Author's Note: I love this series so I decided to take my hand at writing about it.

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Derek Hale sat on the stair case and watched as the young woman refurbished his house.

He hadn't called or said anything to anyone about his dilapidated house but one day she showed up and started working on his house. She never said a word to him. They just went about their business. Derek attempted to work out in his living room but currently she was working in there. He resigned himself to sitting on the stair case and watching her.

There was something about her he couldn't place. From the top of her bronze head to the bottom of her work boots, there was something familiar. When she turned her eyes on him, he saw bottomless depths of green. And once again there was something there he couldn't quite place.

His front door opened as Scott McCall and his friend Stiles Stilinski walked into his house. They looked at him in confusion before venturing over. They were as shocked as he was when he saw the woman fixing up his house.

"Since when do you allow anyone in your house?" Stiles asked.

Derek looked at him. "You're here, aren't you?"

"Good point."

Scott looked at him. "Everything okay?"

"Does it look like it's okay? My house is being redone for no apparent reason."

"Do you even know her name?"

"I haven't asked."

Stiles looked at him in shock. "There's a gorgeous woman in your house, fixing it up no less, and you don't even know her name? Are you crazy?"

"I don't think there's a reason for me knowing her name. She's just fixing my house." Derek growled.

"Look at her, Derek. She's gorgeous."

"You've said that, Stiles." Scott said.

"Look at her."

All three guys turned to look at the woman standing on a ladder. She jumped down and looked up. Extending one leg, she kneeled and mixed whatever she had in the bucket below her. After a few moments, she knotted her long hair at the base of her neck, picked up her bucket and scaled the ladder. Balancing the bucket on the top, she reached up and began messing with the ceiling again. Her shirt rode up, exposing lovely brown skin.

"If you don't know the name to that, then something's wrong with you."

"Because of our condition, it's not a smart idea to like new people who we can't protect." Derek said.

Stiles looked at the two then moved into the living room. He tapped the young woman on the side. She turned and looked at him. "Hi, how are you? My name's Stiles. You're working on my friend's house, Derek Hale's his name. And beside him my best friend Scott McCall." She stared at him for a moment. "My friend….this is his house." He turned around and pointed at Derek.

"Oh, you're talking about him." As she spoke her hands moved at the same time.

The guys looked at each other for a moment in shock. Stiles turned back around. "You're deaf?" He pointed to his ear. She nodded, a small smile playing about her face. "How can you work on a house if you're deaf?"

She smiled. "I feel the vibrations in the floor as he moves about the house. That's how I know where he is and where I need to be. If you don't mind, I need to get this up before it dries in the bucket."

He nodded and allowed her to get back to work. He stopped in front of the other two. Shock was still evident as he looked back at them, then at her, and back at them. When he made eye contact with them, he stuttered. "She's deaf."

Scott's response was raised eyebrows. Derek stood and leaned against the rails. She was deaf and working in a werewolf's house. She was very brave, if not stupid. There was something he still couldn't place. He had seen her somewhere before, but where?

"Derek, I haven't seen the Alpha or heard from him." Scott said.

"We have to keep looking. He'll be coming around later and he's looking for you." He replied.

"I'm not sure I can find him at this moment."

"You have to find him."

"Just because you want me in his pack?"

"He wants you in his pack. You have to face it."

"All you want is for me to kill the Alpha."

"We have to fight him together or we both die."

There was a crash as the bucket fell off the ladder. Stiles winced as a pile of goo spread quickly through the cracks. "Well, that's unfortunate. She was doing so good too."

"Go help her, smart one." Derek scolded. Stiles didn't waste any time as he went to help. "We'll talk more of this when no one else is around."

"Stiles won't say anything and you heard him. That girl is deaf." Scott argued.

"She can still lip read."

Scott shook his head at the only other werewolf he knew. He headed towards the door. Stiles rubbed his hands on a rag and followed his friend out.

Derek looked at the woman mopping up the mess she made in his living room. He sighed and walked over to her. She looked up at him as he kneeled to help.

"I'm sorry. I bumped the bucket and it fell." Her voice was muffled because she couldn't hear.

"Don't worry about it. Accidents happen." He looked up over his head at the patched roof. "It looks good."

"Thanks, but it's not finished. I still have a little more to go before I start on the electricity. The plumbing will be later."

"Why are you doing this?"

"I like restoring old houses. Nothing seems more fit than allowing a new owner to see a refinished house." She looked up at him again. "I'll get out of your hair and let you do whatever. I got to go to town anyway." She got her things together and walked out of the house.

Derek looked around at the work she had already done. It was great work and he figured it would only get better as she continued working on it.