A Ghost For a Day

"EEP!" Otto jumped into the air as the thunder clapped outside. There was a storm going on. The trees were shaking as the strong winds blew and the heavy rain fell. The green simian slid under his bed and shivered with fright.

"It's only a thunder storm, Otto." Antauri said. He was sitting on his bed and reading a book. Then the alchemist walked in.

"Hello, you two. I have something for you both." The Alchemist handed Otto a light green flashlight, and he handed Antauri a black one.

"Thanks, daddy!" They both said.

"But what are the flashlights for?" Antauri asked.

"This is a really powerful storm." The Alchemist replied. "And if the power goes out, you can turn the flashlights on to see!" He held up a dark blue flashlight and pushed a button to demonstrate.

"Wow, that's so cool!" Otto turned his flashlight on. Antauri put his next to him.

"Why don't you come and play with the others in the play room!" Their dad said. "I'm taking a break from my experiments because of the storm."

"OKAY!" Otto ran over to his dad and Antauri closed his book and grabbed his flashlight. Then they went to the playroom.

"That's mine!" Nova pulled on a large brown bear.

"I saw it first!" Sprx tugged on the other side of the bear. They were arguing about who could play with the toy. They had red and yellow flashlights lying next to them. Gibson and Mandarin were on the other side of the room doing a large jigsaw puzzle with their orange and baby blue flashlights close by.

"Does it go here?" Gibson placed a piece in.

"Yeah! You got it right this time." Mandarin picked up a bunch of pieces they already put together earlier and put it next to Gibson's. "And now we can connect all of these pieces together."

"It's a horse! The puzzle makes a horse!" Gibson exclaimed.

"Yeah, I think that's what the picture was on the box." Mandarin picked up the puzzle's box and examined the image on the front. It was a cartoon horse that was orange with a blonde mane. It was kicking an apple tree with its hind legs so the fruit would fall into a basket placed by it.

"Oh." Gibson sat down and picked up a piece and put it in the wrong spot. "This is fun!"

The orange simian rolled his eyes before he told his little brother for the hundredth time that the puzzle piece went somewhere else. Then the alchemist entered the room with Antauri and Otto. Otto turned his flashlight on and shined it onto the puzzle, getting his brothers' attention.

"Hi daddy!" Mandarin and Gibson said. Then Nova and Sprx looked up.

"Daddy! Sparky is trying to take my bear away!" Nova ran over to her father.

"Don't call me Sparky! And I want a turn with the bear!" Sprx exclaimed.

"Well, Nova, you do play with the bear a lot, right?" The alchemist said.


"So, maybe you should share your bear and let Sprx play with it today. Then you can have a turn later."

Sprx jumped and cheered. Then he grabbed the teddy bear and started to play with it. Nova stuck her tongue out at him.

"Why don't you find another stuffed animal and play with Sprx, Nova." The Alchemist said.

"Okay." Nova said. "But just this once!" Then she went over to a blue toy box and found a bunny rabbit. Then she and Sprx began to play with the animals.

"Whatcha doin' guys?" Otto jumped over to Gibson and Mandarin.

"We're doing a puzzle." Mandarin said.

"I want to help!" Otto exclaimed. Then he accidentally kicked some of the pieces away.

"AH!" Gibson started gathering the scattered puzzle pieces up. "Otto, be careful!"

"Sorry." Otto sat down and picked up a piece. Then he placed it on the wrong spot in the puzzle. Mandarin groaned and buried his face in his hands.

"So, what do you want to do, Antauri?" The alchemist asked. Antauri held up the book in his hands.

"Read this with you!" He said. His dad smiled and they sat down in a chair and started reading the book. Then the thunder boomed again and the lightning flashed.

"AH!" Otto jumped and scattered more puzzle pieces, which frustrated Gibson.

"Otto, it's only a storm!" The blue simian complained.

"But it's really loud and scary!" Otto was shaking like a leaf.

"He's right Gibson." Mandarin said. "Storms are scary! But not as scary as…a yurei!"

"What's a yurei?" Nova asked, overhearing their conversation.

"It's a ghost." Gibson said. "In Japan, the word yurei is written with the characters for dim and spirit. It's supposed to be a ghost who haunts people because they want revenge."

"A g-ghost?" Otto said.

"Yeah, but there's no such thing as ghosts." Gibson placed a piece in the right spot on the puzzle.

"Don't be so sure, Gibson!" Mandarin said. Nova and Sprx walked over. "Because there may be a yurei haunting Shuggazoom right now!"

"It was a dark and stormy night like tonight…" Mandarin began his story like most scary stories. "And there was a little girl walking through the forest by this very lab! She was running and trying to find a place to get dry, but the only thing she could find was a shady tree, so she stayed there shivering wet and cold. The thunder was loud, the wind was howling, and on stormy nights like this, it's dangerous to be alone! She heard something growl. Then she began to run, but the mud was slippery and she fell!"

Nova, Sprx, and Otto gasped.

"Then she looked up, and saw a big scary man behind her and…"

"Oh brother." Gibson said as he fixed a piece of the pony puzzle.

"HE KILLED HER!" Mandarin jumped in the air. His siblings, except for Gibson, screamed.

"So, the little girl was dead, but her ghost still wanders around Shuggazoom! And she thinks that whoever killed her lives in this lab, and she vowed to one day go into the lab and get her revenge! So, on a stormy night like tonight, she will come into the lab. Then, the lights will shut off…and you know what else?" The other simians shook their heads no. "She will quietly sneak up behind you…AND GET YOU! WAHAHAHA!" Then the thunder boomed loudly and lightning flashed again.

"AAAAH!" Nova and Sprx and Otto screamed. Gibson just stared back at Mandarin with a bored expression.

"WOOGA WOOGA WOOGA!" Mandarin wiggled his fingers at Gibson, who didn't even flinch. Then the orange simian made eerie noises and waved his arms around.

"Are you done yet? Because I want to finish this puzzle." Gibson said.

"Ugh. You're no fun Gibson!" Mandarin groaned. "Aren't you a little scared?"

"Nope!" The blue monkey went back to the puzzle. "There's no such thing as ghosts."

"And they normally get the nonbelievers first." Mandarin smirked. His blue brother didn't answer. The others, however, were trembling. And it didn't help that the power suddenly shut off.

"AUGH!" The three simians began screaming.

"Settle down everyone! Turn on your flashlights!" The Alchemist turned on his dark blue flashlight. The others turned on theirs.

Mandarin shone his under his chin so it made his face look spooky.

"AH!" Otto and Nova jumped and shone the flashlight in his face to make it look less frightening.

"Hey! Quit it!" Mandarin put his hand out. Then he positioned his flashlight so it shone on the puzzle that he and Gibson nearly finished.

Sprx and Nova continued to play with their stuffed animals. Otto was pretending to draw pictures with his flashlight on the ceiling. But they had an uneasy feeling.

"I think there are still a few sweets left over from snack time earlier." The alchemist got up. "Should I bring them along with some milk for everyone?"

The tiny simians all nodded yes.

"Okay then. Come on Antauri, you can help!" The dad said. Antauri smiled and followed the alchemist out of the room.

"One more piece and we're done with the puzzle." Mandarin said. Gibson put it in.

"Yay!" The blue simian cheered. "Let's do another one!"

"Okay." Mandarin put the finished puzzle away. "Which one do you want to do now?"

"I think daddy bought a new one." Gibson said. "I'll go get it!" He grabbed his baby blue flashlight and ran out of the room.

"Okay, I have something else to do so I'll meet you in a bit!" Mandarin said. Then he also walked out of the room chuckling.

"Nova…I'm s-scared!" Otto said.

"It's okay, Otto! Gibson said there's no such thing as ghosts." The yellow simian replied.

"Mandarin is just trying to scare us." Sprx said, trying to hide the fact that he was scared too. Then they heard a loud creak.

"What was that?" Otto ran over and hugged Nova.

"It sounded like a door opening." Nova said.

"W-Who do you think o-opened it?" The green simian began to shake. "The y-y-yogurt?"

"The yurei, not yogurt." Sprx said. "And it's NOT a ghost."

"Are you sure?" Otto said.

"Maybe we should check." Nova picked up her yellow flashlight and slowly exited the room. Otto grabbed his flashlight and stayed close to his big sister. Sprx followed suit.

"Do you see the ghost?" Otto whispered.

"OTTO! We don't even know if it is a ghost!" Nova said quietly.

"Look! Over there!" Sprx exclaimed. He pointed at the bedroom, where they saw Mandarin go into a closet.

"See, Otto. Mandarin was the one who opened the door. There's nothing to be afraid of and there are no ghosts." Nova said. But then the thunder boomed again and Mandarin began panicking.

"NO! Don't come closer! Help me, somebody, please!" The orange simian cried out. Then he made some funny gagging noises.

"Mandarin!" Otto shouted. Then he ran into the bedroom.

"Oh no!" Sprx said. He and Nova ran over, but then Otto dashed right back out.

"T-THE YOGURT!" He screamed.

"It's called a YUREI!" Nova corrected.

"Uh…N-Nova?" Sprx stuttered.

"Honestly Otto, Gibson said that ghosts aren't real!" Nova exclaimed.

"N-N-Nova?" Sprx pulled on her tail.

"Honestly, Otto, you probably saw your own shadow!"

"NOVA!" Sprx yelled.

"What?" She asked.

"I t-think Gibson was wrong for once!" Sprx pointed at the bedroom doorway. There was a white ghost that floated there. It had two black eye holes on its head and it was kind of small, but it was so dark you could barely tell. There was also a light glowing inside it.

"IT'S REAL?" Nova squealed.

"THE YUREI!" Sprx yelped and ran. Nova followed behind. The two simians dropped their flashlights, making them run in the dark. And Otto was panicking and his flashlight's light waved around everywhere, so he couldn't see anything either.

"Ooooooh!" The ghost chased after the three simians and waved its arms.

"Quick! Hide!" Nova, Sprx, and Otto ran into the play room and they opened the toy box and climbed inside after emptying out all of the toys. The ghost noticed all of the play things on the floor and opened the toy box.

"BOO!" It shouted. The three simians tumbled out of the chest and ran. The ghost was laughing really hard, and it chased after them again, having trouble making spooky noises since it was giggling too much.

Gibson walked down the hall way and hummed to himself because he was having trouble remembering the words to a song.

He was carrying a one hundred piece puzzle that had a black and white tiger playing in a stream. His baby blue flashlight showed him the way to the playroom. Suddenly he heard screaming and saw Sprx, Nova, and Otto running down the hallway.

"What's wrong?" He asked. Then the three crashed into him and trampled the blue simian. The puzzle box opened up and all of the pieces scattered across the floor. His flashlight broke open and the batteries fell out. Then the ghost came along and tripped over Gibson.

"I liked the part where they learned Cinderella was the one who was wearing the glass slipper." Antauri said.

"That's my favorite part of the story too." The Alchemist replied. He was carrying a tray with six glasses of milk and one cup of tea. The black simian next to him was carrying a plate of chocolate chip cookies to share.

"But I didn't like how the stepmother was mean to Cinderella." Antauri said.

"Yes, but Cinderella danced with the prince, making them fall in love, and now the stepmother can't be mean to her anymore." His dad replied. "Wait a second." The two stopped when they heard crying in the dark. The alchemist shined his flashlight. He found a bundle of sheets and Gibson in tears.

"Goodness gracious!" The man exclaimed. "What happened here?" The alchemist put down the tray holding the drinks and he picked up the small blue simian to comfort him. Antauri put down the tray of cookies and ran over to his dad's side.

"I-I was headed b-back to the playroom a-and then S-Sprx and Nova a-and Otto r-ran over me a-and I dropped m-my puzzle and then t-that thing tripped over me!" Gibson wailed. The Alchemist rocked the crying simian back and forth. Antauri heard a crunching noise and looked next to him. The ghost was sitting there munching on one of the cookies. The black simian pulled the bed sheet off and revealed the vengeful spirit to be a mischievous Mandarin. Then the power turned back on.

"Mandarin?" Antauri asked. The orange simian looked up at his younger brother.

"Oh, hi Tauri!" He said as he turned off his orange flash light.

"What are you doing?" The yellow eyed monkey asked.

"Eating a cookie." Mandarin smirked.

"I meant under the bed sheet."

"I was pretending to be a ghost."


"To play a trick on Otto, Sprx, Nova, and Gibson."


"I told them there was a ghost haunting the lab. Gibson didn't believe me so I thought if I dressed up as a ghost he and the others might get scared."

"That's what this was all about?" The alchemist exclaimed. Mandarin gulped.

"So, where are the others?" Antauri asked. The orange simian shrugged his shoulders. Then the three simians in question ran down the hallway screaming and bumped into the Alchemist because Antauri was just able to jump out of the way.

"What's going on, you three?" Their dad asked.

"The yogurt is after us!" Otto clung to the alchemist.

"YUREI!" Nova and Sprx corrected Otto. Then the three of them kept trying to explain the situation at once.

"Calm down, calm down!" The Alchemist said. "So you saw a ghost and it chased after you, right?"

"Yeah!" The three answered in unison.

"Did your ghost look like this?" The Alchemist placed the bed sheet over Gibson, making a replica of Mandarin in the costume earlier.

"Yes!" The three exclaimed.

"So Gibson was the ghost?" Otto asked.

"No, it was Mandarin. He was trying to scare you guys." Antauri said.

"Oh." Otto, Sprx, and Nova said and exchanged glances.

"MANDARIN!" Nova yelled. "You really scared us, you bully!"

"It was just a joke!" The orange simian replied.

"It wasn't a very good joke, Mandarin." The Alchemist replied. "Otto, Sprx, and Nova didn't find it funny, and Gibson was close to getting hurt."

"I'm sorry guys." Mandarin muttered.

"It's okay." Otto said. Nova and Sprx mumbled their forgiveness.

"Sorry for knocking you over, Gibson." Nova said.

"It's alright." Gibson sniffled.

"I still don't see what the big deal is." Mandarin grumbled. "I wasn't THAT scary."

"BOO!" The ghost shouted at Mandarin.

"AH! THE YUREI!" The Orange simian dashed down the hallway and tripped. Antauri pulled the bed sheet ghost costume off.

"Hey! That wasn't funny!" Mandarin exclaimed.

"I guess you gave Mandarin a taste of his own medicine!" Sprx chuckled. The others laughed too.

"Well, I think we've had enough ghosts for one day. How about we have a snack!" The alchemist said. The tiny monkeys agreed and they went into the playroom.

I hope you enjoyed my story! ^.^ I had fun building a relationship between Gibson and Mandarin in this story because in my previous tales I didn't use Mandarin as often. REVIEW PLEASE! Or the yurei (or Mandarin dressed as a ghost) will get you!