anywhere." he stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"So because I turned you down you're just going to leave? Because I don't fit into your timeline of how our relationship should go you're just going to end it?"

He stopped to look at her, "I've been more than patient with you Tyson. I've waited or you, taken things slowly, let you ease into having a boyfriend, but it's been a year for Christ's sake!" he yelled finally

He had really lost his mind, she decided. Weren't women supposed to go into "wedding fever"? Annoy the shit out of their boyfriends after attending said ceremony about how bad they want to settle down and what their dress would look like and how big the ring should be and why haven't they asked yet? Tyson felt for all those dudes right now, she really did.

"It has been a year Randy…just one year! I'm only twenty-three, what is the rush? Why is it such a big deal?" she laughed.

"I'm almost thirty, I've found what I wanted, who I can see myself growing old with. Why wait? I'm more than happy to settle down with you." he said defensively.

He was furious she was actually laughing at him.

She sat back on the couch, "We're not even living together."

He threw his bag across the room, "That's my fucking point. Our relationship isn't progressing at all. I've asked a thousand times if I can move in with you or if you would move in with me and you dodge the issue every time. You're happy having me at arms length and I'm fucking done with it. I always think in the back of my mind that at any second you're going to take off; that you're going to get cold feet and bolt and I hate feeling that way."

The smile that was on her face vanished, "And you think a piece of paper is going to change that?"

He got on his knees in front of her, "It's more than that Ty. It's a commitment to each other, something we can hold each other accountable for, something that we can both have and cherish."

Tears were welling up in her eyes; she could feel her back against the wall. She was suffocating.

"It sounds like you need a dog, not a wife." she said quietly, "Someone you can call and will come running and obey your every command."

He let out a frustrated yell and rose to his feet.

"You want me under your thumb and it's never going to happen. You're never going to change me Randy, and if you really loved me you wouldn't want to." she continued.

He was the one laughing this time, "What the fuck ever Ty. You're a scared little girl who obviously isn't mature enough for an adult relationship. I've done everything in my power to help you realize that there is more to relationships than just an easy fuck. You hide behind your physical appearance because you're terrified that someone will see the real you, an incomplete mess of misplaced emotions. You're always falling inside Ty and I tried to catch you but you wouldn't let me.

The tears spilled down her face.

"Get the fuck out of my house Randy." she whispered.

He looked around the living room and foyer, "You never let me in."

"Get out!" she screamed.

He shook his head, the image of her crying and broken on the couch burning into his brain. He knew he would feel guilty later for calling her out like he had, but it was the only comfort his broken heart had at the moment.

When the front door closed behind him Tyson buried her face into one of the pillows on the couch. She knew this would happen, she knew it would. She had told him from the very beginning. She was going to allow herself to feel this pain for the first time and mourn their relationship for tonight, but in the morning she was going to be done. A new day would usher in a new era, ad newly single Tyson.

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