"What else could it mean?"

It was a week before Shayera sought John out. During that time she went over what she would say with Hawkman. They ate all meals together at her special table. John would be in the cafeteria too but Shayera didn't speak with him. During that week, Shayera had gotten stronger. She didn't need Carter's help as much. It was nice to have him with her. Once he gave up on the whole "reincarnated lovers" crap he wasn't crazy and was a great guy. Her plan was simple. Tell John that she was done waiting. She would stop hoping for more and he would stop talking of their future. Simple and to the point.

"I think tomorrow is the day Carter." Hawkman looked up from his meal.

"If that's really what you want. Then go for it. Do you want me to do it with you?"

She gave him a smile. "No. Thanks but no. This is between John and myself." The two ate the rest of their meals in silence.

The next day, Shayera looked for the Lantern. She found him in the training room where almost 5 months ago he came to talk to her before the Shadow Thief showed then their past. He was on the same machine as she had been.

"John?" She called out. He immediately stopped and stood up.

"Is it time to talk?" Shayera nodded. "Well..." he grabbed some water "Where do you want to talk?" She looked away from him.

"Its kinda late so I was hoping we could talk in my room. When we're done, you can leave and I can go to sleep."

After John took a quick shower, the two heroes went to Shayera's room. As soon as she made it into her room, she collapsed on her bed. "Shayera, if you're too tir-"

"I'm fine," she cut him off. "What did you want to say?" John looked around and sat in one of the two chairs in her room.

"I want us to be happy." The room fell into silence. "I want you to smile again." He continued. "I just want things to be less complicated. We were friends. Can't we do that again? "

Shayera shook her head. "We were never friends. It was always more, especially after Vegas. We can't be just friends. I already told you that. As for happiness, I'll find it some other way. Maybe even on another planet. One day I'll leave and never come back." Another silence met the room. Shayera closed her eyes to block the tears. But one managed to escape. She heard John get up. Instead of leaving, as she hoped he would, he climbed in the bed in front of her.

"Please. Don't cry. It kills me." He pled. Shayera still didn't open her eyes. She felt him move. In the next second, she felt familiar lips press against hers. Her eyes opened in shock but soon closed again. John wrapped his left arm around her waist and brought her closer to him. Shayera's right arm wrapped itself around his neck.

'Wait!' She thought 'This wasn't supposed to happen. All I had to do was tell him two simple things. Instead he kissed me and I don't want it to stop.' John then turned so that she was on top of him. Both were breathing heavily.

"Tell me if you want to stop." John said. Shayera smirked and replied

"Shut up John." And she kissed him.

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