Tony woke up with the mother of all headaches. He did not want to get up, but he knew he had to go to work. Or, at least he thought he had to go to work. What day was it anyway? He sat up, sunlight nearly blinding him. He squinted to protect his eyes, using his hand to fend off the light when that didn't work. What the hell happened?

He rolled off the couch; some unknown couch. He knew his couch, usually crashing on it during the nights when he fell asleep with a movie on, and this definitely wasn't it. Hell, this wasn't even his apartment. Okay, where am I?

He looked around the room, it was a familiar room. Yeah, he had been here before, a few times. Gibbs' house. It was Gibbs' house: Green chair, cluttered coffee table, plaid couch, bay window, lamps that really didn't match, book shelf, small T.V., a bike Tony never really understood why he had, the fireplace that usually cooked some delicious steaks … yep, this was definitely Gibbs' house.

"What the…?"

"DiNozzo," a familiar voice called. "Get in here." Tony stumbled over his feet as he followed the voice, stopping in the kitchen archway. McGee was sitting at the table, head down, while Gibbs leaned against the counter with a cup of coffee.

"Sit down," Gibbs said nodding at the other chair. Tony nodded back, lowering himself into the chair. Already a couple Ibuprofens sat on the surface next to a glass of water. He took them without a word, drained the glass, and then said, "What the hell happened?"

"What do you remember?" Gibbs answered taking a sip of coffee.

"Uh…" the whole day was almost a blur, but Tony did have a flash of him and McGee chasing somebody. "We were chasing somebody?" Gibbs didn't respond verbally, but he did nod and then gestured for DiNozzo to continue. "Uh…" another flash, "A fire? There was a fire?"

"We were high, DiNozzo," McGee snapped picking his head up. His green eyes were bloodshot, his face was ten times paler, and his eyelids were droopy. The last time Tony saw his eyes like that he had been driving Gibbs around after Jethro broke his arm. And that was pre-caffeine high McGee.

"Wait, when you say high…?" Tony trailed off. Gibbs and McGee waited for Tony to get it. It took a few seconds, but when it clicked DiNozzo's eyes widened. "Marijuana?"

"Yep," Gibbs answered nodding. "The owner had grown some."

"And the fire…?"


"We didn't… you know… do anything stupid did we?" he glanced at McGee for help, but Tim had already laid his head back down. Tony opted to stare at Gibbs who, instead of replying, took another sip of coffee. "Gibbs?"

"I'm going to drop you two off at home. After you shower I want you back at NCIS." Jethro finished off the last dregs of his coffee and set it in the sink. He headed toward the door, glancing back when neither of his agents got up to follow.

"My basement needs sweeping, so you can either come with me or grab a broom." He continued walking. "I won't wait for long."

Tony glanced at McGee, who had looked up again, and both scrambled up. They headed toward the door at a snail's pace, neither one really in the mood to run, barely reaching Gibbs before he took off.

This day is gonna suck… Tony couldn't help thinking as he slid into the passenger seat.


McGee noticed Ziva glare at Tony for the third time before huffing and returning to her computer. Tim tried to look at his own computer, but the screen was too bright for his eyes. So, he just flipped it off.

His shower had helped him some, but not enough to motivate him. All he wanted to do was put his head down and go to sleep. He still had the lingering headache from that morning, despite the pain relievers Gibbs gave him, and he kept waiting for someone to pop up and say 'Man, yesterday you…insert embarrassing scenario here…'

He could tell Tony was expecting the same thing, despite the fact that he had walked in just like it was any other day. Of course, right now DiNozzo was doing exactly what Tim wanted to do. His arms were resting across his desk, his head buried in them. He had been that way for the last half hour, Gibbs in MTAC and unable to yell at him.

Tim glanced around. He was searching for his boss, making damn sure Gibbs was still in MTAC, before copying Tony. Of course, he barely had his head down when he heard a deep voice say, "Sleeping McGee?"

His head shot up, expecting Gibbs, but heard a familiar giggle instead. "Hey Abby," he said turning in his chair to look at her, his heart thudding against his chest.

"My Gibbs impression isn't that accurate, Timmy," Abby pointed out. She had her arms propped against the halfway wall, her chin resting on them. "How you doing?" she asked suddenly serious.

"Headache, tired, unmotivated…"

"You, me, and every other high school stoner, McHigh. Suck it up and take a nap," DiNozzo responded laying his head down again.

"Sleeping, DiNozzo?" Gibbs questioned coming up behind his senior field agent.

"Nope, boss." Tony's head shot up. "Just…"

"Come on," Gibbs said ignoring DiNozzo, beckoning for him and McGee to follow him. Tim glanced back at Abby, who shrugged. He stood up, quickly falling into step with Tony as they followed their boss. McGee was vaguely aware of Ziva and Abby following him, too.

"Where are we going, boss?" Tony asked, but Gibbs just lead them up the steps. He stopped outside of MTAC, letting the retinal scanner scan his eye. When the door allowed him access, he pushed it open and started inside.

"Why are we…?" Tony tried to question Gibbs again, but was cut off when he noticed the giant still frame on the MTAC screen. Tim followed DiNozzo's face, his eyes widening at the sight. He glanced back at Abby, a look of betrayal on his face, but she whispered, "I swear, it wasn't me Timmy."

"Nor me," Ziva said before Tim or Tony could look her way. Both sets of green eyes locked on Gibbs, the older man's face as masked as ever. But they knew he had done it.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs and technology went together like glue and peanut butter. It would always be a hate-hate relationship between those two. And Gibbs was vehemently against learning a few tech tricks no matter how many times McGee offered to teach him. But, for some strange reason, he mastered the digital camera with little to no problems. And he had used it yesterday.

The first picture was of Tony laughing while Tim had French fries shoved up in his nose. The second made Tim cover his face while his photographed self was spitting soda from his mouth. Tim looked up in time to see the third. Tony was pulling a major John Belushi, fists against his cheek, spitting a wad of food across the conference room table. However it was the fourth photograph that had both guys turning thirteen shades of red.

"Oh my God," Abby said trying hard not to laugh. Ziva had her mouth covered, her whole body shaking from laughing so hard. And when Tim looked back, eyes locking on Gibbs, he saw a flicker of amusement flash across the older man's face.

McGee eyes shot back to the screen. He and DiNozzo were hugging. It reminded Tim of an 'Abby hug.'

As he covered his burning face again, McGee heard Tony say, "Well played boss. Well played…"


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