A/N Well this looks annoyingly familiar, doesn't it?

Yes, many a time I've done work on my first story- whether tweaking the original, to starting (and neglecting) an extended remake, to this, which is simply a 75% edit of the original story. It may not be my best work, but I believe my original work needs an official update. I was gonna do it when the contest it was entered for, PitFTW/Foxpilot's AU contest, came to a close, but I realized that I almost lost this document and totally forgot about it till today, so I'm releasing it before I really screw something up.

Major edits!

Falco has been turned into a human, similar to my interpretation of Meta Knight in Audience of One. What that changes is… next to nothing. Pretty much, he's a human with a kick-arse blue Mohawk.

To go with the AU, I've taken full advantage of the location and moved it to Portland, Oregon, my beloved home.

Toning down the swearing. Cheer.

Extended scenes, new scenes, completely new dialogue, tweaks to storyline.

Divided into 4 chapters, prologue and epilogue, and is near 1,000 words.

However, for the most part, this is almost entirely the same as the first one in regards to storyline- just edited to fix the flaws in the first; do my pretty good beginnings justice. This piece was mostly worked on in May, around the time of Sparks/Beautiful Imperfections, but with tweaks made today.

Either way, I hope you enjoy!

Prologue-Peach's Mantra

There seems to be a debate of the best way to handle things that seems older than time; old enough to make you wonder if this was something Adam and Eve ever brought up as a dinner discussion. Some people prefer words; diplomacy, trying to play on one's mind and heart, making them see through their eyes; walk in their shoes. In a way that you can perhaps make an ally.

Then there is action; feeling the need to pound it in their head. Well, truth be told, that's a bit harsh of a generalization, but action is mainly defense. You fear that it will not end well and you want this situation to end, now. The opponent is volatile and you don't want anyone on your side to get hurt, and if that involves attacking first, so be it. 'The best defense is a good offense' seems to be the motto of this group.

Truth is, you could argue day and night about which is better. But when it comes down to it, there's no better or worse. With words you can make an ally or make your enemy more volatile and have to use action. With action you could end up losing a potential ally beyond repair and then have to use words to try to rectify the trouble you got yourself into. Yin and Yang, you could say.

I wonder which sides Adam and Eve would have taken, if any.

Personally, I'm a words kind of girl. True, I believe both are necessary but I just can't see myself holding a gun to anyone's head.

I guess that'd make one wonder what in hell provoked me to become a police officer.

Truth is, Portland hasn't exactly gotten the best reputation for its police squad. Much too often innocent, troubled people are unintentionally killed by nervous, jumpy officers who think they have a weapon. I want to provide a change for that. I want to be the one who talks the man jumping off the building down from the precarious ledge. The one in the stand-off who makes the criminal jump the gun. I believe everyone can be redeemed, and I want to at least try to get someone to do so.

It's a good thing my partner is the action in this equation. We met a year ago when I became his new partner. He and I worked well together, and we still do.

He's, in a way, my backup. I try to approach with words, but when it becomes clear that it's not going to work, he's got my back. He's never deadly or jumpy, but he isn't afraid to kick some ass, so to speak. His primary goal is safety; safety for others, and for us.

You see, others think we'd clash. And sometimes we do. But I'd like to think we synergize together to create… something quite remarkable.

And that's how I'm going to change the world, even if it's just the world of one person.

A/N It's a start. As stated, read on for more! I may not have the whole thing up today due to editing, but it'll be up soon enough.