Shay's View Of What Happened

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Shay pinged Tally.

She didn't know how to tell her. Telling Tally this would be so terrible; it would probably make her want to cut herself so hard that she would end up like this too.

Still, Tally had to know.

"Tally," she said. "I'm sorry."

"About what?" Tally pinged back.

"It's Zane," Shay said.

"What?" Tally said in a small voice.

After the ping was over, Shay was sad. She hadn't wanted Tally to find out, but she had to tell her.

Shay was as sad, if not less sad than Tally was.

Shay was thinking back to the Bubblehead days. She remembered being one of the Crims. Zane had been the leader. Tally had also been in the group.

Shay also remembered when Tally had told her about taking the cure with Zane instead of her! She had been so hard. She had looked for her own cure, which led to the development of a whole new species of Specials; the Cutters.

Shay was glad that she had created such a successful new type of Special. She wished that she had told Tally about it, but she had already found a cure.

Now, even though Shay didn't love Zane as much as Tally probably did, she was sad.

Shay had been leaning against Zane once in a while, trying to hear his heart pulse. She heard Tally suddenly arrive in the room.

"Zane?" Tally said, walking up to him.

The doctors explained that he would be gone soon, and there's nothing they could do about it.

Shay watched as Tally started crying.

"I'm sorry Tally-wa," she said.

Tally told them to go.

"Tally, it's only been-"


So they all went.

Shay gave herself a good long sharp cut, so long and sharp that she would end up crying too. It worked.

"I'm sorry Tally-wa," she said to herself. Then paused for a second. "I'm sorry about all the fights, about all the times we've ended up on the opposite side. I hope someday you can learn to forgive me... somehow."

She walked away; her mind kept remembering all the ugly and bubbleheaded days she had had with Tally. All the times they hadn't ended up on the same side.

She also missed Zane. He had been the leader of the Crims, but also something more. Now though, they may never find out what that something was.

Shay's View Of What Happened