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This story is different from my other Yi San stories that sometimes didn't happen in the Korean drama because this story has some changes.

An elderly 50 year old Dae Su is walking out of his house with a basket that has been wrapped by a blue cloth. It has been 2 years ever since the death of his friend, King Joengjo aka Yi San (There's no explanation about the reason why he died, check out Wikipedia) and 16 years ever since Song Yeon died soon after her son died. Seeing and hearing what has happened to them made Dae Su felt very depressed and sad as he walks to his destination...actually two destinations.

Here's the answer: He's going to visit Song Yeon's and Yi San's grave.

As he approached the site where Song Yeon's grave is...Dae Su unwrapped his basket and placed a plate full of chopped apples on the stone table, a closed jar of wine, a cup.

He then wrapped his basket and placed his hands on the table as he hungs his head "Song Yeon...how are you?...Did you and his majesty...Yi San meet each other again in the afterlife?...If so, then did you show him your son over there? Is he well?..." and then he chuckles "Then...I hope the three of you be together as a happy family forever...and playing all kinds of games...but don't leave me out...because" but then he became saddened as he remambers their deaths "...I don't want to be the only one...the only friend...to be left in this world alone after the three of you left...and leaving me all alone with only my uncle and aunt to take care of me...and a cousin to stay with me...but don't worry about me too much Song Yeon...I'm doing fine here and I'm protecting the new king of Joseon even though he's only a child...but I'm sure he'll be a fine king someday as time passes...and I'll keep on protecting him until I die...and if it happens...then tell the king and his son to wait for me...".

He then begins to cry for Song Yeon as he touched her grave, remembering all the times they have shared together from childhood to adulthood...until her death. He then wipes his tears and takes his basket with him to Yi San's grave.

When he arrives at his best friend's gravesite...he placed a plate full of chopped apples, a bottle of wine, and a cup on the stone table. Then he placed his hands on the stone table as he begins to speak "Your majesty...how are you?...Are you alright?...How is the afterlife?...Did you get to meet Song Yeon, your son, your grandfather, and your father?...If so, let me know how is the reunion and don't let me feel left out...because I...was very alone and very old ever since you've died but I can't seem to know why...you're the king and you supposed to live more longer in order to lead this country to a more better life and enviroment as you always do even though you've tried so hard all night and day...but...now your son must lead this country for you at such a very young age after you have left this world...but don't worry your majesty...be assured that your son will try his hardest and do everything he can to lead this country into a much better world as you wanted...and I'll protect him your majesty like I did for you when you're alive...and I'll do it for the rest of my life until it is over...so please your majesty...rest assure that your son will do everything he can for your dreams to come true...and wait for me".

He then touched Yi San's grave as he remembers the good time they have together until Yi San's death which causes him to cry once more. He then wraps his basket and returns home.

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