Tony blasted his ACDC music, Shoot to Thrill to be specific, as he started working on his new project. He was wearing a white beater and some faded jeans. He was in the zone and he was making a time machine. He never tried it before but if he had made a suit of armor, he could make a time machine...right? He took out the screw driver he was holding from his mouth and tightened a screw. He added a few lights to the machine and flicked on the switch. It lit up like the fourth of July. He smiled and set down his tools.

"What exactly are you planning to do, sir?"

"I'm planning on seeing my Father. I want to ask him some questions." Tony nodded.

"Do you plan on taking the suit, sir?"

He smirked and shook his head. "Nah, I don't want to give my Dad a heart attack. It's already bad enough that I had this reactor in my chest."

"Alright, well I've set the time, date and place. You may pass through now." JARVIS explained.

Tony smiled. He was excited to get to see his Father again and ho he created the world's first Time Machine. He pushed the button as the middle swirled and lit up a light green. He was about to run through when sparks started to fly out. He perked a brow and stepped back. "JARVIS, status report."

"It seems like the Time Machine is malfunctioning."

"What? That can't be I just made it and it was working fine." He began to grow angry. I mean, he just made the machine and his dream of seeing his Father again was crushed. He stepped closer to fix it when something happened. The colors changed to white as someone had flew out. Tony jumped back and fell over some of his machines. He stumbled up and walked over to the man. He was unconscious and was wet. Why the hell was he wet? Tony sighed seeing the man might of been older than him. He was wearing these ancient robes that were white and a chest peice with a weird emblem on it. He kneeled down; trying to see his face, but the man's hood was covering it. He decided not to touch it. He quickly got up and cautiously walked back to the Time Machine. His eyes widened when he read the time, place, and date."1503 Rome? JARVIS how'd this happen?" He demanded.

"It seems that when it malfunctioned it changed the time, date, and place randomly."

"Doesn't explain how this man flew out of my machine!"

"Well, it could have happened by great force by which the man had been doing. Whether it was running, jumping, or swimming."

Tony moaned and rubbed his face. "Great. Another problem I have to deal with."

Ezio woke up on the floor of a strange room. And cazzo, did his head hurt. There were strange, shiny boxes on the wall and placed around the room. Some of them lit up with pictures. There were images floating across the strange room as well. He pushed his hood out of his face. He looked over to see a man wearing a white sleeveless shirt and some sort of blue fabric pants. He was looking genuinely frustrated. He also had a strange, circular-shaped light coming from his chest.

"Sir, our visitor has awoken." A strange voice said, coming from an unknown source.

"Oh, well then," The man with the white shirt said. "I'm Tony Stark. Who may you be?"

"I am Ezio Auditore De Firenze. Where have you taken me, Senor Antonio Stark?"

"One, do not call me Antonio. Two, you are in Los Angeles in the year 2011." Tony said, tinkering with a strange metal machine that reminded Ezio of one of Leonardo's war machines.

"What?" Ezio said, freaked. He got up, put out his hidden blades to Tony's neck, and locked his arms behind him. "Why have you taken me here? Do you work with Cesare? Are you part of the Borgia? Are you a Templar?"

Tony sighed. "JARVIS, get Mario here off of me. His princess appears to be in another castle right now." Why was this strange man talking about Ezio's uncle? And who is this princess?

"Mario was my Uncle, Christo Rest his soul. I am Ezio, the assassin!" Ezio growled the last part through his teeth.

JARVIS shot a knock out arrow at Ezio, and he subsequently passed out.

"Well then," Tony said, fixing his shirt. "Someone needs to take care of...this." He said, motioning in Ezio's general direction on the floor.

"I will work on that straight away sir."
Jarvis said.

"And can someone get me some coffee?" Tony huffed.

"Yes sir." JARVIS said, pouring an espresso into a tiny cup.