"He's our son, yours and mines."

Whenever Shayera thought back to their conversation that occurred 3 months ago fresh tears leaked from her eyes down her cheeks. At first it had been hard to even see him. She spent almost all of her time in her room, only coming out to eat or go on missions. Wally would come to see her, but he couldn't get her out. Diana and Superman tried and failed as well. Only J'onn and Batman were able to get inside her room and talk to her. J'onn and her talked about losing your loved ones and how to deal. He also told her that she should try to get John back because he was still here. She had the chance that J'onn didn't. Shayera always listened, but at that time she never believed him. Behind closed doors she was lethargic. And she was always crying. With Batman it was different. He would come in, pull up a chair next to her bed where she lay, and sit there. He never started the conversations. Whenever she needed one, he would hand her a tissue, which seemed to be at every visit. It took a while, but he got her to play chess again. He asked about John once but she quickly stopped that. He had only asked "How are things with John?" She sneered and asked how things were with Diana, knowing that he wouldn't answer. So their time together was filled with silence and chess. She was grateful that her teammates tried, but she just couldn't do anything. All her time consisted of was her in bed wiping the hot tears away from her red face and eyes. She was like this for almost 2 months. Once she hit the 2 month limit, she knew that it was time to stop crying. She began coming out of her room more, only for a cup of coffee or just to talk with Wally. J'onn and Batman still came to her room often. They were like therapy for her. It helped her to cry with J'onn and to think with Batman.

On the first day of the third month of her depressive state, there came a knock on her door. Curious, she sat up. J'onn would phase inside her room and lightly touch her shoulder to let her know that he was there. The sound of a chair hitting the floor would let her know that Batman was there. Other than that no one knocked or came to her room. "Who is it?" She called out, her voice cracking from lack of use. "Please Shayera. Open the door, it's me." She felt tears burst from her eyes, blurring her vision. Her chest grew tight and she found it hard to breathe. It was John. The man who caused her so much pain, the one who she locked herself in her room just to avoid. He knocked on the door again but she never responded. "Shayera?" He called out again. She turned on her bed and hid her face in her pillows. 'Go away. Please go away' she begged in her mind.

"What are you doing?" She heard a deep voice demand outside her door. "I'm here to see Shayera. What are you doing here Batman?" John responded. "I'm here to see her just like I do every 2 days." With that he opened the door and walked into the Thanagarian's room leaving a shocked lantern behind him. Instead of getting his usual chair, he walked over to Shayera and sat next to her on her bed. "Are you alright?" She continued to stay in her position while her sobs calmed down. "I will be." She said. With a sigh she sat back up to see that he had a tissue ready. She gave him a small thanks with a smile and wiped her face. "Why did he come by? I was actually thinking of going outside today with Wally." He looked at her and simply replied "Maybe he thought 2 months was enough."

After that Shayera no longer stayed in her room to cry. She went on missions, sparred with Batman and other league members. She sought people out. She was no longer in solitude. Shayera still avoided John. He would try to catch her eye in the cafeteria but she would never look his way. When Mari was in the room with him, she immediately left. Soon she would even smile at Wally and his antics or even at J'onn's sly humor or Diana's attempt at sarcasm. Whenever she saw John she went the other way, her face emotionless and her head up high. Soon she was back to her headstrong self. Just like she was after she came back to the league. She had new friends in the league. Like Vigilante, or Vig as she called him, and Huntress and Canary. They had girl's night out in Gotham all the time. On rare occasions, her and Diana spent time together. Things were...ok again. She no longer cried. She was ok.

But here she was now crying softly. The only thing that could make her cry now was that damn conversation. She no longer sobbed. It was just quiet. Tears left her eyes from the corners as she lay on her best looking up at the ceiling. Sometimes her eyes would be closed. She never told herself to stop. J'onn said that of would help. 'Damn him' she thought. She was calm and her breathing was steady. Soon she felt herself drift off to her favorite place, Dreamland. Although she would deny it if asked, she dreamt of her and John, together. She closed her eyes and fell into the sweet escape from reality with a sigh.